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15 Dorm Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

15 Dorm Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

Moving to college is a stressful process! Especially figuring out what you should and shouldn't bring. These are dorm items you didn't know you needed!

Who would have thought that college could be stressful before you even step foot on campus?! Planning out which dorm items you’ll actually need can be incredibly overwhelming – what if you forget something important?! Yes, of course you could always purchase it later on down the road, but it’s always nice to be fully prepared. Below is a list of 15 dorm items you didn’t know you needed to add to your list!

1. A flexible power strip

You’ve probably realized you could use a power strip or two in your dorm room, but you might not have known that a flexible power strip is much more useful! A power strip that bends can accommodate your chargers (and whatnot) in even the most awkward of spaces.

2. Power bed riser

Again, you may have had bed risers on your list of dorm items to bring to college, but what about bed risers that have outlets built into them? Genius! Not only do these risers increase storage space (now you can shove a bunch of stuff under the bed) but they offer even more outlets for all of your electronic needs. This is on the top of the list of dorm items you didn’t know you needed, but have to have!


3. Laptop locks

Because it never hurts to play it safe.

4. A Keurig coffee maker

Depending on what dorm items your school allows, a one cup coffee maker is a great item to have for those early morning classes or when you’re running late. It eliminates the need to wait in line at a busy Starbucks…or skip out on the coffee all together (gasp)!


5. A hand steamer

Irons and ironing boards are extremely bulky and can be a hassle to use in a small dorm room. This nifty little item is simple and quick to use – and just as efficient as an iron. Hand-held steamers are definitely on the top of the list of dorm items you didn’t know you needed, but really should have.

6. Wireless printer

Using a printer at your school can be expensive and a real hassle. Even if your school allows you to print for free – you have to plan ahead to make time to print any project or paper when it’s due. If you have your own it makes things much easier. Woke up late and realized you have to hand in your paper in 5 minutes? No problem. Print it from your room and run straight to class!

7. An ebook reader

If you’re a reader, a  an ebook reader is a great way to save space that bundles of books could potentially take up. They now also offer tons of textbooks as e-books…AKA no need for those big, heavy (expensive) ones from the bookstore!


8. Amazon Fire Stick

Now you can stream Netflix from your bed onto your TV and use your phone as a remote!

9. Noise canceling headphones

Trust me, these are a must when studying.

10. A crock pot

This is another one of those dorm items that you should check with your school first to see if it’s allowed. But if it is, you’re in luck! You can literally just throw a bunch of stuff into the pot, turn it on low, leave it for the day…and by the time you get back; dinner is served! If you are banned from crock pots, consider an electric water kettle; being able to boil water in dorm room is super convenient (especially when you’re craving some Ramen).


11. Lap desk

The bed or the uncomfortable desk chair? Sometimes doing work in bed just seems so much more appealing than sitting on your hard wooden desk chair, for hours on end. However, trying to manage open books, scattered notes and a hot cup of tea on your lap can be tricky. That’s where a lap desk comes into play!

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12. Clip lights

This is one of those dorm items that your roommate will probably be thankful for too. On nights when one of you hits the hay earlier than the other, instead of keeping the obtrusive overhead light on, just clip a mini light on the frame of your bed. Now you can see what you’re doing, while not completely annoying the roomie.


13. Mini fan/heater

You might not have control over the thermostat in your dorm room, so having your own mini fan or heater can be a life saver.

14. Rolling storage cart

A great way to organize your gadgets and provide for more storage space; a storage table is a must! This could be the perfect place to store that wireless printer I mentioned…and any other larger gadgets you might have!

15. Cordless hand vacuum

A normal sized vacuum takes up way too much space and is super noisy. A handheld vacuum is small, efficient and will make sure your dorm room doesn’t become too much of a disaster.



Do you have any other dorm items you didn’t know you needed? Share in the comments below!

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