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15 Makeup Looks To Try This Thanksgiving

15 Makeup Looks To Try This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t just an excuse to binge eat all your favorite traditional holiday meals; it’s also a perfect opportunity to get creative with some stunning fall makeup looks when getting ready for that big family reunion, Friendsgiving in the city, or a festive after-party.

Show off your artistic skills this Thanksgiving and recreate these 15 gorgeous makeup looks that will capture every magical element about the holiday season!

1. Yellow and brown glam

Perfect for all fancier Thanksgiving celebrations, this bold glam look can be recreated with a pair of falsies, some eyeliner, your favorite matte nude lipstick, and just a few different shades of eyeshadow. Check out this eyeshadow palette by Colour Pop for an idea of the colors you’ll need.


Pair this look with some dangling yellow earrings and a beige or taupe two-piece set to bring it all together!

2. Dreamy sunset with rhinestones

This makeup look is a must for any occasion, but it will really stand out during a night out in the city! Check out this eyeshadow palette by Morphe to see all the colors you’ll need to recreate this look.


You’ll need to create a cut crease to achieve the look pictured below, and you can find body/face rhinestones at pretty much any online retailer. Complete this look with some bright yellow, orange, or fuchsia nails!

3. Nearly naked sparkle

This simple yet elegant look is perfect for an early family Thanksgiving dinner or lunch and will complement literally any outfit you decide to wear! 


This look can be achieved with some simple nude shades. You can either apply falsies to really make your eyes pop or just apply a few coats of mascara to your upper and lower lash lines for a more modest look. Complete this look with your favorite matte or cream nude lipstick!

4. Dramatic smoky eye and lip

You’ll definitely want to re-create this makeup look for a fancy Thanksgiving after-party. Pair this look with your go-to little black dress or two-piece set and some nude or burgundy heels!


Check out this tutorial to get an idea of how to create a dramatic smoky eye similar to the one pictured below, which can be achieved with some very dark shades. Be sure to line your lips with a dark red or burgundy, then fill them in with a similar color to achieve this beautifully rich shade.

5. Tequila sunrise

This stunning Thanksgiving look is perfect for pretty much any and every event! Check out this eyeshadow palette by Colour Pop to see similar shades. 


All you really need to recreate this look is those bright sunrise colors, falsies, a brown lip liner, and some clear or light brown lip gloss. Pair this look with a rusty orange dress or jumpsuit and some dark brown or nude wedges!

6. Color pop and smoky eye

This is another glam Thanksgiving makeup look that’s perfect for a fancy celebration out with friends. The best way to achieve this look is to create a cut crease with liquid eye glitter, then apply a bright blue or turquoise shade to the lower lid.


Complement this look with a bright blue or turquoise dress or jumpsuit and some strappy gold sandals or stilettos depending on the occasion!

7. Soft sienna glow

You can’t go wrong this Thanksgiving with subtle sienna hues, modest eyelashes, and some blush. Recreate this makeup look for your family Thanksgiving dinner and rake in the compliments!


Pair this classy look with a neutral-colored dress or top and some jeans, strappy sandals, and gold accents!

8. Burnt umber sparkle

This stunning glittery makeup look is perfect for every Thanksgiving celebration! Dress it up with a sexy two-piece set and some gold accents, or dress it down with some jeans and gold strappy sandals.


Check out this eyeshadow palette by Lawless for some color inspiration, and be sure to pick up some liquid eye glitter to get the most out of this look!

9. Bold yellow glow

Reserve this bold makeup look for your wildest Thanksgiving celebration this holiday season and complement it with a burgundy or rusty orange two-piece set and some sharp stilettos!


Check out these neon-bright shades by Kara Beauty to inspire you when recreating this look.

10. Simply golden

This simple yet bold gold hue is a great fix if you’re running short on time. Just throw on some eyeliner, mascara, and your favorite nude or taupe matte lipstick, and you’re ready to celebrate Thanksgiving at pretty much any time of day!


Get the most from this look by wearing gold accents and neutral tones.

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11. Soft rusty glow 

This rusty red and gold glitter combo is everything this holiday season! Paired with a soft brown or tan lip gloss, this look is perfect for a casual Thanksgiving brunch or picnic with the family. Add some falsies and a thick layer of eyeliner if you’re planning on going out.

Complement these beautiful colors with creamy or neutral tones, some strappy sandals or wedges, and plenty of gold accents!


12. All yellow everywhere

If you’re heading to any music festivals or concerts this Thanksgiving season, then this is definitely the look for you. Grab your favorite pair of falsies and some bright yellow eyeshadow for both your upper and bottom lids as well as your eyebrows!

Complement this look with light creamy colors and some bright yellow and orange accents!


13. Dramatic cut crease and dark lip

One of the most beautiful makeup looks for a fancier Thanksgiving celebration, these bold hues are best paired with a dark brown or black outfit with some gold accents and even some matte burgundy acrylics! 

The darker the lipstick, the better—so check out this ultra-rich shade by Dose of Colors. I also recommend a liquid eye glitter for this cut crease to create that shimmery effect! 


14. Radiant orange glow

Another beautiful color combo for any Thanksgiving event, this makeup look is perfect complemented with a rusty orange jumpsuit or two-piece set and some nude wedges or heels! Stand out even more by doubling up your falsies and highlighting your inner eyelids.

Check out this eyeshadow palette by NYX for some color inspiration. 


15. Scarlet envy

These stunning scarlet shades come together to form one of the best Thanksgiving makeup looks out there. Simple to recreate yet so beautiful to behold, this look is perfect for all Thanksgiving events! Check out this eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty for some color inspiration.

Pair this look with any neutral-colored dress, jumpsuit, or two-piece set and some dark brown wedges or strappy sandals!

Which of these stunning makeup looks are you going to try this Thanksgiving? Comment your favorites below!

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