12 Signs You’re An English Major at SJU

Being an English major is one of the best things, especially if you are somebody who reads or writes as a hobby. It gives you the potential to take what you do for fun and make a life out of it. And get paid, cash money! But before that comes along, us English majors are probably feeling some type of way about our schooling. Here are a few things you likely experience as an English major.

1. There are books in your backpack at all times.

It doesn’t even matter whether or not you actually need those textbooks in class. Just in case.


2. You also carry around that one book you’ve been meaning to finish all semester.

Did I say finish? I meant start.

3. You only own pens.

Blue, black, red- and colorful gel pens, just in case you’re feeling creative!

4. You have pen stains on everything.

The bottom of your backpack, your left cheek, your jeans, your favorite top, smudged on your hand… Ink is just everywhere, and you’re never quite sure how to get rid of it.


5. Your hands always hurt.

From writing by hand, from typing, from flipping pages. Any free time you have is probably spent WebMD-ing whether or not you’ve got carpel tunnel.

6. Not to mention your eyes.

Late nights spent reading and annotating that 40 page passage for tomorrow’s class discussion, or reading that literary criticism by the blinding light of your laptop can put some strain on your peepers. If you don’t have glasses already, you’ll probably end up needing them. Which, ya know, isn’t even all that bad since it completes that literary aesthetic…

7. You can write a three-paragraph short essay response in your sleep.

Going over the page limit for an assignment is a constant occurrence. You just can’t help yourself!


8. MLA citation is a no brainer.

You can tell where a word needs to be italicized or a period is missing from a citation just by looking at it.

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9. You’re pretty good at AP, too.

You can tell the difference in the formatting of a writing piece just by looking at it.


10. You are always doing close reading.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a magazine, a school assignment, or the last text you just read. Everything means something, right?

11. You never know how to feel about writing in books…

Am I defacing one of the most precious things in my life? Am I making this copy unique and all my own? Am I being studious and taking notes? What am I doing with my life?

12. You’re always learning something new about literature.

Literary Theory? Digital Humanities? Dystopian novels? How did I not know about any of this stuff in high school?!?


Whether you’re considering the major, in the middle of it, or in your senior seminar class, all of these instances are surely ones that you will encounter as an English major.

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