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15 Fall Makeup Looks To Recreate

15 Fall Makeup Looks To Recreate

15 Fall Makeup Looks To Recreate

With each new season, there are new makeup trends for us to follow. The fall season gives us the opportunity to step away from the bright colors of summer and dive into the deeper tones of fall. Here are 15 fall makeup looks you can recreate for the upcoming months!

1. Bronze Eyes

Bronze eyes are always my go-to when I am going out, and are perfect for a fall makeup look. They are fairly simple to recreate, and most of the shadows you probably already have in your collection. Start in the crease of your eye by blending out a few different shades of warm-toned browns. Use those same shades on your lower lash line as well. Next, take a deeper brown into the outer corner of your eye, and blend, blend, blend. Pick your favorite shimmery shadow to put on the inner half of your lid and inner corner, and then finish up with gold on your lower lash line.

Pop on your eyeliner and mascara and you’re done with the eyes! Pair this with simple face makeup, and a glossy lip.


2. Pop of Color

This fall makeup look from Gigi Hadid is stunning and it really brings attention to the eyes. Add a neutral shade of brown into the crease of your eye for some dimension, and then pick your desired color to go in your inner corner. I recommend picking the color opposite from your eye color on the color wheel. Blue eyes would go with orange, green eyes with pink and purple tones, and brown eyes are lucky, all colors will compliment them!

Finish off this look with a light coat of mascara and a neutral lip.

3. Bold Eyes and Lips

Fall time is the perfect time to break out those darker lip shades and eyeshadows. This look has orange tones in the crease with a maroon shade all over the lid. All of the eyeshadow shades are matte, except for the light gold in the inner corner!


Do not forget the smoked-out liner and lashes for this look too. To compliment the eyes, add lipstick that matches the color of the shadow.

4.  A Dark Purple Lip

What better time to break out the purple lipstick than the fall? This fall makeup look is super minimal but looks like you spent so much time on it. Start with some simple face makeup; foundation, concealer, bronzer, etc. Put some white on the inner corners of your eyes with a coat of mascara, then fill in your brows to your liking. Pop on that purple lip, and you’re done!

5. Classic Red Lip

A red lip is a classic for the fall and wintertime. You can pretty much wear it with any look too. My personal favorite way is to pair it with neutral and natural eye makeup. Use a brown shade in your crease, and a shimmer in your inner corner, and that’s it for the eyes. Do your brows and face makeup however you like them best, and then the bold red lip.


6. Glowy and Natural

This fall makeup look is timeless and works for every single season. To achieve this, start with a face moisturizer to give your skin a natural glow. Follow with some concealer to spot correct, and then add some cream bronzer, blush, and lots of highlighter. Add the highlight to your cheekbones, tip, and bridge of the nose, eyelids, and cupid’s bow. Brush through your brows, apply a coat of mascara, and finish with a glossy lip.

7. Orange Shadow

Orange is THE fall color. To get this look, begin with a neutral orange in your crease, and then slowly add a darker orange to the outer corner. Pop a brighter yellowish-orange all over the lid, and a shimmer in the inner corner! Smudge the first orange shade on your lower lash line.

A dramatic pair of falsies will take this look to the next level.


8. Green Shadow

Green is not a typical eye shadow shade, but I am obsessed with this look. The shadow is monochromatic, meaning the same shade of green is used throughout. Place it in the crease, outer and inner corners, on the lid, and on the lower lash line. You can apply falsies or just mascara, and then a nude lip.

9. Smokey Eyes

This smokey eye is perfect for fall, and it is not too intimidating. Grab your cool-toned browns and greys, and blend those out in the crease and outer corner. Apply a matte gray shade all over the lid. Take some black eyeshadow to act as eyeliner, apply it like a wing, and then smudge it out. Put some black eyeliner on your water line and lower lash line too. Dramatic false lashes would be perfect for this look.

10. Bold Eyeliner

For this next look, start by doing your face makeup to your liking. Go in with a brown shade in the crease of your eye, and that’s pretty much it for eyeshadow. Using a liquid or felt tip liner, start in the inner corner, and go all the way across to create a wing. At the top of the wing, create a line that follows the crease of your lid. Eyeliner is super tricky to master, so if you don’t get it on the first try, keep practicing!

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11. Halo Eyes

Halo eyes are one of my favorite eye looks to do, and they are a lot easier than they seem. As with most eye looks, you want to start by applying shades to your crease. Take a warm-toned brown or orange first, and go directly in your crease with a maroon shade. Don’t forget to blend, and then take another maroon shade to the outer and inner corners of your lid. Pop a shimmery shade in the center, and you’re done!

12. Rosy Cheeks

Madelaine Petsch looks absolutely gorgeous here, and her fall makeup look is an easy one to recreate. Start with a foundation, and then pick out your favorite cream blush. Place it on the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards towards your temples. Add some mascara and a lip color that matches your cheeks.


13. Ombre Eyes

This look is so pretty, it reminds me of a sunset. Begin with a pale yellow shade as your transition color, and blend that out really well. Deepen that up with different shades of brown and orange until you get a nice gradient effect. Add a pink shade directly in the crease and then pack a deep purple on the lid. Pair this with a nude lip!

14. Cut Crease

For a cut crease, you want to begin by placing colors in the crease area. Begin with different shades of orange as transition colors. Directly in the crease, you will place a deep brown, and you will blend that out towards the outer edge.


To actually cut the crease, I recommend using some concealer to carve out your lid. This will help the shadow on top to pop. After the concealer, apply your lid shade directly on top. Add some glitter, liner, and lashes.

15. Glittery Lids

Glitter is appropriate for every occasion. To create a neutral fall makeup look with glitter, start by blending out some brown shades in the crease, and then put your glitter on the lid. It’s that simple! Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow is my absolute fave.

Which fall makeup look are you looking forward to recreating? Let us know in the comments below!

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