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15 Packing Hacks For Moving Out Of Your Dorm

15 Packing Hacks For Moving Out Of Your Dorm

The Ultimate College Packing List For Freshmen

Before freedom and warm weather come at the end of a semester, we must address the inevitable: packing. Moving out of your dorm can seem like the most daunting process of all, but with some motivation and these packing hacks, it’ll be over in no time.

1. Declutter.

Clean out your dorm of unnecessary and unwanted items before you begin your packing endeavor.

funny declutter gif

2. Use luggage to your advantage.

Save money by utilizing your own luggage before buying a ridiculous amount of moving boxes.

suitcase packing hack

3. Use toilet paper rolls for cords.

Wrap electronics cords through toilet paper rolls to avoid tangling.

packing hack for cords

4. Label boxes.

Label boxes with numbers or bright colored tape to keep everything at an all-time organized high.

packing hack - label boxes clearly

5. Distribute dryer sheets.

One of the lesser known packing hacks, placing a dryer sheet in boxes and suitcases can keep clothes, shoes, and sheets smelling fresh after long periods of storage.

so many uses for dryer sheets!

6. Place shoes in shower caps.

Putting your pairs of shoes inside shower caps before packing them will prevent the spread of any leftover dirt.

packing hack - place shoes in shower caps

7. Use a pill box for jewelry.

Pack smaller jewelry items like rings and earrings in a pill box to avoid losing any precious pieces.pill box for jewelry packing

8. String necklaces through a straw.

Feed one side of your necklaces through a straw and clasp. This will prevent tangling during a move.

packing hack - feed necklace through a straw to prevent tangling

9. Use hair elastics to keep hangers together.

Section your hangers in groups of 10-12 and wrap an elastic or zip tie around the top. This packing hack will help avoid a mess of hangers that become nearly impossible to untangle.

packing hack - tie hangers together at the top

10. Label screws and bolts.

Set aside your screws and bolts in small plastic bags and label them accordingly. You’ll thank yourself later.

label screws and bolts before moving

11. Take pictures of electronic backs.

Take a picture of the back of your electronics before disconnecting them so you can remember the placement of cords.

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at&t moving hack

12. Wrap dishes in newspaper, phone book pages, or towels.

In the weeks leading up to your move, start keeping old newspapers and collecting phone books to use for plate, bowl, and cup storage. You can even use your towels (which you have to pack anyway) as buffers for this glassware.

wrap plates and cups carefully before packing

13. Rent a place to store your stuff.

For international and out-of-state students, it’s worthwhile to rent a storage unit like for bigger items and things you won’t need during your time away from school. Pods offers 10% off local moves, 10% off first month’s storage, and 5% off a long distance move with code SRATE2.

Pods for moving and storage
14. Wear something comfortable.

Focus on comfy clothes you can move around in (and don’t mind getting down and dirty in), especially when doing heavy lifting.

cute move in day outfit

15. Ask for help.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Moving can be overwhelming, but your friends and family – combined with these packing hacks – make the process a lot smoother (and more fun)! Team work makes the dream work.

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15 Packing Hacks For Moving Out Of Your Dorm

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