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12 Reasons Why Georgia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

12 Reasons Why Georgia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

12 Reasons Why Georgia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Georgia, not the state, but the country! This unique country has so much to offer from nature to nightlife and is almost everyone’s favorite destination. Here are 12 reasons why Georgia should be your next travel destination according to tourists who never got enough of this beautiful and incredible country!

1. Inexpensive

The beauty of Georgia is its affordability. In other words, the hotel you decide to stay in, the food you enjoy, and the entertainment on which you spend your money, will satisfy your wallet. Expenses that include food and entertainment usually stay under the price of $20, that is depending on what you decide to eat and do. In other words, the average price for these can be less than the expected price, but not more!

2. Food

If you are a lover of cheese, bread, and meat, then Georgia should definitely be your next destination! Here, they greatly value food and place much love into making the famed “khachapuri”, most commonly known as the cheese boat which is exactly what the title mentions. It is a savory platter that includes both local cheese and bread, in order to satisfy the needs of those cheese lovers. People from all over the world travel to Georgia in order to try this amazing dish with the intention of food tourism, however, it is easy to get distracted with other amazing dishes!


3. People

You might have the expectation that Georgians are going to be cold to you just like those Europeans. However, as soon as you get off your flight, these warm individuals will be openly willing to help you with anything. Trust me, with anything and everything. If they spot you are visiting from a different country, they will help you with directions, advise you with sightseeing, and even feed you if you are hungry. These people are notable for their hospitality and will easily befriend you. By the time it has come for your departure, you can consider your new friends to be family!

4. Natural Scenery

If you are a beach or mountain lover, then Georgia is an ideal vacation spot for you. It takes up to 2 hours, even less at times, to reach both the beach and mountains, since this country is small in size. So, if you are willing to discover Batumi, which is another major city that includes a beautiful beach stretching along the Black Sea, or travel to Svaneti, a region in Georgia that is known for its breathtaking mountains, all under an affordable price, then let this unique spot be your home for a while!

5. Wine

In Georgia, they immensely value their wine. In other words, Georgia is considered to be the birthplace of wine due to its vineyards and unique, and traditional method of creating it. Wine has its own process and it is due to this age-old and spiritual way of making this wine that it takes you to another planet after just one sip. Wine is a part of their culture, so if you are someone who enjoys wine, then Georgia should be a place where you go for your next wine tasting!


6. Safety

According to the International Crime Index, Georgia was ranked as the 7th safest country in the world! To many people it comes as a surprise when they hear this ranking, however, it is true, crime is not as prevalent as it is in some other countries. For those who are considering traveling alone, or with a friend let this be your reassurance that Georgia will complement your traveling manner.

7. Culture

Georgia has been around for several centuries and harbors the oldest culture. There is much to discover about the traditional dance, music, language, and history that has allowed for the structure and development of this extraordinary country. Almost every building and street will have historical significance. So, whether you are standing on Rustaveli street, the main and incredibly historical street of Tbilisi, think about all that has happened. In order to become enlightened about the culture you can always visit a museum, also found on Rustaveli street, or strike up a conversation with a local, which they will be more than happy to do so. So, do not be shy!

8. Nightlife

Nightlife is important for any city, especially in the cities of Tbilisi and Batumi in Georgia. The phrase “the city never sleeps” is true for these cities, so you will not have to worry about bars and restaurants closing at an early hour. You can go until the very early morning whether that is chatting with a friend at a local cafe or going to a bar to dance all night. Trust me, you will not be able to return to your room until the next day because there is so much to do during the day and night in Georgia!

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9. Midpoint

Georgia was known to be the bridge between the continents of Europe and Asia. Georgia is neither considered to be a part of Europe nor Asia, so that is why it is considered to be in the Caucasus, an area of its own that connects the two continents. Not only does it act as a link, but it is incredibly cheap to travel to other European countries from Georgia. So, if you want to travel to Italy, you can do that easily with an affordable price in mind!

10. Ancient vs. Modern

The beauty of Georgia is that it harbors both modern and ancient elements within the country. That is, you will see ancient buildings for modern use! That is why Georgia is ideal for those who want cool pictures for the “gram”! Just imagine sitting in a cafe, that used to be a house of a famous Georgian intellectual. The interior and exterior of these buildings are just so stunning and also enlightening!


11. Fashion

For my fashionistas out there, Georgia is the ideal place for you after Paris! Paris might be considered to be the fashion capital of the world, but Tbilisi should be considered a close second. People here love to splurge on clothes and wear them which much individuality and confidence. You will see almost any style here, however minimalistic and elegant style dominates. For example, the photograph below pictures an atendee from Tbilisi’s fashion week! So, if you are looking for a place to show off your new wardrobe then you should do that in Tbilisi. Tbilisi is also home to many local fashion designers who have dressed many celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Michelle Obama! Make sure to check out their stores which can be found on any street!

12. Creative And Artistic

Georgia is an incredibly artistic and creative country that is home to many aspiring poets, writers, and artists. You will find their work in almost any exhibition that is free and open to almost anyone. They value their pieces incredibly and want to get noticed. Make sure to check out those local artists and indulge in their unique work!

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