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12 Unique Destinations To Attend With Your Partner in Gainesville, FL

The historic home of the Gators is considered to be an extravagant travel destination due to its hidden beauty and essence. While the town is a hot spot for the University of Florida and their iconic game days, there just so happens to be a lot more sights to offer. Read more to learn about a few of Gainesville’s intriguing date spots to add to you and your significant others to do list.

  1. The Butterfly Rainforest

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by alluring butterflies in a tiny rainforest with your partner? Located inside of the Florida Museum of Natural History, the butterfly rainforest presents a delightful and inviting experience. The exhibit encases hundreds of free-flying butterflies, fish, birds and other animals from around the world. Attending this location with your partner can be an infatuating and heart-warming experience, and if you’re lucky enough, a butterfly might even choose to land on you!

  1. The University of Florida Bat Houses

Out of every travel destination in Gainesville, this one can easily be considered as the most unique. Located just outside of Lake Alice is home to the world’s largest occupied bat houses, holding 750,000 bats to be exact. Each day during dusk, crowds of both Gainesville residents and visitors gather in the field surrounding the three bat houses. All at once, a fascinating swarm of bats appear and fly off into the dimming sky. If you want to witness a once-in-a-life experience during sunset in a field with your significant other, this is the place to go.

  1. Feeline Good Cat Café

If you and your partner happen to be cat lovers, then this is the spot for you. Hidden on the distinctive streets of downtown Gainesville stands the Feeline Good Cat Café; a place where you can simultaneously sip some coffee and cuddle with the cutest kittens. The newly opened café is partnered with the Humane Society of North Central Florida and offers this unforgettable experience with the goal of finding these cats “furr-ever homes.” To cuddle with the furriest kittens, book an appointment at the Feeline Good Cat Café today!

  1. The Devil’s Millhopper

Want to see an unusual sinkhole that resembles a mini rainforest located right in the middle of Florida? If so, the devils millhopper is the place for you. Located inside of Geological State Park in Gainesville sits a massive natural sinkhole with a micro-environment depicting a rainforest. The surrounding environment is covered by a natural canopy, creating a cool atmosphere which shields the sweltering Florida heat. This unique destination is perfect for seeing a never-before-seen natural site, and spending time outdoors with your significant other.

  1. Santa Fe College Kika Silva Pla Planetarium

For a starry and tranquil date night, the Kika Silva Pla Planetarium can give you and your partner all that and more. The 34-foot in diameter domed-theater planetarium at Santa Fe College seats 60 people and uses two projection systems to create a realistic space stimulator. The show’s intention is to bring the essence of the universe to the Gainesville community and give visitors a memorable experience. Sitting under the stars with your partner can present you with a romantic and ideal date night.

  1. Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

This Florida treasure encases a nature-filled prairie containing herds of wild horses and bison. This location is pleasantly ideal for a sunset or nature-viewing experience with your partner and allows a chance to see the vast acres that surround Gainesville, FL. Due to minimized lighting, the park also works as an ideal location to see the starry sky, acting as the perfect day-long getaway for you and your partner.

  1. Florida Museum of Natural History

The Florida Museum of Natural History located in the heart of Gainesville presents an educating and intriguing experience for those interested in learning about Florida’s biological diversity and cultural heritage. The famous museum holds multiple exhibits, including the Discovery Zone, the Butterfly Rainforest, the Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land, the Northwest Florida: Waterways & Wildlife, the South Florida People & Environments and the Indoor Butterfly Exhibits. The museum acts as an immersive and interactive experience with a never-ending selection of fossils, statues, animals and fun and educative information.

  1. Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

The Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is an extravagant place to attend for an immersive garden experience with your partner. These gardens evoke a uniqueness like no other with 68-acre facility acting as the state’s largest public display of bamboos and the largest herb garden in the southeast. Through June and September, these botanical gardens offer the most color throughout the year, encasing signature plants such as Chinese royal bamboo and signature water lilies. Be sure to visit these beautiful gardens with your partner the next time you travel to Gainesville.

  1. Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation

This Gainesville wildlife sanctuary encases an amazing selection of exotic animals, giving visitors an up-close and educational experience. The association licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the United States Department of Agriculture acts as a primary conservation and educational facility that rescues exotic animals in need. To see intriguing animals with your partner from cheetahs to warthogs, visit this foundation today.

See Also

  1. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Popularly known as “the swamp,” this stadium acts as a tourist hot spot for football season, graduation ceremonies and as a fun tourist destination. The home field for the Florida Gators football team has a long history for the University of Florida with a seating capacity of 88,548, also giving the stadium a reputation for being the loudest during their iconic game days. To see the school spirit that the community has for the Florida Gators, visit The Swamp with your partner today.

  1. Gainesville Innovation District

This urban tech and business community is the perfect place to visit with your partner to find food trucks, live music and aesthetic photo opportunities. Located in the district, the recently opened Midpoint Park & Eatery is a fun place to unwind and try new foods from food trucks like Kellers Kitchen, Mexi Cocina and Da Kine Poke. Lined with colorful chairs, freshly cut grass and lights, the location acts as a perfect date spot for you and your partner.

  1. Flashbacks Recycled Fashions

Unlike any other thrift store, this one located in downtown Gainesville holds unique fashion that can’t be found anywhere else. The nostalgic and funky-themed store has a metal gator sculpture located at its entrance, representing the stores University of Florida spirit in a unique way. The sustainable store is a fun way to quickly kill 45 minutes, and the perfect opportunity to look for new fashion with your significant other.

The city of Gainesville is an ideal location to visit numerous destination spots for you and your partner. After visiting this intriguing town with hidden excitements, you may find even more than you were expecting to.

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