15 Men Who Pulled Off The “Movember” Look

“Movember” is a mix of the word “mustache” and “November” and is an annual event where men grow mustaches and beards for the awareness of the different cancers that affect men, including prostate and testicular cancer. Since 2003, a charity organization known as “The Movember Foundation” started to raise money and awareness for men’s health.

The result has been millions of dollars raised, cancer awareness grown and an overwhelming array of hairy faces, melting hearts everywhere. And just for a little afternoon eye candy treat, here are 15 men who totally pulled off the movember look inspired by health.

15.) Hugo – British singer/songwriter

Hugo pulled off the Movember look


14.) Will Smith – American actor

Will smith is looking great with his Movember look


13.) Ian Somerhalder – American actor

Isn't he just sexy with his Movember look?


12.) Zayn Malik – British singer

So cute with a mustache


11.) Chris Hemsworth – Australian actor

Doesn't he look great with a mustache?


10.) James Franco – American actor

James pulled off this look!


9.) Robert Downey Jr – American actor

This mustache looks nice on Robert


8.) Tyson Beckford– American actor and model

Tyson is so sexy with his mustache!


7.) Alexander Skarsgård – Swedish actor

He pulled of the Movember look!


6.) Ben Affleck – American actor

Ben is rocking his mustache!

5.) George Clooney – American actor

Look at George and his dashing mustache


4.) Shemar Moore – American actor and model

Isn't he sexy?


3.) Joe Manganiello – American actor

So sexy


2.) Michael Ealy– American actor

Michael Ealy looks better with a mustache

1.) Chris Pine – American actor

Oh Chris! Aren't you looking sexy in that mustache


Featured image source: zomeryoganijmegen.nl
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