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15 International Snacks Every American Needs To Try Immediately

15 International Snacks Every American Needs To Try Immediately

Snacks are what keep us going throughout the day when we don’t have time to gobble down a full meal. All over the world, people have different preferences as to what they like to satisfy their hunger with…and some look a bit more appealing than others. After doing some research, here are 15 international snacks I think us here in America are definitely missing out on.

1. Nestle Aero Mint

Nestle continues to deliver chocolaty treats for those of us with a sweet tooth, and this snack from Great Britain does not disappoint. From the sound of it, it seems like this airy luxury is almost like a Three Musketeer candy bar combined with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (count me in!).


2. Pocky Biscuit Snacks

Pocky is one of Japan’s most beloved snacks, and with one taste, you’ll understand why! This snack consists of a biscuit that is covered in a sugary coating (most often chocolate), and comes in a variety of flavors!

3. Takis

Takis has recently grown popular in the U.S., but the classic kind comes from Mexico. These flavored corn chips taste exactly like tacos – what’s not to like?


4. Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs

These joyful treats from Germany are fun to eat because there is a secret toy inside the egg! This wafer and chocolate combo was banned from the U.S. because of the choking hazard for children, but it’s worth the wait if you can get your hands on one!


5. Balconi Mix Max Cakes

Italy has given us what we’ve been waiting for- mini sponge cakes in a tiny package! Balconi also makes Coconut cakes, Milk Cakes, and Tiramisu!



6. Tao Kae Noi

Asian countries, especially Thailand, are pretty big on Tao Kae Noi. They love eating fried seaweed, and have made billions of dollars off their market. And if you’re hesitant about the seaweed part, let me remind you; it’s fried. Everything tastes good if it’s fried.



7. Biltong

Biltong is made from a variety of different meats, and is very similar to beef jerky. This meaty snack is South Africa’s specialty, and it’s very flavorful!

8. Stroopwafel

The Netherlands have created a sweeter, lesser-known version of one of America’s favorite breakfast foods; waffles. The Stroopwafel is made from iron-pressed dough and has a sweet caramel filling.

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9. Onigiri

With the rising popularity of sushi in America, I predict Onigiri is going to be the next big thing! This snack that originated in Japan consists of rice balls that are stuffed with all kinds of fillings and then wrapped in seaweed!


10. TimTams

You’ve probably heard of this cookie that reigns supreme in Australia- Sydney produces 3,000 of these chocolate cookies per minute!

11. Skyr (Icelandic style yogurt)

Skyr is a form of probiatic milk- think Greek yogurt! You can spice up this snack by mixing in fruits, nuts and granola!


12. 7 Days Bake Rolls

Greece’s version of pita chips come in the form of thin and crunchy bread chips. It’s a perfect complement to hummus or other types of dips!

13. Hesco Coco Jazz

For all of the health nuts out there, Coco Jazz is a brand of crunchy coconut chips from Thailand. These chips are gluten free, dairy-free, and made with no preservatives! Not only does it taste delicious, but it’s good for you too!

14. Spicy Curry Doritos

Doritos already come in many flavors here in the U.S., but this kind from Japan takes our love for all things spicy to the next level!


15. Bingo Chips

Bingo chips are the Ruffles of India, and they’re the perfect snack to eat along with some flavorful dip!

What are your favorite international snacks? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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