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15 Beautiful Cakes That Will Make You Want To Bake

15 Beautiful Cakes That Will Make You Want To Bake

Cakes are undoubtedly the greatest joy in life and don’t bother telling us otherwise. They are the best way to reward yourself at the end of a long day, a good excuse to get your friends over and from time to time (don’t judge us too harshly) the best breakfast you could ever have. So, we’ve found the most mouth-watering cakes out there that will send you straight into the kitchen to preheat the oven and get baking.

1. Gooey Nutella Muffins

We’re starting strong on the mouth-watering scale with these gorgeous, gooey muffins. Filled with thick, melted Nutella, these are bound to satisfy your sweet tooth and fill you up after a long day of work. They’re also pretty easy to make, requiring minimal decoration so, as long as you’ve got Nutella in your cupboard, you’re good to go and bake them immediately. 


2. Popcorn Cupcakes

Ok, the idea of popcorn cakes may sound odd, especially if you have a savoury rather than sweet tooth—but don’t scroll past too soon! The popcorn effect is simply made by a bunch of mini marshmallows meaning that this is the perfect sugary snack for a movie night with friends. They’re also super Instagram worthy so why not give them a try?

3. Donut Cupcakes

One cake is great but two piled on top of each other is even better! These adorable donut cupcakes mean you get twice the cake in one, just ice your cupcake and stick a mini donut on top. Although this decoration is super simple, it still looks really great and is perfect for a party or special occasion.


4. Oreo Cake

If you’re a fan of sticking extra sweet treats onto your cake then this Oreo creation looks absolutely heavenly. Not only are there a bunch of Oreos decorating the top but there are Oreo biscuits crushed up into the icing itself. It’s a definite show stopper that could work well as a birthday cake but no one is stopping you from keeping the whole thing for yourself.


5. Strawberry Roulade Cake

Roulade cakes are always cool to look at but this strawberry design is cute, girly and definitely tastes delicious, too. Not only is it flavoured with strawberry, but the outer layer is decorated to perfection with little strawberry shapes baked into the cake. This might not be simple to pull off, but hey! Even if you make a mess, it’ll taste just as good anyway.


6. Glittery Cake Pops

These may not look like your typical cake but within the pink chocolate exterior is a delicious treat. Perfect for parties, cake pops are for those times when you only want a small snack (if you can restrain yourself to one that is). They also look really pretty, with these glittery examples giving us birthday vibes.


7. Alpaca Cupcakes

If cute and alpaca is on your checklist for the perfect cake (cause let’s be honest, why wouldn’t it be?), then these cupcakes are the best. Almost too adorable to eat, anyone who loves the decorating step of baking should give them a go. You’re bound to get a tonne of compliments on your creations so why not share a batch with your friends?

8. Plant Pot Cakes

Cacti and succulents may not sound particularly delicious, but when they’re made of buttercream they definitely are. Starting with a plain chocolate cupcake to look like soil, just use green icing to build tiny plants. It’s much simpler than it looks and the end result is just way too cute to not give it a go.


9. Mini Red Velvet Cakes

These aren’t cupcakes and they’re definitely too small to be a regular cake but these adorable miniature red velvets look absolutely delicious. Perfect for a small snack, you can bake these really easily without having to spend ages on decoration. All you need is red velvet, some buttercream and a few strawberries.


10. An Elegant Lemon Cake

If you’re looking for something more refined for afternoon tea then look no further than this elegant lemon cake. The plain white icing and sliced lemon create a really pretty effect, and the small leaves add a look of freshness to it. We can totally picture a teapot sat next to this along with some cute teacups and napkins.

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11. A Dropped Ice Cream Cake

When it comes to cake decoration people get really creative and we absolutely love the idea of using icing and an ice cream cone to get the look of a dropped ice cream. The cake is also an ice cream cake inside so it gives you a fun nod towards what to expect and the colourful sprinkles only add to the overall look.


12. A Chocolate Mousse Cake

If for some strange reason you’ve still not dashed to your kitchen to get baking, then we need to show you this chocolate mousse cake. The most mouth-watering, gorgeous dessert, you have to give it a go. We only need to imagine tucking into this after dinner for our stomach to start rumbling, so imagine actually getting to eat it. 


13. Mermaid Cupcakes

These whimsical seaside cupcakes give us definite mermaid vibes and the light pastel colours look absolutely magical. Again you could make these for a party, especially if you have a theme, otherwise bake yourself your own batch. Make sure to take a photo before you eat them though because the whole world deserves to see such beautiful creations.

14. Ombre Rose Cakes

If you are going for the most aesthetic cakes around, then pink ombre looks seem to be a winner. Going from bright purple through to light pink, these cakes require you to bake quite a few layers but, once you’re done, the overall effect is definitely worth it. A buttercream rose finishes it off and voila, you have a gorgeous batch of these super cute cakes.


15. Soft And Chewy Brownies

If you have somehow made it to the end of this list without your mouth watering then we have no choice but to throw in something irresistible. These swirly peanut butter and chocolate brownies look deliciously soft and chewy but more importantly easy to make.


Which of these cakes had your mouth watering the most? Tell us in the comments below! 

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