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15 Dorm DIY Projects That Will Make The Whole Floor Jealous

15 Dorm DIY Projects That Will Make The Whole Floor Jealous

Instead of spending crazy amounts of money on dorm decor you can have fun doing this super easy and cute dorm DIY projects!

Now is about the time all college students start thinking about what to put into their dorms to decorate, organize, or just make it feel a little more like home. To get your creative juices flowing, here are 15 dorm DIY projects that you can do this summer for your dorm room in the fall! (And yes, they are so cool; I can pretty much guarantee the whole floor will be jealous of your creativity!)

1. Washi Tape Wall Art

This one is super easy to do and inexpensive too! All you need is Washi tape and any pictures you might want to frame. The best part about Washi tape is that removal is a quick and painless process- AKA it won’t take the paint down with it. A simple video tutorial can be found here!


2. Cork Board Calendar

Having a calendar in your dorm room is essential, especially with your crazy college schedule. But why hang up an old boring one when you can just make your own? All you need is cork board, a ruler, and a little imagination to make it super cute and personal to your style!

3. Quote Wall

This is a great way to really express yourself and it looks adorably trendy too – the secret is chicken wire! To get the entire DIY tutorial, click here!

4. Tapestry Wall

If you’re looking for an easy way to cover those drab dorm room walls, this project is for you! All you are going to need are command hooks, big clothes pins and your favorite tapestry. For the full tutorial, including a video, go here.


5. Dixie Cup Garland

All you are going to need for this cute project is scrapbook paper, Dixie cups, string lights and an X-acto knife or scissors. This is a really pretty way to decorate and light up your room! Full instructions can be found here.

6. Confetti Wall

Colorful paper, scissors, and a circle outline is all you will need for this awesome DIY. Turn those boring white walls into a glitzy sprinkled one!

7. Fairy Light Photo Montage

This is one that I cannot wait to try out for myself! All you need are lights, tape, or clothespins (small ones) and a lot of pictures. This is a really cute way to light up your room while lighting up some of your favorite pictures!


8. DIY Headboard

Adding a headboard to your bed will instantly make your room feel homey (and will also keep your pillow from falling in between the posts on your bed). Full instructions are here.

9. String and Pin Art

If you are going to college in a different state than you were born in, or just love where you grew up, this is the perfect project for you! All you need are little nails, a hammer, a print out of your state, a piece of wood, and of course, string!

10. Trashcan Side Table

A cool trashcan is a really inexpensive way of decorating – hear me out. Purchase a trashcan that has an attractive design or shape. You can spray paint it to match the color scheme of your room or leave it as is. Either way, all you have to do is flip the can over and you’ve got a gorgeous bedside table just like that!


11. Nail Polish Display

I don’t know about anyone else, but my nail polish collection definitely needs its own space! To keep your polishes neat and orderly, just purchase a spice rack and load it up with all your polishes. You can buy one that can stand alone on your desk/dresser, or get one to hang on the wall!

12. Necklace Display

If you have any corks laying around from your parents (or from girls’ wine night), scoop them up for this awesome DIY project. Get the full tutorial here.

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13. Brick Book Ends

This is a super cute way to hold up your books without spending money on actual book ends. All you will need are two bricks, and whatever color spray paint you’d like. Add a little stencil or design for a unique touch!

14. Ping Pong Globe Lights

I have been wanting to do this for the longest time! All you need are LED string lights, a bunch of ping pong balls and an X-acto knife. Watch a great tutorial here.


15. Tin Can Desk Organizers

For the cutest (and most inexpensive) desk organizer, try out this idea using tin cans and a little creativity. Here’s a great tutorial for this dorm DIY project!

I can’t wait to try out these dorm DIY projects, and I hope some of them sparked your creativity too! If you have any other dorm DIY ideas that you’d like to share, comment below!


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