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12 Things I Wish I Knew Before Orientation At St. Catherine University

12 Things I Wish I Knew Before Orientation At St. Catherine University

Your first year at college is fast approaching and you’re anxious to learn about your roommate, your class schedule, school activities, and so much more. But before all that begins, you must attend orientation weekend. Orientation at St. Catherine’s begins on a Sunday, when campus is bustling with first-year students. If you want to make the most of your orientation weekend here at St. Catherine University, continue reading on.

1. Remember you came to an all-girls school.

Don’t be surprised when you look around and only see women.

2. Unpacking and unloading will be sticky, hot, and stressful.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing for this day of heavy lifting and organizing.


3. You should try to speak to your roommate right away.

The sooner you get to know each other, the better your year will go. Make an effort as soon as you meet your roommate.

4. First impressions matter.

Loosen up and smile! Orientation can be a long, overwhelming few days, but staying positive will make all the difference.

5. Being yourself is key.

People can tell when you’re faking it. Be yourself and you’ll make the most genuine of friends.


6. Interact, interact, interact.

It’s the only way you’ll make friends. Put yourself out there.

7. Meet your neighbors on move-in day.

The more people you know, the merrier. Reach out and meet the people you’ll be living amongst.


8. Don’t just talk about yourself.

Make sure to ask questions and get to know others, too. It means a lot to people to show you’re interested.

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9. Participate in the activities even if they seem silly.

Orientation activities can be awkward, but it’s better to be confident and take part, rather than being standoffish.

10. Ask questions.

Whatever question that is, ask it. It’s better to learn earlier rather than later.


11. Don’t forget to sleep.

The days are going to be long and exhausting. Get some rest.


12. Enjoy every festivity.

Congrats – you’re a Katie now! Enjoy the beginning of this awesome adventure.


Have any suggestions for students starting at St. Catherine University? Comment below!

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