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15 Horror Stories That Happened While Working The Nightshift

15 Horror Stories That Happened While Working The Nightshift

On January 6, Reddit user u/Tiny-Dragonfruit7864 asked fellow Redditors who are part of the r/AskReddit Community, “What are your nightshift horror stories?” In an instant, the Reddit thread went quickly viral and as of January 20, has over 6,300 responses. 

Now, with all of that information being said, let’s take a look the following 15 Horror Stories That Happened To These Reddit Users While He/She Was Working The Nightshift:

1. Nightshift Horror Story #1 – What This Reddit User Found At The Bottom of The Stairwell While Working The Nightshift As A Student Security Patrol Officer:

“Working night shift security patrol as a student at a university. This shift was basically handed out to students who want to work 11 pm – 7 am and needed the extra money (since nothing ever happens during those hours). It is usually just patrolling or walking people to their homes and making sure they get back safely.


Well I got a radio call to check out some yelling in a dorm next to mine. The security officers said they were on their way, but asked me to check it out. The office is literally 2 minutes away (and they arrived at a responsibly time) but like I said the dorm was next to mine so I was there in less than 30 seconds.

Open the doors, head to the stairwell, and find a bloody kid at the bottom of the stairs. Once the paramedics arrived he was pronounced dead.

He got into a fight with his fraternity brother and was pushed down the stairs. This is why I struggle with a drinking problem.”


-Redditor turtlesinarace

2. Nightshift Horror Story #2 – The Ravens, The Truck, and The Animal Carcasses:

“Worked a parking garage at the airport. Cleaning the top deck and noticed about a hundred ravens all over a truck with a tarp over the bed. Took my flashlight expecting something awful. Noticed as I got closer the smell and the ravens taking turns going in a hole they had torn open and popping out covered in gunk. some guy left a broke down beater with a couple animal carcasses in the back to rot. No heads.


Checked the logs and the damn truck had been there since November and it was April, so everything was just thawing and breaking down.”

-Redditor greatwood


3. Nightshift Horror Story #3 – The Brutal and Horrific Domestic Violence Arrest:

“Worked as an evening manager at a major Hilton property. Got a complaint from a bunch of guests about the noise coming from one of the rooms. Turns out, a drunken man was beating the shit out of his wife and had the door barricaded so we couldn’t get in. I called the cops, and they had to get into the room using the balcony from the room next room over.

I’m still traumatized by what I saw when they finally arrested him and got the wife out of the room. She was covered in blood. It was horrifying.”

-Redditor StevesMcQueenIsHere


4. Nightshift Horror Story #4 – The Creepy Behavior of This Reddit User’s Former Boss:

“This didn’t become a horror story until recently but as a teen, I used to close down the gas station/truck stop I worked at, alone. My boss used to pop up out of the shadows as I was closing down the till with the backup lights on. He’d be super calm and act like it wasn’t creepy at 11pm when he should be home with his family. He was even at my high school graduation, he and his wife’s numbers still in my phone. Anyhow, he is currently on trial for murdering a prostitute via stabbing her to death, back in ‘94. Cold case potentially solved via DNA & modern science.”

-Redditor ShesAFirecracker


5. Nightshift Horror Story #5 – The Disturbing Phone Call From a Meth Addict:

“NYE, hotel over Nightshift. Except we don’t have regular guests- we are housing the homeless and those that need emergency housing from the state. We had a meth addict in house this particular night. I get a call at 4am from an anonymous wireless number. The man on the other end sounded off. He kept asking questions. Im thinking to myself- who the hell needs to know about our amenities at 4am on new years day ? He is asking me what kind of beds we have, I tell him, and he lets out this…moan. And starts breathing heavily. Then asks me about restaurants, he says: “what about your restaurants in the area ? What do you have ? Just…just…just keep talking.” He whispered the last part. I hung up the phone and called the police. It was the meth addict, he was in his car on his phone masturbating. He had been walking around the hotel all night and saw me. I guess it’s better than the alternative. My brother came and sat with me the rest of my shift.”

-Redditor auraboros


6. Nightshift Horror Story #6 – Who We Found While Waiting For The Next 911 Call:

“Me and my partner were looking for a place to post up our ambulance waiting for the next 911 call. It was around 1am in South Atlanta. We discovered an adult male at a dark street corner spinning in circles in an electric wheelchair with his right foot cut clean off from about midway up. He was incoherent and had a pillow sized bag of marijuana in a duffle bag.”

