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15 Episodes of Friends To Watch When You Need A Good Laugh

Friends has been one of the most popular TV shows to date.  With over two hundred episodes, you can find one to fit almost any mood. Here are 15 episodes of Friends to watch when you are in need of a good laugh.

1. The One With The Routine

I had to start off this list with my all-time favorite Friends episode. When Joey’s roommate Janine invites Ross and Monica to come to a taping of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, they pull out of all of the stops in order to get on TV. They do “The Routine” which is a dance they performed together back in the eighth grade.

2. The One Where No One Is Ready

This episode takes place solely in Monica’s apartment. The gang is getting ready to attend a function together, except nobody is ready to go, except for Ross. Chandler and Joey are fighting, Phoebe gets hummus on her dress, Rachel is refusing to go, and Monica is freaking out over a voicemail from Richard.

At the end of the episode, we get the iconic scene with Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes, while he says “Could I be wearing any more clothes?”.

3. The One With All Of The Resolutions

After a New Year’s Eve party, the group discusses their resolutions for the year. Ross’s is to do something new every day, Joey wants to learn how to play guitar, Rachel’s is to gossip less, Phoebe wants to pilot a jet, Monica wants to take more photos, and Chandler is going to try to not make fun of anybody.

All of the Friends fail to keep their resolutions, including Ross, who wears leather pants for the first time on a date with a new girl. The pants get very uncomfortable, but when he takes them off, he cannot seem to get them back up. He enlists help from Joey, which fails, and leaves him with a mess of cosmetic products all over his legs.

4. The One With The Apothecary Table

After Rachel purchases a new apothecary table from Pottery Barn for her and Phoebe’s apartment, Monica warns her that Phoebe absolutely hates mass-produced items. She decides to lie to Phoebe and tell her she got it from a flea market, but when it is discovered that Ross bought the same table, she goes to great lengths to hide it from Phoebe.

On the other hand, after Joey and Janine go on a double date with Chandler and Monica, Janine decides she does not want to go out with them again. Joey hides this from Chandler and Monica, not wanting to upset his friends, but they end up finding out the truth. This of course upsets Monica, who was told that she talks too loud, and she challenges Janine to a fight.

5. The One With The Football

This episode takes place on Thanksgiving Day, and the gang has decided to play a game of football. Monica and Ross tell the rest of their friends about how they used to compete for the “Geller Cup” as kids but had to stop when Monica broke Ross’s nose.

They play anyways, and of course, things start to get nasty. Monica and Ross get way too competitive, and the end of the episode ends with them outside fighting over the ball, while the rest of the gang eats Thanksgiving dinner together.

6. The One With The Jellyfish

In this episode, Monica, Chandler, and Joey are at the beach, and Monica gets stung by a Jellyfish. Thankfully, Joey remembers something he saw on the Discovery channel, about urine helping the pain go away. He steps up to pee on Monica, but gets stage fright and cannot do it. Chandler reluctantly does it instead.

The funniest part of this episode is when the three of them disclose to the rest of the group what they had to do.

7. The One Where Everybody Finds Out

When Ugly Naked Guy moves out of his apartment, Ross decides he wants to move in. The apartment has a perfect view of Monica’s apartment, so Phoebe ends up catching Monica and Chandler in the act, discovering their relationship. At this point, everybody knows except for Ross.

Phoebe decides to mess with Monica and Chandler, making them believe she is attracted to Chandler. The truth eventually comes out, and at the end of the episode, Ross discovers their relationship as well.

8. The One With All The Cheesecakes

After a cheesecake is mistakenly delivered to Monica’s doorstep, Chandler and Rachel decide to eat it and discover it is the best cheesecake they have ever had. When another cheesecake is accidentally delivered, they place it on the correct doorstep, but Rachel ends up stealing it back. This sparks a fight between the two, where the cheesecake is knocked to the floor. They both cannot resist, so they eat the cheesecake straight off the floor.

9. The One With Unagi

Upon finding out that Rachel and Phoebe have been taking self-defense classes, Ross decides to educate them on the term “Unagi”, which is a state of total awareness. The girls laugh it off and tell Ross that Unagi is a type of sushi.

10. The One Where Ross Got High

The Friends Thanksgiving episodes are always the best. In this one, Ross and Monica get into an argument while having their parents over for dinner. They reveal secrets about each other, such as Ross getting high in college, Monica and Chandler living together, Ross getting divorced for the third time, and so on.

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While all of this is happening, Rachel accidentally makes a dessert trifle with beef, onions, and peas inside. Everybody tries to eat it without telling Rachel of her mistake.

11. The One With The Embryos

In this episode, the boys bet the girls that they know more about them than vice versa. This bet turns into a huge trivia game, with Ross being the host. The stakes are high because if the girls win, the guys must get rid of their duck and rooster. If the guys win, then they get the girl’s apartment.

12. The One With The Cop

The episode features an iconic scene. When Ross purchases a new couch for his apartment, he enlists help from Rachel to carry it up the stairs. When the two fail, Chandler comes to help them out. In this scene, Ross is screaming “Pivot” in order to successfully get the couch up, annoying Rachel and Chandler.

13. The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress

Monica is getting ready to buy her wedding dress in this episode and informs a fellow bride about a dress sale going on at a discount store. On the day of the sale, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel go to find the dress Monica has been eyeing. At the store, Monica ends up grabbing the same dress as the woman she met days prior. Monica wrestles her to the ground to get the dress.

14. The One With The Rumor

This episode guest stars Brad Pitt, who was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time. In the episode, it is revealed that Pitt’s character, Will absolutely despises Rachel. He even had a hate club for her in high school, that Ross helped found.

It is also revealed that Will and Ross started a rumor that Rachel was a hermaphrodite. Rachel was upset because she said she would have never started a rumor about Ross until Monica reveals that she actually started a rumor that Ross made out with the school’s librarian.

15. The One With Ross’s Sandwich

After Ross’s recent divorce and eviction, he is almost at his breaking point. He is set off when it is discovered that somebody ate the special sandwich that Monica made him.

What other Friends episodes would you add to this list? Let us know below!

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