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15 Exceptionally Crazy Things You Can Buy On Amazon

15 Exceptionally Crazy Things You Can Buy On Amazon


Amazon is a weird place…a very weird place. Once you bypass the makeup, school supplies and home goods…you traverse into the depths of the site, and things take a twisted turn. Don’t believe me? Check it out. Here are 15 exceptionally crazy things you can buy on Amazon. Yes, I’m serious.

1. Fake Pregnancy Test

Because nothing says “healthy relationship” more than buying a fake test to trick your partner! The test always shows a false positive.

2. Gigantic Plush Flower

For almost NINETY dollars, you can buy a six foot plush rose. The tiny teddy bear attached to the side of it is actually pretty adorable.

3. Voodoo Doll

This looks like a cute little doll until you realize that most of the previous buyers bought it in order to hurt others. The thought is that with specific spells and pins, you can harm the person that you “cursed” by harming the doll. Creepy, right?


4. Fake Broken Screen Case

Buy the case, put it over your friend’s phone, and fool them. Lines are etched into the clear screen case to look like cracks.

5. 9 Inch Heels

Three inch heels are uncomfortable but nine inches? Bless your soul.

6. Fake Vomit

This may go along with that previous theme of pranking, but ew. What ever happened to the good ol’ jump out of a closet joke?

7. Coyote Urine

Um yes, you read that correctly. I’m not sure how ethical this product is, but it’s on Amazon if you need it. One reviewer on the website claims that it “stinks so good.”


8. Child Leash

I have no words.

9. Dubia Roaches

Frogs and lizards eat roaches. But how exactly would these live insects be transported?

10. Tarantula Taxidermy

Which in other words is a dead spider that is stuffed and preserved for observation.

11. Book Safe

When slipping money between the mattress and bed frame doesn’t seem sneaky enough, you can buy a fake book with a secret compartment. Actually not a bad idea.

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12. Extreme Corset

It’s “steel boned.” Please don’t disfigure yourself to comply with societal standards. That Kim K curve isn’t worth internal organ injury.

13. Unicorn Meat

So they do exist?!

This is actually something you can buy on amazon!

14. Alcohol caps

This product is a water bottle cap that goes over your water bottle so that you can sneak alcohol into places. Customers have claimed that they’ve snuck bottles into cruises, parties, and past airport security…


15. Galaxy wall sticker

It’s 24 by 36 inches and only about $7. This is crazy… crazy cool.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

What are some other crazy things you can buy on Amazon? Share in the comments!

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