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15 Male Celebrities Who Are Total Style Icons

Just because someone’s famous doesn’t mean they dress better than the rest of us. But, more often than not, having a stylist on speed dial visibly comes with perks. Whether they take street style more seriously than their careers or are known for dazzling us on the red carpet, lots of men in entertainment have given us major style inspiration. That said, here are 15 male celebrities who are legit style icons!

1. A$AP Rocky

If he wasn’t making music, this rapper could easily dominate the modelling industry. Between collaborations with Guess to a line with designer Raf Simmons, A$AP has already made his mark in the industry. His smart-casual approach to fashion gives off major ’90s vibes, paying homage to hip hop culture itself. A$AP is also certainly no stranger to pushing boundaries, dismantling basic conceptions of outfits for creative, unique takes that we are totally here for.


2. Ryan Reynolds

The irresistible Deadpool actor is an undeniable jack of all trades. And when it comes to fashion, Ryan likes to keep things cool and simple, giving off a timeless style that’s effortless but curated. The dad of three is the king of accenting, focusing on neutral tones with one or two pops of color or a few unique accessories. You’ll find Ryan looking comfortable but sexy at any red carpet he steps foot on, or even just while he’s out running errands. Let’s just say how jealous we are of his wife, actress Blake Lively.


3. Matt Smith

You probably know him as the 11th doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who, but The Crown actor’s portrayal of Prince Philip is even more fitting, considering this British heartthrob is a fashion royalty. In the pool of male celebrities, Matt is currently leading the ranks of being able to strike a balance between fiercely tailored and charmingly effortless fashion. He’s mastered the three piece suit, but also looks just as flawless in a simple tee with jeans. 


4. Travis Scott

This rapper/fashion week front row regular is no stranger to serving looks. Travis’ creative take on streetwear and his overwhelming influence on youth culture have made him the perfect candidate for brand-repping houses like Maharishi and Yves Saint Laurent, not to mention his high-profile relationship with cosmetic brand mogul Kylie Jenner, with whom he had a daughter. Travis has shown us how to perfectly fuse hip hop with high fashion culture in his bold and varying looks.


5. Lenny Kravitz

It’s hard to find people cooler than Lenny Kravitz. The musician and actor has proven to us that age and style have zero correlation, consistently making him one of the most iconic male celebrities in fashion for decades. He looks like a rock star pretty much all the time, and that’s because…well, he is. This dude wears sunglasses inside, for god’s sake. Lenny’s hybrid style incorporates elements of hip hop, folk, R&B, and indie, but also transcends genres as we know them. He takes bold leaps with textures and function, serving unlikely yet inspiring looks at every turn. 


6. Zayn Malik

The former One Direction singer and dad-to-be has always held a reputation of being a risk taker when it comes to making music, and his fashion choices certainly reflect that in the best way possible. With a keen eye for punk rock with a casual, tempered twist, Zayn lives up to his bad boy image. And we can’t help but wonder if his supermodel girlfriend’s influence has anything to do with his seeming intuition. Regardless, the British musician knows his way around a leather jacket and Doc Marten boots.


7. Timothee Chalamet

Heartthrob Timothee Chalamet is the apple of every girl’s eye right now, from preteens to young adults (and even a select group of soccer moms who think he’s totally adorable), and that’s probably in part due to his sense of effortless style. His signature “lank” and insanely sharp jawline give him automatic edge, which he works to full capacity by keeping his looks simple but sartorial. From fitted three pieces to track suits, Timothee always looks like sheer perfection, and the young actor has already secured his foot in the door as one of the most iconic male celebrities in fashion.


8. Donald Glover

Childish Gambino, as he’s known in the music industry, is a Renaissance man. He’s a brilliant thinker who has mastered music, acting, comedy and, of course, fashion. He’s one of the most gifted and versatile male celebrities, and his wardrobe is a dead-ass reflection of that. Glover’s style has evolved parallel to his career. In the early days, he sported lots of jeans and graphic tees, keeping it basic while he touted a role on the comedy Community. But once he graduated and moved onto edgier independent projects, the actor-musician became one of the best dressed out there. Try to catch him without his Gucci, we dare you. 


9. Brooklyn Beckham

Soccer player David Beckham is easily the most stylish athlete out there. And, as they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Beckham’s son, Brooklyn, has emerged as a leading style inspo for the youth males of today, blending easy-casual with total luxe. But, let’s face it: it’s impossible to be anything but best dressed if you’re a Beckham. Brooklyn knows what he’s worth, and we can tell from the way this boy dresses. While he’s probably received more than a few pointers from mom and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn is fashion-world-approved and now holds a photography position with Burberry. 


10. Harry Styles

Our second former One Direction singer on the list is Harry Styles, whose fearlessness and gender-defying style makes him one of the best dressed male celebrities of all time. What’s particularly amazing about the way Harry dresses himself is that there’s no rhyme or reasonhe does whatever the heck he feels like. And that kind of confidence is something everyone strives for, but only few achieve. 

Pearl necklaces, fisherman’s hats, polka dot shirts, nail polish, Converse; you name it, he’s done it and looked pretty damn good doing it. This modern day Mick Jagger should be a style compass for every guy out there.


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11. Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator is someone with consistent style, and rightfully so. Skatewear isn’t the most refined of styles, but Tyler has given us insight as to how we can make it that way. With a fusion of preppy and playful, bright pops of color give his fits the perfect amount of coordination they need to temper the fried-ness. 


12. Michael B. Jordan

We’ve yet to see a fashion mistake from actor Michael B. Jordan, whose trend-defying, tailored style is exactly what male celebrities should look to for inspo. Every now and then the Creed II star will embrace something like grunge streetwear, but it appears that all his moves are extremely calculated, only allowing the most worthy of styles. He definitely does his own thing, relying on his own faves. 


13. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp was our ’90s grunge king, which is why he’s included in this list. His style has definitely shown us a major evolution since his Cry-Baby days, but one thing has remained constant: his love of hats. From fedoras to beanies, the actor/rockstar’s hat game is unparalleled and eccentric. 


14. Tom Holland

On screen, he shoots spiderwebs out of his hands. But off screen, the British actor delivers some serious looks. His contemporary and young style has a shade of timelessness, with classic looks as the foundation for his wardrobe. And he always looks flawless.


15. Chadwick Boseman

The Black Panther star rose is the master of classy casual, and get this: he’s 42! Although he looks significantly younger than he is, Chadwick’s cool, “essentials”-based style should be an inspiration to males of any age. 


Are you totally loving any of these celeb styles? Let us know in the comment which famous dude YOU get your fashion inspo from!

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