15 NYX Products Every Beauty Junkie Needs

NYX is known for giving their customers a professional standard of makeup at affordable prices. There’s nothing more exciting than testing out new makeup products, but with so many to choose from, the process of finding a routine that fits you can be overwhelming. To make your decisions a little easier, I’ve narrowed down my top 15 NYX products for all of you beauty junkies out there.

1. HD Eyeshadow Base

If you want your eyeshadow to last between looks, using a base is essential. This primer goes on smoothly and softly thanks to its easy-to-use applicator.

2. Matte Liquid Liner

A matte finish is all the rage these days. Liquid liner allows for precision as well, so you can look fierce all day.

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3. Matte Setting Spray

This formula is lightweight, yet powerful. For those of you hard-working girls, this product will save both time and money because you don’t have to worry about re-applying your makeup!

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4. Lip Lingerie

These natural shades look great on all skin tones! With its affordable price, NYX provides the perfect makeup dupe for other lipstick contenders.

5. Invincible Coverage Foundation

Full coverage often comes with a catch – but this one has it all! Its affordable, long-lasting, and natural looking!

6. Be Gone! Nail Lacquer Remover Wipes

I think a nicely kept manicure is the key to completing a look. With so many shades to choose from, it’s hard to stick with one color for a period of time. These wipes allow you to efficiently remove your nail polish without the hassle (or the hole in your wallet).

7. HD Photogenic Concealer

The stress of college can leave us girls with problem spots – but this HD concealer will have you photo ready in a flash! If applied under the eyes, it can hide dark circles and wrinkles!

Photo cred: @flawlessbymary

8. Mineral Finishing Powder

Powder provides a more flawless finish than just foundation alone. Powder can illuminate your skin and the minerals won’t wreck your pores!

Photo cred: @nyxcosmetics

9. Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

After watching a hundred brow tutorials, you’ve finally figured out how to perfect your brow…so make sure it lasts with this gel! The hairs will stay in place without feeling slimy.

Photo cred: @nyxcosmetics

10. Wonder Stick

Whether you’re a makeup rookie or you want to save some time with your routine, the Wonder Stick truly does wonders. The highlighting and bronzing duo makes contouring easy with a few swipes!

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Photo cred: @itslikelymakeup

11. Hyrda Touch Primer

Primer is amazing for your skin – it leaves your face feeling silky smooth and preps your face for all of the product you’re going to apply. It helps minimize and hydrate pores as well!

Photo cred: @nyxcosmetics

12. Micro Brow Pencil

Having a defined brow plays a major role in accentuating your face shape. This pencil comes in a variety of shades, and you can use small lines when filling in to create a more natural look.

Photo cred: @babyzuno

13. Shine Killer

Oily skin (especially in the summer) can be a hassle to control. This one-step formula is similar to other primers, but blocks the oil from peering through your foundation!

Photo cred: @diamondmarett

14. The Skinny Mascara

Mascara is my go-to beauty product! Longer, fuller lashes have never been so easily attainable! Even with a couple of coats, this mascara won’t clump or get too sticky!

Photo cred: @selenaadrianna

15. Precision Blending Sponge

Beauty blenders are used by professionals because they allow for a more natural, fuller application of product – and this one by NYX is no exception. Blending your foundation and concealer is an easy task with the help of this tool!

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Featured image source: mummysbeautycorner.com
Quinn Ostendarp

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