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12 Reasons Why Virginia Tech Is The Best School On Earth

12 Reasons Why Virginia Tech Is The Best School On Earth

I have a friend that goes to the University of Virginia. Last year, I lost a bet and she forced me to apply to Virginia Tech. As a New Jersey native, I was a little bit hesitant about such a drastic move and change. However, deciding to attend Virginia Tech has been the best decision of my life. Keep reading for 12 reasons why Virginia Tech is the best school on earth!

1. The Student Body & Community

Unlike most state schools, VT has a student population comprised of people from all different parts of the country and even the world. These people are undoubtedly some of the kindest people. Personally, I lost my wallet at a party and it was returned to me within a day. To my surprise, every dollar and credit card still in tact. Similarly, we are a very strong community… After the 2007 massacre, the community came together and proved to be stronger than the storm.

2. The Campus

Virginia Tech is absolutely stunning. The main feature is the drillfield, which is situated between the residential and academic side of campus. It’s an excellent spot to people-watch or simply play a game of frisbee between classes. The campus is in the mountains, and the autumn foliage rivals that of New England. Every building is made out of stone (Hokie Stone) and gives the campus a sleek, unified look.


3. Food On Campus

Do I miss home cooked meals? Not really. Chick-Fil-A, Hibachi, lobster, Dunkin Donuts and Q’doba are all on the meal plan. Need I say more?

4. Our Football Games

I’d have to agree with my friend Julia when she half drunkenly stares at me after every tailgate and screams “it’s lit.” Jumping to Enter Sandman and cheering with my peers as Frank Beamer enters Lane Stadium- then finding out that the jumps measured on a Richter scale. We also have some pretty weird rituals. Like shaking your keys when there is a good play. Or throwing people in the air when a touchdown occurs.

5. Ut Prosim

“Ut Prosim” is the school’s motto and it means “that I may serve.” As Hokies, many students do kind things for one another. I have seen many random acts of kindness happen all over campus. Every year, Tech hosts The Big Event. This is a day where thousands of students volunteer their time and help with service projects in the Blacksburg community.


6. Blacksburg, VA 24061

Blacksburg is one of the best college towns. Small shops, college bars, and restaurants line the street. My food recommendation? Scallops and shrimp from Poor Billy’s.

7. The Academics

I came from a very competitive high school and thought that I was prepared for the amount of work I would have to do in college. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong! According to US Best College News, we are #70 on the National University list. Our science, engineering, business, and architecture programs are top notch.

8. Greek Life

Now, I’m actually not a part of it, but I did rush and have been to a few parties and philanthropies. The Greek Life at VT is awesome. None of the frat/ sororities fight with one another, and they all help each other with their philanthropies. Frats at VT do host parties, which are usually a good way to end a Friday night (BYOB if you’re not into NattyLite).


**Disclaimer: If you do join a frat, you WILL adopt a Dad-Bod.**

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9. Corps of Cadets

I admire members of the core because they are really into service and helping people. Between early workouts, constant drill practices and room inspections… I don’t know if  I could do it.


10. Many Available Resources & Clubs

Whether you’re into service, athletics, academics, professional or simply just have a specific area of interest… there is something for everyone. Snow club, Disney Princess Club and College Mentors for Kids are just a few of these clubs. Personally I think that getting involved is a great way to expand your knowledge and meet new people, so I’m glad Tech offers so much.

11. School Spirit

Virginia Tech has some of the happiest students and it shows. The student body bleeds maroon and orange. Everyone walks around in VT gear and local bars and restaurants are decorated with pictures of the campus. The town of Blacksburg is littered with Hokie statues too!

12. The Band Concord

I walked into a bar on Halloween to listen to some live music. A guy dressed as Shaggy from Scooby-Doo shook my hand, but I missed his name. I commented that I did not know who was performing. He smiled. Then, he jumped up on stage and sang!  The band of five originated in Blacksburg. Their songs and use of musical instruments is amazing! The music is folk but almost sounds like indie, and their stage presence and attitude(s) are very down to earth.



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