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13 Reasons Why Is Too Dark To Be Aired? Let’s Discuss.

13 Reasons Why Is Too Dark To Be Aired? Let’s Discuss.

13 Reasons Why is injecting mental illness in mainstream media. But to what disturbing extent? Here's why 13 Reasons Why is too dark to be aired.

The infamous Netflix original 13 Reasons Why has been under fire for the contents of the show, its portrayal of certain scenes, as well as the overall image of the show. As someone who has suffered from mental illnesses, I found the show to be a horrific, disgusting and inaccurate depiction of what suffering from depression and having suicidal thoughts is like.

Here are a few vital reasons why 13 Reasons Why is too dark to be aired:

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of mental illness, suicide, and self harm.


1. The show goes against the advice of actual mental health professionals.

Health professionals told the creators and producers of the show not to show the actual scene where Hannah Baker committed suicide, but they went ahead and did it anyway.

13 Reasons Why Is Too Dark To Be Aired? Let's Discuss.

2. The Lack Of A Trigger Warning

There was absolutely no reason for it to be as graphic as it was, especially with no real trigger warning. A short video saying that “this show may not be for you” doesn’t count as a trigger warning. The only trigger warnings I had were ones I found online on Instagram and Tumblr. 13 Reasons Why is too dark for most, given that it’s not something that should have never even been approved, and I’m appalled that it was.


3. Glorifying And Romanticizing Suicide And Self Harm

Clay basically said that if he told Hannah how he felt, she wouldn’t have killed herself, which isn’t true. That’s not how mental illness works. Hannah was suffering, and unfortunately she couldn’t be saved. The show made it seem like all of her problems could’ve been saved if she had just been loved a little bit more, and it seemed as if most of of the tapes she made could’ve been easily avoided if both parties put in a little bit of effort to resolve the problem, which led to people thinking that Hannah was being over dramatic and that the show is a joke.

It’s unfortunate how uneducated our society is when it comes to mental illness, and the show has been making it socially acceptable for people to be even more uneducated and insensitive when talking about mental health issues. Suicide isn’t beautiful. Self-harm isn’t beautiful. Depression isn’t beautiful. Mental illness isn’t beautiful.

13 Reasons Why Is Too Dark To Be Aired? Let's Discuss.

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What is mental illness, really?

It’s staring at your ceiling at 3 am because you’ve been sobbing uncontrollably for what seems like years. It’s not wanting to get out of bed. It’s the recklessness and impulsiveness of your actions. It’s the deadly carelessness in accomplishing the simple, everyday tasks—purposely not looking before you cross the street or intentionally not wearing your seat belt while driving, in hopes of a guiltless death, since you wouldn’t be ending your own life. It’s the misery found in the things you used to enjoy for no real reason.

Since it’s not universally known, here are some things you don’t say to someone who is mentally ill if you’re not mentally ill:

  • I know how you feel.
  • Have you tried yoga/exercising?
  • It’s all in your head.
  • Go to bed and you might feel better in the morning.
  • Try changing your diet. Have you tried going vegan?
  • I understand, I was sad yesterday too.
  • Meds don’t work, go outside, get some fresh air!
  • This is hurting me more than it hurts you.
  • Your making this up.
  • You’re lazy, you just want an excuse not to do anything.

13 Reasons Why Is Too Dark To Be Aired? Let's Discuss.

To anyone suffering from mental illnesses: you’re valid. Your experiences, emotions and feelings are all valid. If you can’t get out of bed some days, it’s okay. You’re never alone. There are so many people out there who are just like you. You’re loved, you’re valued, and you’re important.

Do you think 13 Reasons Why is too dark to be aired? Voice your opinions on the comments below!
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