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15 Eyeliners You Need for Your Next Look

15 Eyeliners You Need for Your Next Look

Graphic eyeliner is all the rage this season, and the following brands are perfect for completing that bold new look. 

Colourpop’s Ultra Fine Liner

Colourpop has been trending on tiktok for good reason. Their ‘ultra fine’ liquid liners come in a variety of shades and are super easy to apply. Some staples of their collection? Their classic black, bold white, pink, and green liners promise to make you feel like an extra on Euphoria. Plus, they’re affordable! At $7 a pop, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. Whether you’re sticking to a classic look, or experimenting with new shapes and designs, the results will still be flawless. 


Stila’s Stay All Day Graphic Eyeliner

Stila’s ‘stay all day’ liner is a classic, and the nearly 5 star reviews on Sephora’s website certainly speaks for itself. The waterproof liner is a must have, and truly can fight against a pool party on a hot Summer afternoon. This one’s a bit more pricey, at $23 a liner, but the long-lasting capabilities of Stila’s best seller make the cost beyond worth it. Sephora promises “strong, inky strokes” and Stila delivers. It’s definitely a need-to-buy eyeliner have for fans of classic black winged eyeliner. 

Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner


Gel eyeliner provides a certain texture perfect for a more natural or subdued look. Bobbi Brown’s best selling long-wear eyeliner has been recommended by makeup artists for completing the perfect smokey eye. It can be bold or smudged, without the need for precision liquid eyeliner demands. You can find it at Sephora, and each pot costs $28 –but lasts longer than its liquid alternatives–and comes with its own applicator. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Liquid Liner

This liner is a classic, known for its ability to craft the perfect ‘cat eye’ look. This eyeliner has been a bestseller for years, and is known to fly off the shelves at Sephora. When you trust a classic, you can’t go wrong. 


Wet N Wild’s Megaliner 

Wet N Wild has been providing us with good, affordable makeup since the days of middle school. With a price of under 10 dollars, their liquid ‘Megaliner’ rivals even its most expensive counterparts. It is a smooth application, and easy to use. It doesn’t smudge and the tip is perfectly precise–allowing users to experiment with various new looks. 

Marc Jacobs’ Highliner Gel Eye Crayon


Existing somewhere between your classic liquid eyeliner and the more difficult, yet rewarding, eye pencil–Marc Jacobs’ ‘Highliner’ is one of the most versatile on this list. It comes with its own sharpener to ensure its precision, and its dual abilities can transform any eye makeup look. It can be bold or subdued, precise or smudged, and saves you the nuisance of buying two different liners for your many intended looks. 

Glossier’s Pro Tip Brush Point Liquid Eyeliner

For those who shop cruelty-free, Glossier is your girl. Their products are known for their efficacy, and their eyeliner upholds this reputation. Although it’s known to dry out quickly, this liner still makes the list–for its long-lasting capabilities. 


Charlotte Tilbury’s Feline Flick Liquid Eyeliner

As the name suggests, this liner is another perfect choice for fans of the cat eye eyeliner look. It doesn’t fade and its precise tip allows a perfect look in one easy flick of the wrist. While it’s on the expensive side, at $32 dollars—Charlotte Tilbury is always worth a little splurge.

Christian Louboutin’s Luminous Ink Liner


The most expensive on our list, this eyeliner is both gorgeous and easy to master—-yet comes in at a whopping $75. However, the eyeliner’s very packaging is as divine as its effects.

The liner has a glossy finish, as opposed to the typical matte, and is worth a portion of your next paycheck– to look, and feel, glamorous. 

NYX’s Epic Ink Liner


This one goes without saying—but it’s got to be listed anyway. An old classic and a staple in your beauty bag–NYX is known for two things–its liners and its lipsticks. The Epic Ink Liner, which comes in a variety of shades, goes unimaginably long without drying up and never fails to be precise. It’s the perfect beginner’s eyeliner, and is both affordable (and available)- lining the shelves at your local CVS. Pro tip? The liner’s thickness and opacity changes depending on how hard you press while crafting your look. 

Shiseido Kajal’s InkArtist 

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Shiseido Kajal’s ‘InkArtist’ is perfect for those who adore a classic smokey eye or smudged eyeliner effect. In fact–it even comes with its own sponge tool for blending–to master your look on the go. 

About-Face’s Artist Longwear Gel Eyeliner

This one is for the girlies obsessed with vibrant colors for their eyeliner looks. Known for its green and yellow shades, these gel eyeliners have the pigmentation of a crayon, with the precision tip of a classic liner. It’s also known for its long-lasting properties, promising bold color all day long.


Sephora’s Long-Lasting 12 Hour Wear Eyeliner

Sephora is a brand you can trust, and while it carries all the top names in makeup— its own collections are also worthy of attention. Their long-lasting 12 hour wear eyeliner lives up to its name, and I would know—-I’ve worn it during all day shifts without it fading. 

Benefit’s They’re Real! Push-Up Liner


Perfectly paired with their famous mascaras, Benefit’s ‘They’re Real!’ liner promises a thick   finish with bold color. It’s also got a clever name, which is always a plus in my opinion. 

Maybelline’s Curvitude Liquid Liner

The unique shape of this liner guarantees easy use on the lash line, and the ability to create more precise designs-without the dreaded smudge or leaky look. Plus, it’s affordable–and can be found at any drugstore–making it an easy purchase. 


What to Look for (And Avoid) When Shopping for Your Next Liner

Proper eyeliners have the following qualities 

    • Longevity: the eyeliners will hold up during your busiest of days 
    • Bold color: no one wants a faded look
    • Good ingredients: eyeliners should always show its ingredients, especially if you’re prone to breakouts or have sensitive skin.
    • Cruelty-free: if possible, choosing cruelty-free eyeliners is always a plus!