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26 Kent State Instagrammers You Should Follow

26 Kent State Instagrammers You Should Follow

26 Kent State Instagrammers You Should Follow

There’s no doubt that Instagram is the hottest app; from sharing your pictures to creating your own aesthetic, Instagram allows immense space for individuality. I love scrolling through my feed and getting inspiration from my fellow followers and big time fashion bloggers. Here at Kent State, we have so many creative people who design their own look and have a keen eye for their personal style. Here are 26 Kent State Instagrammers who know what fashion and originality is all about!

This is a collaborative piece by: Allie Sarachene, Simone Henry and Erica Carter

1. Adam Forrester

Be sure to follow Adam, who is into all types of fashion. From showcasing his own personal style, to others, his posts have a wide range in the world of fashion. He’s a fantastic stylist as evident from his featured work and even makes his own jewelry!


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A post shared by 𝔸𝕕𝕒𝕞 𝔽𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣 (@notorious_forrest) on


2. Betsy Garwood

Follow visual communications design major, Betsy on her many adventures! Into both fashion and modeling for photo shoots, you’re sure to find some great fashion inspiration along the way.


3. LaQuann Dawson

Photographer one day, model the next. You never know what you’re gonna get when LaQuann Dawson decides to bless Instagram with some work. He shares pics from all his travels, shots of his friends, and himself looking handsome as ever.

4. Tyler Weidner

Join style guru Tyler on her fashion journey. She’s constantly following the latest trends. You may even gain a few dorm decor tips on the way, modeled after her own!



5. Kendall Becker

Follow fashion blogger and the managing editor of A Magazine, Kendall. Besides her great taste in fashion, get ready to see her gorgeous shots dining out on her travels that would make any foodie go wild.


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Really gonna miss afternoons spent like this

A post shared by Kendall Becker (@kendall_becker) on


6. Tracie Marie Pfrogner

Be sure to follow Tracie Marie, who is constantly browsing bookstores. You’ll definitely find great footwear styles following Tracie. Check out her weekly shoes and books posts for a different take on fashion. She also has a really cute cat!

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What a hell of a town. See you soon NYC xx

A post shared by Tracie Marie Please (@traciemariep) on



7. Kiairah

Kiairah is a model and style blogger from Cleveland, Ohio. She’s always blessing her followers with her fierce outfits of the days and sharing selfies with her stylish BFFs. And, when she’s not editing her blog, styleomelette,  she’s off at a studio dancing, probably at a heels class!


8. Courtney Macphee

Courtney is a Society19 blogger, style guru and fashion major at Kent State. Courtney loves accessories, coffee and breakfast food! Check out her personal fashion and travels!

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good night, xoxo

A post shared by COURTNEY ERICA (@courtneymacphee) on


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the little things •

A post shared by COURTNEY ERICA (@courtneymacphee) on


9. Allison Leon

Allison’s posts showcase her love for fashion and nature. She posts beautiful backdrops and landscapes regularly. Allison will have you getting outside and appreciating the sunset more often!

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just your friendly neighborhood bubble blower here

A post shared by allison leon (@omgallison) on


10. Lamar Rice

Last but not least, check out Lamar Rice! Lamar is always wearing the latest style trends with his own unique twist.


11. Alanna Deeble

Follow Alanna as she showcases her personal fashion, from clothes to jewelry. She’s also a huge fan of beautiful flowers, so you’re sure to see lots of those, too. Also, who doesn’t like pictures of cute puppies?

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today was stunning & I am very happy 🌞

A post shared by a l a n n a 🤠 (@alanna.mckown) on


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neutrals #cfoffline

A post shared by a l a n n a 🤠 (@alanna.mckown) on


12. Emma Osborn

Be sure to follow Emma, a blogger who highlights accessories, from makeup to sunglasses, lots of really cool sunglasses! Check out her extremely professional lifestyle pics!


13. Todd White

When he’s not working on a project in Rockwell Hall like the studious fashion major he is, Todd White spends his time being a “constructive stylist.” His Instagram showcases all his work with styling for photo shoots and some of the clothing he has distressed and photoshoots he’s been a creative director for. Follow him to get a look into the more urban side of fashion.

14. Audrey Rothers

Audrey is a fashion designer, fan and curator of vintage clothing. Check out her twists on modern and vintage fashion trends. You’re sure to be inspired to get out and find a local vintage retailer.


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The art of desert sunset-watching

A post shared by Audrey Rothers (@audrey.adele) on


15. Jermaine Jackson 

Jermaine AKA Pejamane is a photographer from Chicago that has an eye for portraits


16. Charles Roberson

Charles Roberson, the people call him Tre Planes,  is a part rapper and part model. His Instagram shows his life as a rapper and model in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s very urban and his fashion sense daringly breaks gender roles.

17. Sarah Hines

This Instagram will give you carefree editorial vibes

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Details with @shookeyetwins

A post shared by 𝖘𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖍 𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 (@sarahsweatyhands) on


18. Michelle Carr

A minimalistic princess, to say the least, Michelle Carr post for everyone. Whether she’s styling and profiling in front of the camera or being a boss in front of it, something flawless is the result. Michelle also shares some of her drawings and designs every now and then.

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a young, woke individual #willowsmith

A post shared by 𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐲🥀 (@jelloadventures) on

19. Mariah Tomasetti

You get to see Mariah’s stylish outfits and her experience being abroad in Florence that will definitely give you wanderlust.


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London, you are beautiful 🌿

A post shared by Mariah Tomasetti (@mariahtomasetti) on


20. Janaye Bullock

Janaye is Kent State’s very own makeup enthusiast. Besides being president of MUA Kent State, Janaye does makeup for fashion shows and photoshoots. Follow her Instagram for shots of her latest makeup looks and tips.

21. Valerie Edna

Fashion Merchandising Lifestyle Editor and Social Media Intern for @CFashionista is the ultimate feed goals showing all of her travels and yummy eats.

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Lunch with Mom ✨

A post shared by Valerie Edna (@valeriecammack) on



22. Autumn Marret

So when Autumn isn’t spending her time diving into the world of being a pre-med major, she spends her time modeling and dancing. Her feed is filled with pictures of her shoots on choreography by her and fellow members of the Legacy dance crew.

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love this head shot & im missing all my hair 🙃

A post shared by Autumn M. (@otonogold) on


23. Kelsie Lin

Follow fashion major Kelsie on all of her travel destinations and check out her blog.


24. Danie Minor

Not only does Danie update her personal blog daily, she keeps up with her Instagram followers too.  She’s always posting about her travels, fashion, foods, and social life.


25. Vanessa Moses


26. Allie Sarachene 

You’ll find calming tones and effortless style on this insta.


Who are your favorite Kent State Instagrammers? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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