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15 Reasons Why You Should Go Greek

15 Reasons Why You Should Go Greek

There are so many great reasons why you should go Greek. Whether you’re a freshman, transfer student, or upperclassmen looking for something new, debating Greek life is common among many college students. You may know people who love it and people who hate it. You will hear mixed things about Greek life and maybe you are skeptical. So if you are one of those people on the fence, here are some reasons you may want to give Greek life a try in the upcoming semester.

15 Reasons Why you Should go Greek

1. Building friendships…many friendships.

A main reason many join Greek life is too meet new, or even more people at your university! All the time you spend together and the activities you participate in will create very meaningful, lifelong friendships with those in your chapter, especially those in your pledge class (those who rush the organization during the same time as you).

15 Reasons Why you Should go Greek

2. Participating in Philanthropies and giving back.

For those who are not familiar with Greek life, every sorority and fraternity represents a certain philanthropy. A philanthropy is a fancy word for a particular community service project, or a greater cause that the students spread awareness towards. The goal of the sorority or fraternity is to promote awareness and raise funds to donate to their specific organization. If there is a specific organization that is close to your heart, see if a chapter on campus represents them!

3. Learn valuable life skills.

You are certain to learn general life skills without realizing it when you are part of a campus organization where you are highly involved in many things. You must learn to communicate with those in your sorority or fraternity and work closely with others in an effort to accomplish a mutual goal. Other general skills include public speaking, planning, time management, leadership, and prioritizing your responsibilities.

15 Reasons Why you Should go Greek


4. Embrace leadership.

There are so many opportunities to take on a leadership role in your sorority or fraternity. This will place more responsibility on you and your membership, and will leave you with great leading experience. Not only will you take a “Little” but there are so many other leadership positions and titles available to anyone who is interested! Each sorority or fraternity has an “Executive Board” which consists of as many leadership positions as that particular Greek chapter sees fit to help their sorority/fraternity run smoothly!

Hint: Higher education programs and future employers will recognize these leadership positions.

5. Make important connections and network.

Many fraternities and sororities are recognized nationally. This means that all across the country, other men and women are joining your chapter at their own colleges. So much opportunity for nationwide connections! Think of all the fellow brothers and sisters who you could ask for a reference from when applying to jobs, or who you could ask to help you “get your foot in the door”!

15 Reasons Why you Should go Greek

6. Become extremely involved on campus.

There is no better way to get involved on campus than by getting involved with Greek Life. You will not only hold your own campus events, but you will attend other Greek organizations to support and learn about their fundraisers and philanthropies. There is always something going on, so you will never be bored!

7. The social aspect.

Although it is not the main focus, of course the social aspect of Greek life is a huge plus. You get to mingle with other members of Greek life both on and off campus. It is another great way to meet tons of new people and get out of your usual comfort zone!

8. You can attend formals.

(This one goes along with the social aspect.) Once a semester you get to dress up fancy and take a lot of pictures. You even get to bring a special someone as your date. Formal is always guaranteed to be a fun night. Who doesn’t like an excuse to look their best and have fun?!

15 Reasons Why you Should go Greek

9. You will have endless support.

Your sorority or fraternity will become like your second family. It is amazing how supportive Greek Life is when a member needs a little extra lovin’. Within my own chapter, we have participated in several fundraisers for sisters’ family members who are in need. We have also helped those outside our own chapter on campus. Greek Life is a community that will do anything to help its members and their families.

10. The many scholarship opportunities.

Specific chapters and Greek Life in general offer several scholarships. This can help with tuition costs, loans, or graduate programs. With the current costs of tuitions sky-rocketing, this is definitely something worth looking into!

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11. The community service.

(Remember when I mentioned the philanthropies?) When you are a member of Greek life, you will participate in a ton of community service. It is a great feeling to give back to your community. Plus, you get to have fun while doing it with your brothers or sisters.

12. You will never feel alone.

Trust me, when you are connected to over 100 sisters or brothers, there is always someone to hang out with and turn too.

15 Reasons Why you Should go Greek

13. You will never be bored.

Between all the events, fundraisers, community service, new friendships, socials, meetings, and general “down time” with your chapter, how could you ever be bored?!

14. Amazing housing.

I have never had this perk at my particular college, but many schools have awesome Greek Life housing options (double perk: most have live-in chefs).

15. Enhance your overall college experience!!

(See numbers 1 – 14)

15 Reasons Why you Should go Greek

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