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15 Reasons Why The UCONN Women’s Basketball Team is the Best

15 Reasons Why The UCONN Women’s Basketball Team is the Best

There are many reasons to love the UCONN Women’s Basketball team, but here are 15 top reasons.

1. They’ve never lost a National Championship Game.

2. They’ve won 11 National Championships.


3. Geno Auriemma

This video says it all.

4. Their current senior class won the NCAA National Championships every single year.

5. Stewie


6. Geno has rocked some awesome styles in the past.

7. Six current and former UConn players are competing on the USA Women’s Olympic team this year in Rio.


8. Did I forget to mention that Geno is the USA Women’s Olympic Head Coach…again?


9. From November 16, 2008 to December 29, 2010, they won 90 straight games, breaking NCAA history

10. In every championship game, they beat their opponents by double digits.


11. From Storrs, CT has come some of the greatest women’s players in basketball history.

To just name a few, there’s Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, Rebecca Lobo, Stefanie Dolson, and Brianna Stewart


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12. At the beginning of March Madness, they had an 87% chance of winning the championship.

While the biggest chance any other team had was less than 7%.


13. Even the President loves them.

14. They put UConn on the map.

And then the men’s team followed.


15. And last but not least, girl power.

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