-Redditor songsongkp


7. Nightshift Horror Story #7 – The Naked Old Lady At Walmart:

“Working [the Nightshift] as an unloader in college at Walmart, so til about 1 or 2 in the morning. Shit job, shit company…. This walmart was near a set of subsidized apartment/houses for elderly people who needed partial care. One night this woman off her meds walked into the store naked, having no idea where she was. Everyone just could of stood around not knowing what to do. Eventually the local cop who worked overnight security pulled a blanket off the shelf and covered her. The next day store management was bitching that nobody did anything, but as one person yelled out “You don’t pay us enough to deal with old naked people.””

-Redditor TheGentlemanLoser


8. Nightshift Horror Story #8 – The Biting Old Woman:

“Not mine, but my friend worked nightshift at a nursing home as a CNA. One night one of the ladies ran out of her room and hid in a closet. When she tried to get her out the woman bit her. She quit that night lol.”

-Redditor lanadelcrying


9. Nightshift Horror Story #9 – The Night Reaper:

“I used to work nightshift as a care aide in an old folks home. It was already creepy, the home was an old hospital that was converted.

Some asshole kept walking around the courtyard after dark dressed as the grim reaper knocking on doors. It was actually really scary, he ran off and the facility got a security guard for a few weeks.”


-Redditor thegamblerx

10. Nightshift Horror Story #10 – Naked and Swinging A Bag of Onions:

“She was naked. I was working night shift restocking in a department store. She was swinging a bag of onions at me. Night manager didn’t believe me when I went to find him. Brought him on to the floor and proceeds to have onions thrown at him and tribal screams. Police called. Turns out she broke in via a toilet window…. And was highhhhhh as a kite on something. Surprisingly, went willingly with police holding an ape like posture. Most bizzare 30 minutes of my life.


We didn’t sell onions. So she brought them with her.”

-Redditor BlistersForEyes

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11. Nightshift Horror Story #11 – Prison Nightshift Horror Stories:

“I work at a prison/jail, in a high custody dorm (close management/confinement) and one night One of the inmates kicked on the door and said he had to get me out of the cell because there is a body in it. After flipping on his cell light, it turns out he caved his bunkies head in with a food tray.

There was another time we had an inmate on suicide watch that ripped his own eyes out with his hands.


I have a lot of stories about prisons/jails. But a good chunk of them happened on dayshift.

-Redditor Little_Baron


12. Nightshift Horror Story #12 – The Homeless Man Always Asking For Money:

“Worked [the Nightshift] at a liquor store for a few years. One of the homeless guys probably late 50’s that stood outside would ask for money and 9 times out of 10 if they said no he’d flash them his old wrinkly crusty package… had to chase him off every night so people didn’t have to suffer that sight.

Annoyingly people who saw me chasing him off or threatening to call the cops often gave me dirty looks like as if I hated homeless people or treat them like trash. When in actuality I was saving them from that which you cannot unsee.

-Redditor Slevin424


13. Nightshift Horror Story #13 – The Unregistered Guest:

“I work at a hotel in the middle of city and I was on the overnight front desk shift when me and my valet at the time realized there was a man in one of the guest rooms that was prior occupied, we called the police and found that the guests upstairs HOG-TIED him, so he was escorted out, nothing too crazy, stuff like that happens all the time in a hotel like this. but we had the three lowest floors of the hotel shut down due to low occupancy during covid-19. we soon discovered he was caught in the guests room after trying to open every door from the floor up, seeing if it was unlocked or propped open slightly, he was staying in one of our vacant rooms on the low floor unknown to us, for a week, stealing food from the mini bar and banquet halls. we watched him on the security cameras on the lower floors walking around the halls every night butt naked and videoing himself…

-Redditor kcrolius


14. Nightshift Horror Story #14 – The First Time This Reddit User Worked a Nightshift:

“Was walking through the simulation lab for nursing students at the hospital I work at on very little sleep, all the lights were off and it was my first time working nightshift, turned a corner and saw what I thought was a person standing behind a lamp that was on, turns out it was a mannequin holding the pull cord. Really freaked me out and I was awake after that.”

-Redditor Ghoulthrower676


15. Nightshift Horror Story #15 – The Raccoon Fight:

“Not a Nightshift worker but one time I was reading creepy nightshift stories alone at night. Suddenly, two raccoons started fighting on my roof. Scared the shit out of me.”

-Redditor Ambystomaguy


Which of these Nightshift Horror Stories frightened you the most? If you’ve worked a Nightshift, did you have any scary moments occur during any of your shifts? Be sure to share your stories (in response to both questions) down below in the comments section! 

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