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12 Things NOT Allowed In The IWU Dorms

12 Things NOT Allowed In The IWU Dorms

12 Things NOT Allowed In The IWU Dorms

Here’s a list of 12 things that are NOT allowed in the IWU dorms, and what you should bring with you instead.

1. Candles

Instead, bring electric candles.

2. Alcohol

IWU doesn’t allow alcohol under any circumstances. Period. Instead, bring sparkling juice if you want to get fancy! If you’re celebrating a friend’s birthday or another special occasion, sparkling juice is still classy.

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3. Scotch Tape

Instead, bring painter’s tape.

4. Tacks Or Nails

Instead, bring Command hooks.


5. Microwaves, Toasters, Or Mini Grills

Instead order one through the school’s microfridge rental program.


6. A Dog, Cat, Or Other Pets (Besides Fish)

IWU does accept emotional support animals; to be approved for this, call 765-677-2257, or email

7. An Air Conditioner

These are allowed in the dorms, but your dorm will already have one, so skip it. Instead, bring fans.


8. Items To Build A Loft

Instead, the school can loft the beds for you; rental lofts can be purchased through the Housing Office.

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9. Paint

Instead, bring tapestries, photos, canvasses, and other decorations to spice up the walls.

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10. Lava Lamps

Instead, bring decorative lamps.


11. Live Christmas Trees

Instead, bring fake Christmas trees.

12. Material To Create Barriers Or Room Separators

Okay, these might technically be “allowed,” but definitely not advised. Instead, bring a positive attitude and open mind – get to know your roomie!
Are there any more things we’re forgetting that aren’t allowed in the IWU dorms? Let us know in the comments!

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