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13 Tips To Get Homework Done In Your Dorm Room

Paying attention to your studies is hard enough as it is, without having to worry about the many distractions that live in your dorm room. If you listen to these 13 tips, however, you will have no trouble at all getting your homework done in your dorm room. Keep reading!

1. Keep snacks within reach so you won’t roam around your room looking for them.

(I recommend nuts or fruit.)

2. DO NOT do homework on your bed.

It’s way too comfortable of a setting. You’ll be tempted to take a nap. You can’t do your work if you’re asleep! Using a desk and chair is always your best bet.


3. Take breaks every hour or so.

You don’t want to strain your eyes because of your laptop. Take a few moments to stretch out your hands if you’ve been writing things down or typing for a while.

4. Turn off your cell phone.

Otherwise, you’ll end up texting and checking social media instead.

5. Don’t multitask.

If you’re writing an essay on your laptop or tablet, don’t multitask. There are some great extensions for Google Chrome that you can download that will temporarily block websites.

6. Find a source of motivation.

This will help you clear your head and work towards your goal. Why do you need to finish the assignment? Why do you need a good grade?

7. Play some music that will get your creative juices flowing.

I suggest that you don’t play songs with lyrics—you’ll end up singing along instead of doing your homework!

8. Lock your door. Deadbolt it.

Put a sign outside your door saying that you’re busy, if you need to. This sounds a little extreme, but it’s necessary. Being around friends that want to converse and go out will not help you finish what you need to do.

9. If you have a roommate, communicate your needs.

If they decide to stay in the room with you, they should be respectful of your quiet space.

10. Manage your time efficiently.

For instance, if you have three hours to do homework, and you have 2 assignments, maybe spend an hour and a half on each. It’s also important to prioritize depending on which assignment is due first, and how relevant it is to your grade

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11. Organize your space.

De-clutter your desk and keep papers that you aren’t using in folders. Move makeup, appliances, lotions, etc. to wear they belong

12. Make your room comfortable, but not too comfortable.

Room temperature, moderate lighting, and an air freshener should work. Wear layers so that you don’t have to change when you are working and get distracted, say, picking out a new outfit.

13. Talk out loud to yourself if it helps retain information.

Since you’re not at the library, you don’t have to be as quiet as a church mouse. It might actually help if you read things aloud. If your roommate is present, it would be helpful to ask if he/she minds, first

Don’t stress! Take a deep breath and get started. Do the best that you can do and be proud of your accomplishments, rather than dwelling on faults. Positivity is always helpful

What are some other tips to getting homework done in your dorm room? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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Nicole Osztrogonacz

I'm a sophomore at Rutgers University. I love to listen to music and read :)

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