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15 Pictures That Will Make You Wish You Were Starting School At University of Kent Tomorrow

15 Pictures That Will Make You Wish You Were Starting School At University of Kent Tomorrow

These gorgeous photos should be enough to convince you to go to school at the University of Kent at Canterbury!

Why should you consider UKC? Well here are 15 gorgeous pictures that will make you fall in love with Canterbury and the University of Kent!

1) The sunset.

I know there are millions of places that you can see the sun setting but at UKC, you have the most beautiful backdrop of the Cathedral.


2) The walk home via Eliot Footpath.

While the work is long, the view is worth it!


3) Temple-man.

There’s a love-hate relation with Templeman, but whether you love it or hate, you will end up spending a night here during your time at UKC.


4) K-Bar.

Whether you’re looking for Instagram-worthy shots or just a drink, K-Bar is the place to be, especially with the new cocktails and pizza menu.


5) Sibson Building.

This is not opened to the public yet, but look at how much space you will have! There’s also a cafe, so you’ll no longer have to spend your money at Nero.


6) Turing.

This is the place to be. No one would ever be willing to go all the way to Parkwood for a pre-session. Turing has the long dining table suitable for beer-pong, what more could you want?



7) Dolce Vita.

Eating on campus is expensive, and most of the time it is par average. Dolce Vita is an exception! The food is actually okay. I’m not saying that it is 5 stars restaurant quality but it’s good for the price.




8) Bunnies.

The best part yet! There are bunnies EVERYWHERE! Around March is when you will first encounter them! Once sighted, you may be tempted to catch them because they’re so cute, but you’ll look like a fool as they’re extremely fast! But, if you managed to catch one- it didn’t happen if you didn’t snap it.



9) Canterbury Cathedral.

What more could I say? We have one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in the UK and UKC students have free entry. It’s also the location of our graduation ceremony! 



10) Dean John Gardens.

This is the most romantic place for a date! Treking up that hill just to sit and watch the sunset going down is Pinterest worthy for sure.


11) Rivers.

There are beautiful rivers everywhere and they’re so picturesque! When you don’t know what to do when your parents are visiting, walk along one of the rivers and waste your time away.



12) Greyfriars Garden.

Need to get away from those university stresses? Just walk around the Greyfriars Garden and you will feel like a new person.

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13) The History.

Every corner you turn, you will find yourself transported to Middle England just like in Canterbury Tales.


14) Museums.

While travelling back in time is not yet possible, visiting the Canterbury Heritage Museum is close enough right?



15) Brunch, Lunch…?

Some of the most renowned places to visit when considering UKC is Pork & Co and Kitch! If these photos do not convince you that you need to apply to the University of Kent, I don’t know what will.







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