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15 Fitness Apps That Can Help You Get Into Shape During Quarantine

Everyday life has changed drastically during the quarantine, and working out is no different. Most gyms and workout classes are closed. It’s even difficult to schedule in time with a personal trainer at the moment.

If you’ve been struggling with finding ways to get into shape and keep on top of your fitness during quarantine take a look at these apps that we think can help!

1. Nike Training Club

This seems like an obvious pick, but this app is really good. It covers all the basics and then some. Nike is one of the biggest activewear names in the game, so of course they know everything about fitness. There’s a workout on here for anyone at any skill level.

If you’ve taken a while off during quarantine and you’re nervous to get back to you workout grind Nike Training Club is a great way to get back into things. 

2. Yogaia

This is for all the yogis out there! Yogaia is an at home yoga studio straight from your device. This can also be a really great tool if you’ve been looking into starting yoga and are too nervous to just jump into a class. 

They have different classes for every person at any level, or even if you’re just looking to do some breathing exercises and relax they have that too!

3. Charity Miles

Some fitness for a good cause. With Charity Miles every mile you walk or run you can donate money to the charity of your choice! Now you can workout with intention and it’ll help you make new goals. The more miles you do the more money gets donated on your behalf. 

Not only is donating to a good cause amazing, but is also an incentive to keep pushing for longer distances and setting new goals for yourself. It’s a win for everybody! You’ll feel good about yourself not only because you’re getting a workout in, but you’re donating to charity as well. 

4. Fitbit Coach

This one is a bit exclusive to people who own a Fitbit, but we know there’s a lot fo you out there. Fitbit coach makes tailored workouts to you and your body based on the stats it gets from your personal Fitbit. This is amazing because it helps you get a more customized workout that fits your needs. 

Not only that but when you wear your Fitbit during your workout you get a more accurate measure of how many calories you’ve burned etc. It’s overall just a great tool if you already own a Fitbit. 

5. Fiit

If you’ve been missing attending you’re in person guided workouts during the quarantine, you’re going to want to take a look at Fiit. Fiit is basically just a virtual in person workout if that makes sense. You can pick a time slot and attend class just as you normally would. 

They are live recorded classes that you can do in your living room. Another plus to this subscription is that it comes with a heart monitor to help you keep track of calories and how you’re doing in the class.

6. Streaks

Creatures of habit are usually successful ones, and that’s exactly what Streaks helps you do. It helps you keep track of your goals and new habits that you want to form. It’s just like keeping a streak on snapchat, for everyday you do an activity you log it in streak. 

The goal with streak is that you don’t want to miss a day doing an activity or the streak will break and you’ll have to start all over again. This helps to keep you motivated to go do that workout even if you really just don’t want to one day. It helps you push to meet your goals and form new healthy habits.

7. Freeletics

If you want a personal trainer type of feel then Freeletics is for you. It’s also pretty much impossible to work with a personal trainer during quarantine. When you sign up with Freeletics it asks you a series of questions to get a better background of you, your history with working out, what level you are with working out etc. 

Once you answer these questions there system will design a workout tailored to you, your body, and your skill set that you currently have. If you feel intimidated about working out Freeletics can help you get comfortable. 

8. Battle Ready 360

During quarantine we might not just be struggling with physical fitness but with mental health and nutrition as well. If you’re looking for something that incorporates all three of these elements and focuses on overall healthy then Battle Ready 360 could be your new go-to.

They have you do a questionnaire to help better understand your eating habits, your mental state, and how you’ve been keeping up with workouts. Once they have that information they make a step by step guide to health and wellness specifically tailored to you. 

9. Komoot

Komoot is a great app for people who prefer to get outdoors during workouts. It helps you track your miles and helps you find the best paths to take. Also if you’re looking for new places to hike, run, or walk it can help you find all the coolest scenic routes near you!

10. Senza

This is a great nutrition app especially if you’re following the keto diet. You don’t have to be on a keto diet but basically Senza counts your macros and counts ketone levels. It also logs what you eat in a day effortlessly with it’s barcode scanning feature.

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11. Romwod

Have you ever worked out and then felt so sore for days after that you couldn’t even workout for a couple of days? If so, then you might want to try the Romwod approach. 

Romwod focuses on helping you get the maximum workout with the least amount of recovery time. It’s specialized to keep muscle soreness at bay and also boost performance rates. 

12. Centr

An app made by fitness god Chris Hemsworth. Who doesn’t want a body like that? Clearly the man knows his stuff. He basically gives you all the tools he uses to achieve your dream body. This includes guided workouts, recipes, and even personal essays from Chris himself about fitness. 

13. Map My Run

Map my run is fun because it’s like one big competition with yourself, and others. It tracks your runs and it pushes you to reach new goals and basically out-do yourself each time. Not only that but you can connect with friends and have a competition to see who can run the longest and fastest. You can compare times and lengths to help you push yourself. 

14. Zombies, Run!

If you need a way to make your workout fun then Zombies, Run can definitely do that. It’s like a story mixed in with your workout. Basically it looks like there’s zombies chasing you and it persuades you to keep running in order to get away from them. 

Being chased by something scary would make us run faster that’s for sure!

15. FitOn

This is a good app if you’re looking for a variety. If you want to make a schedule and do some classes they have that. If you want to just browse and do random targeted workouts they have that. If you want to learn more about nutrition they have that. 

It’s a really great overall fitness app that is simple and has everything you’d be looking for.

What’s been helping you stay in shape during the quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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