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15 Beauty Hacks You Need To Know For Quarantine

15 Beauty Hacks You Need To Know For Quarantine

15 Beauty Hacks You Need To Know For Quarantine

There are many beauty hacks that you should try out during our time in quarantine. These are some of the best hacks that will make your time at home a little more beautiful and glamorous!

1. Press-On Nails

During the quarantine, many people are struggling with the fact that they cannot get their nails done. That is why the sale of press-on nails has grown significantly. Press-on nails are a great way to get salon nails at home. Find unique press-on nails online, purchase your glue, and now you are ready to rock some bomb nails! 


2. Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

We all know that the majority of people are making the best of the stay-at-home order by watching tv, playing video games, or by staying on social media platforms. Knowing this, we must be reminded of the harmful effects screens can have on your eyes. Too much of blue-light that is reflected from screens can cause your eyes to strain and may lead to blindness. This is why those who spend a vast amount of time looking at a screen should consider blue-light blocking glasses. This will keep the look and feel of your eyes healthy. 

3. Semi-Permanent Contouring

Many people have not heard of this next beauty hack.  Semi-permanent contouring is primarily using self-tanner to contour your face. This will give you a beautifully contoured face without using make-up. This has come to work great for many people, and that is why I needed to put this on my list. If you are interested in this beauty hack, then do your own research and choose a self-tanner that can be applied to your face.


4. Effective Hair Removal

This next subject I will mention is not quite a hack. However, it is a great thing to try out while quarantining. Since many people do go to the waxing boutiques to take care of your body hair, they seem to get frustrated dealing with it on their own. I believe that since we are quarantined, this is a great time to find more comfortable, painless, and less expensive ways to remove our body hair. I suggest that you research many different ways to remove hair and try them out yourself.

A great option many people do not know about is sugar waxing!

5. Eyebrow Threading

Have you been struggling with your eyebrow hair growth recently? Then consider learning how to thread while at home! Threading is one of the quickest ways to trim and line up your eyebrows. Threading is also done quickly, so the pain level is commonly lower than the pain level of plucking your brows. Learn something new while you are bored at home. 


6. Protective Hairstyles

The quarantine is a great time to take a little more care of ourselves in the smallest and most prominent ways. So that includes our hair. Whether you desire healthier, more durable, or thicker hair, then work on getting your hair where you wish it to be during the quarantine. Find some great protective styles that will help your hair thrive and grow!

7. Eyelash Extensions

Another hack that is excellent for this point in time is doing your own eyelash extensions. Go to your local beauty supply store or online and buy individual lashes and long-lasting eyelash glue. Applying these lashes can take a reasonable amount of time but will be worth it. Try it out! 


8. Body Mask

Here is another simple beauty hack that is uncommon: use a mask on your body. Your body usually does not get as much love as your face, and maybe it should. Treat your body to a purifying or moisturizing mask, and you will see how stunning your skin will look afterward. 


9. Eyelash Growth Treatment

The ninth beauty hack is the care of your eyelash growth. Using castor oil every night on your eyelashes has shown to improve the growth rate of your eyelashes. Try taking care of your lashes in this way during the quarantine.

10. Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tinting

Many already know about dying your eyebrows to create a bolder and more defined brow. This is a perfect hack for those who do not have the thickest eyebrows but desire for them to appear thick. This is honestly one of my favorite beauty hacks because this can be an alternative to microblading. 

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11. Lip Masks

Use a good lip mask that will give you the plump and luscious lips you have desired for the longest time. Why not give your lips a little love as well since you are giving the rest of your body some care?


12. Body/Skin Detox

Here again is a fantastic way to get your body and skin feeling and looking better! Start a detox or body cleanse a few days during your quarantine. Thill will allow you to get all of the toxins out of your body and give your body the boost it needs!

13. Armpit Detox

If you struggle with sweating under your arms, then this beauty hack is for you. By detoxing your armpits, you will find that it has many benefits such as odor decrease, reducing sweat gland capacity, discoloration lightening, and etc. Do some research on the best armpit detox masks to make or buy. 


14. Spa Day

Creating a spa day is not quite a hack but needed to be spoken about. When you design a spa day at your home, you will find yourself enjoying relaxation in such a great way. This is a way to use your time to treat yourself for a moment.

15. Skin Rejuvenation  

Skin rejuvenation can be done in many different forms. Whether that is using a facial roller, a facial microneedle, face massager, and etc. These are all tools that will help plump and refresh your skin! 

Try out these beauty hacks for yourself soon! Then when you have done so, comment below, which you found out to love the most!

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