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15 DIYs You Never Knew You Needed

DIYs are perfect for winding down after a long day and getting your mind off things that just aren’t in your control. You get satisfaction from making something yourself and it helps you save money. DIYs help you learn new skills, knowledge, and develops your problem solving capabilities. This builds your confidence on your new sense of skills and freedom. Maybe this makes you more motivated for the days to come. Anyways, you have to try one of the fifteen DIYs below because it’ll do you good financially and mentally.

1. Turning an old tank top into a cute new top

Grab an old t-shirt or tank top and cut it in half. Cutting the top in half will turn it into a crop top. Next, take that leftover piece and cut it in half again. Take the piece and cut off an edge, so that it is just one straight piece. Fuse the fabric together. Lastly, tie a knot at the center of your shirt. It is definitely perfect for summer!

2. Put plants into anything

Don’t put your plants in pots anymore because they just scrape the surface they sit on top of. Instead, use old coffee cups, water bottles, and lights bulbs. Don’t waste anything. Save all your precious hard-earned money. You can put a succulent with rocks into a coffee cup and it looks so cute. Cut open a water bottle and paint it white and it looks just like a pot. Old light bulbs are probably the cutest out of these three options. Spice up any environment with these plant light bulbs.

3. Make CDs into decor

You can take the actual CD or the CD case and use it as decor. If you take the actual CD, you can break it into several pieces and cover a bowl or plate with it to look like something from Restoration Hardware. If you take the CD case, you can use it as a coaster or hang up your favorite CDs on your wall.

4. Turn water bottles into bowling pins

If you want to make a fun, easy party game, grab some empty water bottles and fill them up with different dyes so that they are all different colors. You need thirteen tall bottles and a ball. Have fun!

5. Make old tires into a mirror or table

Surprisingly, tires can be put to use in your home. You can grab a bicycle tire and put it around a circular mirror. It looks just like a normal mirror frame. You can also use it on a circular painting. Another option is to use car tires as a table. Paint the tires whatever color your heart desires and just put a piece of glass on top of it and voila you have yourself a table.

6. Put your bracelets on empty beer bottles

Do you struggle with making your bracelets look nice and getting them all scrambled together? Well, I have an easy hack for you. All you have to do is grab a glass beer bottle (coke bottle) and put the bracelets on it.

7. Create reusable swiffer pads

If you or someone you know can knit or crochet, you have to try this. Knit a swiffer sized pad and you will not waste money on swiffer pad ever again. It is easy to wash, so it’s never a hassle. Also, you are helping the environment!

8. Paint nail polish on your keys

A lot of people have a ton of keys on their key chain and it takes a little to figure out which key works for what. In order to  stop the confusion, just paint a different color of nail polish on the top of each key.

9. Create your own soap

To make a basic soap recipe, you need 30% to be tallow, 25% coconut oil, and 45% olive oil. This soap would be hard, lathering and moisturizing. There are many other recipes but this is the easiest.

10.  Use toothpaste to remove small scratches on furniture

Overtime, you are bound to get scratches on your furniture. Instead of spending a lot of money to get your table refurbished, put some toothpaste on it. You don’t need much (pea-sized amount). Rub it in a circular motion than use a damp towel to get the remainder of the toothpaste off.

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11. Put vinegar on mirrors to make it streak-free

Personally, I believe this is one of the most useful DIYs. I have always struggled with cleaning my mirrors without it looking streaky. But little did I know that vinegar would stop that. Mix cold water with white vinegar and spray it on windows or mirrors and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

12. Limit the amount of water your toilet uses by putting something heavy in the tank

Is your water bill really high or do you feel guilty about how much water you go through? Just put something heavy inside the tank and it will displace a little bit of water (causing the increase in water you use).

13. Use a rubber band to stop overusing soap

I think we all overuse soap. You really don’t need a lot of soap to clean your hands or dishes. The issue is the pump goes down too far. It really should go only half way down. A way to save your soap is to put a rubberband around the neck of the dispenser and it will slow it flow.

14. Use plastic straws to stop flowers from wilting

Is it jsut me or does it feel like flowers die extremely quick? In order to not throw out your flowers right away, just put plastic straws around the stems, keeping them upright and giving them the nutrients from the water in the vase.

15. Make your house smell good by heating up vanilla bean in a pot

Air fresheners are great and all until you find out that they aren’t good for you. They can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation. Also, you shouldn’t waste your money when you can just heat some vanilla bean or cinnamon in two cups of water on your stove.

Which of the 15 DIYs are you going to try? Comment down below if you know of any other useful DIYs!

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