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12 Organization Apps To Help With Your Routine

Organization apps are the perfect way to help you stay on top of your game. It may be difficult to write your tasks down and keep a journal with you, but by having these apps on your phone, you’ll never forget what you need to do! Check out our picks of 12 organization apps that will help you stick to a solid routine.

1. Productive – Daily Habit Tracker

The Productive app starts off by having you answer a few questions about the time you usually wake up, your energy levels throughout the day, your ability to focus, what you hope to achieve, etc. You can stick with the free version which allows you to track any daily habit, from reading to drinking water. Additionally, you can choose which units you’d like to set for your habits (time, quantity, and more). If you choose to subscribe to the app, it’ll charge you $7.99/month, but you’ll unlock challenges (such as no alcohol and social media detox) along with detailed stats regarding your productivity. Whichever version you choose to go with, you’ll be making progress in no time.

2. MinimaList – To Do List & Widget

MinimaList is exactly how it sounds – it’s a super basic app that allows you to make to-do lists for each day. The best part of this app is the widget feature. You can add your lists to your home screen to easily look and access them. It also has a calendar feature where you can look and see which of your activities you’ve completed for the day. The app is very straight-forward, and if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want all those extra, overwhelming features, this app is your best friend. To unlock the premium version, you can either pay $2.49/month or a one-time payment of $5.99.

3. MindNode – Mind Map & Outline

Got some big projects you’re working out? Check out the MindNode app. It’s an amazing way to brainstorm ideas and break them down into outlines. MindNode will help you organize your thoughts. You can create a hierarchical map of whatever project you’re working on. You can even color-code each idea or custom stickers. The most convenient part of this app is the ability to import and export, so you can easily share with others. You can unlock the full features of the app, including themes and custom designs, for either $2.49/month of $19.99/year.

4. Sweepy – Home Cleaning Schedule

Sweepy is an app that’ll help you keep up with your cleaning schedule. You can create individual tasks for each room in your house, log the date you completed the task, and set the frequency for how often you want to complete the task. The app will remind you when it’s time for you to do the task again, which will help you stay on top of your cleaning routine! This app will help you ensure that your space won’t get too messy. The premium version is either $19.99/year or $3.99/month. With the premium version, you can add members of your household along with a daily schedule.

5. Study Bunny – Focus Timer

Study Bunny is an adorable app that adds cuteness and motivation to your study habits! Within the app, you have your own bunny that you can collect items for by earning coins as you complete your studying. You can even invite friends to include their own study bunnies on your app! Color-code each class or subject and add a designated timer through the app to help you stay focused. The app will keep track of your study stats, and you can even add a to-do list. The app even includes ambient music to help you relax while you get stuff done. From flashcards to adorable bunnies, this is a super useful app. Each feature within the app is entirely free!

6. Notability

Notability is an incredible app that helps you keep track of lectures, textbook pages, projects, and more. This app allows you to import lectures, scan PDFs, and record audios to listen back on while you’re studying. What I love about this app is the ability to mark up your notes! You can also create your own notes and draw freely on them. The app allows you to import photos and gifs as well if you’re more of a visual learner. My favorite thing about this app is the fact that it’ll help you save paper by including everything you need in one place. You can even share your notes with friends! Unlock the premium version for $11.99/year for handwriting recognition, math conversion, auto back-up, and more.

7. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB is an app that’ll help you keep track of spending, start budgeting, and set goals. This app is a bit more on the expensive side at $14.99/month or $98.99/year, but you can do a 30-day free trial to see if you like it first. The app works by allowing you to create categories for bills, expenses, etc. You can set a dollar amount to each category, ensuring that you don’t go over the amount each month. Additionally, the app allows you transport your bank information so that all of your transactions are automatically synced to the app. Set daily spending targets and pay off your debts by downloading this app!

8. – Email Cleanup

Okay, so your email inbox is absolutely cluttered with useless emails. Maybe you’re running out of space in your inbox altogether. Consider the app! This app is an easy way to keep track of your email subscriptions. Just connect your email, and the app will show you each subscription service sending you messages. You can delete all the emails in bulk, or individually. You can also ‘rollup’ a subscription if you want to keep it yet don’t want it to clutter your inbox. That way, you can open the app to look at the messages you receive without having the emails take up space!

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9. Moleskine Journey

Moleskine Journey is an app where you can track your daily mood, create to-do lists, log daily pictures, create personal journals, and report trends! This app is your own personal journal without the paper part. You can keep track of the food you eat, the exercise you get each day, and more! This app is kind of like the equivalent of a ton of separate productivity apps meshed together in one place. The app offers a free 7-day trial, after which you’d pay $29.99/year.

10. Pantry Check – Grocery List

Pantry Check is a great app that will help you stay on top of your budget while keeping track of all the items you have in your household. As you shop, scan the barcode of each item you’ve bought to get an accurate price and plan the amount of money you want to spend. If you aren’t currently at the store, you can still create your grocery lists by looking up items through the app. In addition, the app gives you an accurate estimate as to when the item you’ve bought will be expired or spoiled! This app is the perfect way to keep up with the food in your house, all in once place. Create individual categories for food in your freezer, fridge, cabinet, etc.

11. Bills Organizer & Reminder

This next app will help you keep track of all the bills you need to pay, ultimately improving your credit score as you make your payments on time. Bills Organizer & Reminder is a way to log your bills, and even import each bill. Create a color-block for each bill and assign it to the date that it’s due. The app will send you a reminder the day your bill is due, so you’ll never make a late payment again! You can automatically assign the bill to a certain day of each month rather than manually entering it. The free version of the app allows you to keep track of five accounts, but you can have an unlimited amount with a one-time payment of $2.99.

12. Recipe Keeper

Recipe Keeper is a gorgeously convenient app for every cook out there! You can use this app to keep track of your favorite recipes. You can scan recipes to your phone, or you can even look them up online and save them to the app. Do you like to make adjustments to certain recipes? That’s no problem! You can easily edit the recipes to your liking. Create categories for baking, breakfast, snacks, and more. In addition, the app creates grocery lists for you as well as grouping each item to the aisle it’s on! You can even create your own cookbook and share it with family and friends. To unlock unlimited recipes and back them up to iCloud, all you have to do is make a one-time payment of $9.99. However, you can still enjoy plenty of the app’s features for free!

Which of these organization apps will you be adding to your phone? Leave a comment with your favorite!

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