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13 Hobbies To Start This Summer

Looking for a way to keep busy this summer. Try a new hobby. Having a hobby is like having a mental reset button. It’s that one activity you do to get away from it all. If you don’t have a hobby or are looking for a new one, then here are 13 fun hobbies to start this summer. 

1. Reading

Reading is a relaxing and fun summer hobby. As a kid, I would read until I fell asleep on my book. I still do it now sometimes. Reading can take you on so many adventures. It’s like watching a movie in your head. Reading can also help you learn. When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with the Percy Jackson book series. Basically if it was written by Rick Riordan, then I’ve probably read it. Since the books were based around Greek mythology, I learned lot of Greek mythology facts. Reading is a hobby that makes learning fun. 

2. Making Soap

Making soap is a great summer hobby. You can create your own unique scents that can’t be bought from a store. Aside from being relaxing, making soap could become a side hustle. You can sell your handcrafted soaps, and since it’s not your main source of income, you don’t have to feel pressured to make a certain amount in a short period of time. It won’t even feel like work because it’s something you enjoy. 

3. Learn To Play An Instrument

Learning to play an instrument is a great hobby to start over the summer. Being able to make your own music is a fun and cool skill to have,and it’ll make you more fun at bonfires. Learning to play an instrument can also make you smarter. It’s been proven that playing a musical instrument can improve your cognitive and muscle memory. It’s a great way to exercise your brain while having fun.

4. Crochet

Crochet is a great summer hobby for crafty people. This hobby can give you hours of fun. You can crochet a sweater, a scarf, a blanket, or anything else you can imagine. Like soap making, you can sell what you crochet. It’s a great side hustle because you can make money off of your hobby. If you already planned to crochet, why not make money from it?

5. Gardening

Gardening is the perfect hobby for summer. I can’t think of a more rewarding hobby. You literally get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Gardening is great because it can save you some money on groceries. Gardening will also make your home look nicer. Grow some roses or tulips in your backyard and it’ll look more inviting. Growing flowers will also give you natural air fresheners. 

6. Cooking

Cooking is a relaxing and delicious hobby. You don’t need to be an expert chef to enjoy cooking. Some of the greatest culinary creations started as accidents. Cooking is a skill you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life, so put on your chefs hat and try out some new recipes this summer. 

7. Cycling

Cycling is a great summer hobby to get your exercise in. Riding a bicycle in the great outdoors is much more fun than riding a stationary bike indoors. You can feel the wind while you ride and enjoy nature. You can also join a cycling club, so this hobby could help you make friends. 

8. Martial Arts

Martial arts is a really fun summer hobby. It’s a great form of exercise and will help you learn some self-defense techniques. Aside from getting a full body workout, martial arts can help you mentally too. Practicing martial arts can improve your emotional stability, self-confidence, and lessen aggressive feelings. 

9. Chess

Chess is a summer hobby that will improve your cognitive abilities. When you play chess, your brain will be challenged exercise logic, develop pattern recognition, make decisions both visually and analytically, and test your memory. There’s a reason elderly people love this game so much. Aside from it’s amazing benefits, chess is addictive. The feeling of winning a challenging chess game is euphoric, so you’re going to want to keep playing the game and get that feeling again. 

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10. Legos

Building collecting Legos are a fun summer hobby for all ages. You can build an exact replica of something of get creative and build something entirely new. Legos are endless fun because your imagination is the limit. You could build a life-sized house out of Legos if you wanted to. Legos will be as fun as the person playing with them.

11. Learn A Language

Learning a language is a fun and helpful summer hobby. Speaking two or more languages will open up a lot of opportunities for you. Translators are always in demand, and a company is more likely to hire you if you can speak another language. Learning a new language can help you learn a new culture too. Learning the language first will make learning the culture easier. It will also be more fun if you decide to visit the country the language from. If you learn to speak French, then go to France, the experience will be more enjoyable because you can interact more. Being able to speak several languages also makes you more interesting. It’ll surprise your friends and have them wondering what other talents you have.

12. Photography

Photography is another fun summer hobby to try. Photography is a great form of self-expression. You get to show people how you view the world. Photography isn’t just snapping pictures, it’s an art. Photographers, like any other artists, have different styles. Two photographers could take a picture of the same object, but they will both be different. Depending on what the photographers choose to focus on, both pictures could convey two completely different emotions even though it’s the same object. You don’t have to be an expert photographer. Nobody’s an expert on the first try. You can tinker around with it until you find your style.

13. Blogging

Blogging could be a great summer hobby for people who have a lot to say. If writing is something you love, then blogging is the right choice for you. You can blog about anything you want. It could be about food, book reviews, movie reviews, current events, or anything else that interests you. The best part about blogging is that you have all the creative control. But if you want your blog to succeed, make sure you use reliable sources to gain the trust of readers. If your readers view you as trustworthy, then they will want to keep reading your work.

Which summer hobby was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Featured photo: Artist’s Journal Workshop via Pinterest
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