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12 Things Every College Student Is Thankful For

When you’re in college and away from home, probably living on your own for the first time, you start to appreciate new things. If this is sounds like you, you can probably relate to these 12 things just about every college student is (or should be) thankful for.

1. Coffee and all other forms of energy drinks.

Those all-nighters of desperate cramming for mid-terms and finals wouldn’t exist without coffee or energy drinks. Morning coffee is great to keep you going on a busy day or aid those weekend hangovers; to which we are thankful.

2. Finding out that class is… cancelled.

You haven’t felt the best feeling in the world until you’ve woken up at 7 a.m. for an 8 a.m. class to find an email from your professor saying class is cancelled for the day, then rolling over and falling back asleep with a smile on your face.

3. Free Wi-Fi.

That “Free Wi-Fi” sign on the door of local restaurants and coffee shops is a beautiful sight. Where would we be without a good Wi-Fi signal? How could you do homework outside of campus or your apartment? It’s an important tool! Plus without it, how else will our snapchats and tweets load? It’s always better to get free connection than to spend on your data.

4. Test files and online answers.

Stressing over a test that covers never-ending information isn’t much of a struggle when you can get your hands on previous exams, notes, test files and tips. Let’s not forget that impossible homework question that’s due in an hour and you absolutely cannot figure out. Finding the answer online is extremely helpful.

5. Netflix.

One of the greatest blessings given to college students…Netflix. (A.K.A the best way to kick back, procrastinate, and binge watch shows for hours.)

6. Letters and care packages.

Seeing your name on an envelope or package can make your entire day; especially when it’s filled with goodies! No college student can deny that they are thankful for care packages.

7. Naps.

In college, that extra half hour or even fifteen minutes you have before you need to go to class means extra time for a much needed power nap.

8. Delivery food.

When the weather gets rough, you have too much to do, or are too tired to go out and grab food, those few restaurants with delivery options prove VERY helpful.

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9. Restaurants open all night.

Late night munchies are a real problem…and that 24 hour restaurant can come in real handy, when you least expect it.

10. Game Days.

Possibly the best days of the year for some college students. Whether you like sports or not, the atmosphere and excitement is something to be thankful for.

11. The opportunity to go to college.

Let’s be real. College is NOT cheap and it’s truly a gift to be able to receive a higher education. Not everyone has this opportunity, so be thankful.

12. Last, but definitely not least… being able to go home to family.

Not only should we be thankful we don’t have to wear sandals in the shower and wake up to random fire drills, but visiting home allows us to be around the people we love and the people who helped us get to where we are now.
Let us know in the comments what you are thankful for!
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