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15 Hidden Gem Restaurants that Would Please Tourists Outside of Miami

15 Hidden Gem Restaurants that Would Please Tourists Outside of Miami

Dining in Miami sounds like an incredible experience when visiting South Florida! But did you know that you don’t have to be in Miami all the time to grab some of the best grub in the area? Here are 15 hidden gem restaurants that would shock you with how good they are!

1. Parlour Vegan Bakery

Trust me, even though this is a Vegan Establishment, it is still 100 percent delicious! This wonderful place located in Plantation, Broward County offers some of the most delicious donuts, cupcakes, and even savory pastries. 

One featured item that I would like to highlight is the incredible hot pressed Cuban Sandwich that gives that authentic Miami flavor! Vegan ham and roast beef would be used as the protein while the cheese and secret sauce bind everything together! You truly wouldn’t want to miss this dish when visiting this establishment.


2. Flanagans 

This South Florida exclusive would get your taste buds activated once you take a deep dive on the menu. Roasted swordfish, blooming onion rings, and flavorful ceviche are among some of the specialties they serve here! One highlight of the food they serve is the grilled mahi-mahi; a must-try when going to Flanagans.

The good news about this chain is that there are multiple locations you can visit so there is no need to go through the downtown Miami traffic to go to one!

3. Jaxsons Ice Cream and Eatery

This outstanding out-of-Miami treat located in Dania Beach has locals and tourists outside raving on not only their desserts but their savory foods as well.


Their world-famous footlong hot dogs would impress guests as it will set the tone on how wacky and ridiculous this establishment is. 

And in terms of Ice Cream, their universe-famous kitchen sink sundae would probably shock everyone who comes for the first time. This massive concoction can serve a full-size family! That is correct a whole family!  

4. Lucille’s American Cafe

Want to step back in time and return to the good old days of the ’50s? Then Mama Lucille has your back!


This vintage-inspired restaurant located in the city of Weston will give you that good warming atmosphere you would feel when your grandmother would make you a good meal. And speaking of food, we are talking about meatloaf, fried chicken, and their ultimate prized possession, their chicken pot pie! You would not want to leave this place as you would instantly feel like you are home! 

5. The Cheese Course

If you are adventurous with the cheeses you eat, then the Cheese Course would give you that ultimate charcuterie you are dying for!

You can choose to try some delicious paninis, salads, and soups, but what makes them stand out are the high-quality ingredients that are imported from different parts of Europe! Including their world-class cheeses. 


Like, Flanigans, there are multiple locations this brand offers so you can say goodbye to Miami for a little while and try some of the tastiest cafe-style foods in South Florida!

6. Graziano’s Market Weston

Like the Cheese Course, Graziano’s strives to provide food with world-class/imported ingredients. But in this case, this is on a much bigger scale!

As said in the title of this establishment! This is a marketplace but also functions as a restaurant. One part market one part dining hall! 


The selections here are incredible, you can grab some empanadas, fresh cut meats, and ingredients that you would add to your pantry. On top of that, you can order high-quality dishes that would be brought to your table as if you were dining in a five-star restaurant!

7. Chima Steakhouse

This Brazilian steakhouse located in Fort Lauderdale is a must-do if you are a meat lover. You would not want to go anywhere else when hearing about this place!

The meats that are served are carved right at your table. They are plopped directly from the instrument carrying them to your plate. That is how fresh and delicious they are. Many people have even said that intense chewing is not necessary due to the fact that the meat melted in their mouth!


8. Green Bar and Kitchen

If you want to add another vegan restaurant to your must-do list, this would make another great addition to your visit to the Miami area!

Herbivores and omnivores alike would be shocked by how good the food is. Even the pickiest eaters would love the dishes served here as the food selections include hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and the best vegan mac and cheese ever! 

The only difference between Green Bar’s comfort foods and other places is the strive to remain environmentally friendly and health-conscious!


9. Screaming Carrots

Want yet another great vegan experience but with an Asian twist? Screaming Carrots would give you all that and more!

Like Green Bar and Kitchen, comfort foods are available, but you can also try Tofu Noodles and spicy Vegan Orange chicken that would confuse you for Panda Express! It has been said everything tastes amazing in this restaurant and I can certainly defend this argument!

10. Versailles

This Cuban eatery would get your moving and grooving Caribbean style once you get a taste of their dishes! 


In here, you would find the most ambitious dishes including dolphin fillets, deep-fried king fish steak, and Yucca croquettes. 

The atmosphere of this “palace” is also unparalleled. You would most certainly feel like you are dining inside the actual palace located in France. Except you are in Miami eating the foods that represent the Miami area the best.

11.  Panna 

Wanna have some of the greatest Venezuelan/Colombian experiences? Then you have to try what Panna offers!


You can try the best arepas in town and if you want to try other things, there are cachapas (sweet corn pancakes), tequenos (similar to mozzarella sticks), and even arepa burgers! 

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This brand has multiple locations across the Miami area. There’s even a location in Orlando so Central Floridians can also get to try from this place!


12. Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar

If you are craving some unique seafood options, Dr. Limon would curate you some of the finest ceviches in South Florida. 

This Peruvian establishment offers the most insane ceviche combinations, including diced fish with yellow pepper cream, corn, and lots of lime. They even serve fried ceviche which contains similar ingredients but in the form of a fishcake. And I heard it was fantastic!

13. Aruba Beach Cafe

Want some good food and dance to a live band next to the ocean? Aruba would give you that full experience! 


In this restaurant, you can dine on some of the most exquisite grilled swordfish, lobster, and shrimp the Miami area has to offer. And as a bonus, you can party day and night with the bands that perform on multiple occasions!

You would not want to miss an experience like this if you want the full Florida experience!

14. Bistro Mezzaluna 

This might be one of the most expensive choices on the list but trust me, you would have one of the absolute best dining experiences here! Miami area or not!


For this experience, you are actually required to be formally dressed as if you are celebrating a special occasion. That is how elaborate the food and atmosphere are!  

The dishes offered are inspired by the Italian Riviera which includes intricate seafood pasta, organic crabcakes, primal cut steaks imported from Tuscany, and many more!

So be punctual and ornate when being present here as your manners must be as well tempered as the food!


15. Little Hen

Want to have an impeccable brunch experience? Then head on over to Little Hen!

Located in Weston, this restaurant offers Miami’s best omelets, pancakes, fried chicken and waffles, and more classics. There are some adventurous eats out there that include torched grapefruit, rose petal pancakes, and afternoon tea selections.

You would definitely feel a sense of flamboyancy when presenting yourself to the establishment! So get ready for an intricate experience!


Did any of these Miami Area restaurants grab your attention? If so, let us know which ones you’re most interested in in the comments below!

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