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15 Essentials For A Bohemian Summer

Whether you’re headed on a road trip, to the beach or to a music festival, take #SquadGoals to the next level with these 15 bohemian summer must-haves for every kind of adventure.

For A Road Trip

The ultimate bohemian summer is nothing without a road trip. Grab your squad and these boho essentials before hitting the road.

1. Comfortable Clothes

On a road trip, you need to be prepared for all circumstances. Pack layers of casual clothes that will keep you comfortable for your entire trip. Try basic pieces like long sleeved shirts, denim shorts and swing dresses.

2. Sandals

Gladiator sandals are essential to the bohemian style. In many different heights, colors and styles, they are versatile additions to your road trip outfits.

3. Tapestry

If you plan on going on a road trip, you’re going to want to make your car as comfortable as possible. Tapestries and pillows are super cute boho ways to cozy up your ride.

4. Camera

If you really want to live the bohemian life, trade your electronics for a map and a Polaroid camera.

5. Sunglasses

The sun can be beyond brutal when you’re driving, especially if you’re in a new place. Pick up some sunglasses to stay shady while you coast.

For A Boho Beach Day

Remember how when we were kids we’d lug a bunch of sand toys to the beach with us? Trade those shovels and pails for some boho essentials to make your beach day super dreamy (and totally Insta-worthy).

6. Bathing Suit

If you’re hitting the beach, you’re well aware that you need a bathing suit. Pick a crocheted or embroidered style to show off your boho vibe.

7. Tapestry or Blanket

Sitting on a wet towel is a major vibe killer. To avoid a total sand takeover, bring a blanket or bohemian tapestry with you so your squad can spread out in style.

8. Cover Up

Whether you’re running to grab a cold drink at the 7/11 across the street or just getting way too sunburnt, it is always good to bring along a cover up. To keep your boho beach day theme up, choose a kimono style that is airy and relaxed.

9. Headwrap

Beachy hair is the best, isn’t’ it? To tame those flowing waves, grab a head wrap that will instantly upgrade your beach day look.

10. Straw Hat

If you’re not so into the idea of a head wrap, a straw hat is for you. Keep the glare out of your eyes and the sun off your face in a shabby hat, worthy of any boho beach day.

For A Music Festival/Concert

In what some may call the ultimate display of bohemian summer style, music festivals have completely raised the standards for the boho vibe. Go all out in your looks, with over-the-top accessories and makeup, while remaining ultra-cool in standout prints and silhouettes.

11. Crop Top

The tried-and-true trend of cool girls everywhere, crop tops are all over the music festival style scene. Keep it airy in crochet or lace, or go the desert route in a fringed style. Pair your crop top with high-waisted shorts, a maxi skirt or a button front skirt for the ultimate boho look.

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12. Romper

Rompers are the perfect piece for any music festival or concert this summer. They’re easy to wear, versatile and awesome for boho lovers. Pick a lace-up style or one in a trendy print to stand out in the crowd.

13. Body Jewelry

As demonstrated by Coachella Queen, Kendall Jenner, the more jewelry, the better. Body jewelry is so in right now and brings your bohemian summer look to a whole new level. Try gold body chains over your outfit to rock this style.

14. Flash Tattoos

If the thought of layering your look with heavy metal jewelry turns you off, definitely pick up some super-trendy flash tattoos. In so many different styles, colors and varieties the options are endless for these unique accessories.

15. Crossbody Bag

If you’ve ever been to a concert or music festival, you know that there is no way you can carry all of your essentials in your hands or pockets. Invest in a fringed, suede or embellished crossbody for a hands-free experience.


What are your essentials for a bohemian summer? Let us know in the comments!

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