15 College Care Package Items Any Student Would Love

When it comes to care packages, college students are pretty easy to please (because receiving any package is equivalent to Christmas). But if you’re lacking in the ideas department on what to put in your box of goodies, here are 15 college care package items any student would love!

1. Food

Everyone at some point runs out of money, and unfortunately, food. The worst part about it – the dining hall isn’t open at 2am when we need that food the most. Many college students also like to have some home cooked food to change it up from time to time, not the same old college food every. single. day. Cookies, candy, mac & cheese, cereal, trail mix, Nutella…and for the girls- chocolate (you know, for your favorite week of the month)- but I don’t think the guys would mind a little chocolate either.

2. Cash

It’s all in the name. No college student would turn down cash. Let’s be real- everyone in college has little spending money. Cash is the best gift someone could send.

3. Gift Cards

Runner up to cash- gift cards. This is great if you know places to eat at/shop at on or close to campus. Some good example are Starbucks, Chipotle, Visa or even Krogers. A plus to gift cards over cash? You know we won’t be blowing through that gift card on random things.

4. Coloring Books

Pretty colors. Pretty Pictures. Good stress relief.

5. Hand Written Notes

Nowadays, hand written notes are somewhat rare. Receiving one is great, it’s meaningful to see someone put in the time to WRITE something, not just shoot a text or email. “Open when” letters are a great idea, especially because the student would (hopefully) open when the letter specifies…giving them something else to look forward to!

6. Essentials

Laundry detergent. Razors. Shampoo. Conditioner. Body wash. Lotion. Deodorant. Toothpaste. All of these are absolute essentials that run out quickly- please help your student keep up with their hygiene.

7. Movies

MOVIE NIGHT, ROOM 119! This is a must- stocking your student up with movies means they won’t spend all their money on Netflix, Hulu, or even worse, the movie theater. This is also a way for your student to bond with others! Movies help people relax and get their mind off things, even if it’s just for an hour and a half (which is completely necessary for college students).

8. School Supplies

Every college student is bound to lose the majority of their school supplies. College care package items such as pencils, highlighters, SD card, paper will come in handy to literally any student. I promise.

9. Pictures

Everyone misses home at some point in time, whether you want to admit it or not. Pictures are a great way to not only remember home and the memories you made there, but if you hang them up, they instantly add some life to your dull dorm room walls.

10. Play-Doh

If you’re like me, you stress out more than you should. In order to combat this, I have found that playing with Play-doh helps relieve some of that stress (kind of like a stress ball, but more fun). You can squeeze it with frustration, build shapes, or even throw it up in the air and catch it. Besides, who doesn’t like pretty colored dough and reliving their childhood?

11. Gum

It occupies people in class, helps people focus, and there’s that myth that chewing mint gum while studying will help students remember more. Who knows? Maybe they’ll succeed, maybe they’ll use it to cover up their morning breath when they’re rushing to class after sleeping in.

12. Comfy socks

Preferably Yaktrax cabin socks. The comfort of comfy/ fuzzy socks will comfort one tremendously. Besides, when you go to a school in Kentucky, you’re bound to freeze. This also helps make one feel at home. *Bonus: get festive socks perfect for Christmas time.


13. Drinks

I know what you’re thinking- alcohol. I mean hey go for it, but I’m not going to recommend that. If you’re anything like me, you go through ICE, Powerade zero, coffee and coke zero cherry like it’s your job. Stocking your student up with drinks will hlep them save their money for more important things…

14. Medicine

First off, I hope you got a flu shot. With the cold/flu/sinus season around the corner, you can never be too prepared, you don’t want to miss a class! And if you think you do want to miss a class, think of it this way, you’re paying $50 to miss that class! Some essential college care package items should include aspirin, flu medicine, cough drops, and Nyquil – they could be life savers!


15. Chargers

They just come and go. Most students have an iPhone, and once those chargers start to bend, the time is near. Extra chargers are great- take one to class while you leave one at the dorm or apartment. Personally I prefer the 10 ft long charger- and I’m sure many others do too.

These are great college care package ideas!
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