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12 Signs You’re Graduating From The University Of Florida

12 Signs You’re Graduating From The University Of Florida

As Spring Break from the University of Florida comes to a close, seniors across the board realize that their last chance to drink endless amounts on a cruise ship in the Bahamas with 100 of their closest friends has come to an end, and the terrifying reality of life is about to hit them in the face. Hard.

When walking around campus brings waves of nostalgia for a place you haven’t even left yet, you know it’s the best place you’ve ever been. Here are 12 telltale signs that you’re about to leave the University of Florida.

1. You actually want to go to the library.

Staying up until 3 a.m. at Marston or Club West actually sounds like fun because you know it’s one of the last times it will ever be socially acceptable to drink Starbuck’s espresso at 1 a.m. and study (aka: talk to your friends about last night’s midtown adventure and complain about how much you hate the library).


2. The stadium starts to smell good.

Because you know that with the undying smell of stale beer, the sweat of thousands of people, and the wafting mixture of pizza, chicken legs and nachos, are the memories – or lack of – that remind you of a time so tremendously spirited. A time when 80,000 people feel like your closest family members.

3. Nights in become nights out.

We’ve all heard the saying. You’ll never look back and be thankful for the nights you stayed in. Every time sitting in watching New Girl and eating Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy Chunky Monkey even crosses your mind, it is soon shoved out of the way by 45-year-old you who is coming home from your 9 to 5 at 6:30 p.m. missing the college life.

4. You develop an unnerving aggression towards anyone who says they can’t wait to finish school at the University of Florida.

Are they kidding? They can’t be serious. There could seriously be nothing in this world better than the last four years that you’ve spent here. The thought of leaving makes you want to curl up and die inside.


5. Every part of campus makes you want to cry from joy.

Every part of the University of Florida. Lake Alice, Century Tower, the Swamp, Southwest, Florida Pool, even Broward dining – those cookies. I’ve been missing those since freshman year.

6. You take 7 group fitness classes a day.

Never again will you ever be able to attend a fitness class for free, so you might as well pack as many in as possible. Since you don’t actually have to go to any classes and you probably consumed your weight in calories from alcohol last night at Grog, you might as well hit the gym five times a day.

7. You jump at any and every opportunity to tell people where you go to school.

“University of Florida!” And then proceed to tell them about all of the incredible memories you’ve made there and your unbelievable job offer you got from Career Showcase, which you were probably hungover at because it was your “last time to go out drinking before career showcase”.


8. “It’s my last time,” becomes your go-to excuse.

You have your Orgo 2 mid term tomorrow? Oh, but it’s your friend’s roommate’s sister’s birthday and it could be the last time you get to celebrate with them. So why not go out?

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9. You finally know all of the words to “We Are the Boys.”

After four years of mumbling and trailing off mid song while you’re swaying and wrapping your arms around one of your best friends and one complete stranger, you’ve finally nailed the length of the pause while belting out “together” and you can complete the song from start to end without questioning which verse goes where.


10. You hang out on campus. By choice.

Freshman year all you wanted to do was get off campus and out of Gainesville for the weekend. But now that the time has come for you to do just that, it suddenly seems like an ominous nightmare.  Why would you ever want to leave the sweet shade of the numerous Oak and the soft cushion of Spanish Moss?

11. Skipping class becomes the norm.

Spending time stuck in lecture for double blocks just doesn’t return the same reward as it did freshman year. Back then, class seemed like the only road to good grades. How naïve. Now you’re fully aware of all the perks of the University of Florida including Tutoring Zone, Study Edge and Quizlet. Oh how we’ll miss you.

12. Your LinkedIn becomes more important than your Instagram.

Who would have ever thought that a college kid could care more about their LinkedIn profile picture than their last Instagram post.? But in all seriousness, we’ve been conditioned to know that LinkedIn is our ticket to success. And of course, University of Florida is front and center on everything going anywhere near a future employer. Go Gators!


Congrats to the University of Florida class of 2016!
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