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12 Must-Have Shoes That Are Trending This Season

From luxurious and expensive to casually cute and affordable, this season’s must-have shoes are pairs that everyone seems to be craving. As autumn is nearing, so are new fashion trends, calling for cozy and chic shoe styles. Some of these featured shoe styles include the Boston Birkenstocks, seasonal-toned women’s New Balances, satin Miu Miu Ballet Flats, black Dr. Martins Sandals, Converse Chuck Taylor Platforms and much more. Continue reading to learn about this season’s popular shoes that seem to be in everyone’s online wish lists.

1. Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed

While this shoe brand has been trending for years now as one of the comfier and more reliable shoes, a recent trend has started with their newer design, the Boston Birkenstocks. These shows are incredibly unique in their design, appearing as a comfy sandal style but working as a long-lasting and supportive shoe. Available in numerous colors with a suede texture, the shoe is often showcased on TikTok and paired with white ankle socks and jeans. The Boston Birkenstocks are said to add the perfect, cozy vibe to your fall fit.

2. Veja Esplar Logo Sneakers

Nike air forces and adidas sneakers have been the top-trending shoes in recent years, but now the Veja Esplar Logo Sneakers are taking over. These sneakers come in all white, with a neutral colored “V” logo printed on the side of the shoe. These incredibly supportive and trending sneakers go with any fit, and evoke a put-together, cute and simple look that many of us strive for.

3. New Balance Women’s 574 Core

On the recent come up, New Balances have managed to ditch the dad shoe reputation and gain a chic, trendy one. These shoes are offered is numerous neutral colored and fall tones, including amber, green, beige and more, and act as an incredibly supportive, long-lasting and cute sneaker. The New Balances 574 Core are the perfect shoe to wear for a fall walk, and will finish off your cozy, fall fit for this season.

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform Canvas

While converse all-stars never go out of style for their classic chuck taylor design, their recent chuck taylor platform-style shoes have been all the craze. With a lifted and bold bottom, these shoes add a unique and trendy look to any outfit. More commonly worn in the classic all-white and black, any outfit pairs well with these shoes, making them a hit for this season. More recently, they have dropped some new, earthy tones that will add the perfect vibe to your outfits this upcoming season.

5. Nike Women’s Blazer Mid Vintage 77 Shoes

With a more-recent design from Nike, these shoes encase an equally vintage and chic appearance that pull together a casual fit. Available in numerous colors, the sneakers are supportive and go with almost everything, making them a desired and trending sneaker this season. Grab a pair of these vintage-inspired Nikes to feel perfectly casual and cute in any fit you choose.

6. Abalonia Chunky Maryjane

Available in white and black, these shoes grant us with the baby-doll shoe style that add a girly, grungy look to our style. Recently, maryjane style shoes have made an appearance in this season’s trending footwear, usually coming in a shiny leather and paired with some white, ruffled ankle socks. Most often worn with a skirt or dress, they add the perfect touch of femininity to our style.

7. Classic Leather 1983 Vintage Reeboks

As you can probably tell, vintage shoes that were thriving in the early 80s have made a strong comeback this season. The classic reeboks have recently dropped a vintage inspired shoe, coming in numerous neutral tones and most often paired with a pair of jeans and some white ankle socks. Rocking a vintage throwback shoe from a statement brand can turn any outfit into a trendy one. Especially with one of this season’s trending Netflix shows, Stranger Things, this shoe style has every right to be top-trending.

8. Lacey Leather Lug-Sole Ankle Boots

Most likely inspired from the ever-trending black Doc Marten boots, these grunge buckle boots are already beginning to trend for this fall season. As the weather gets colder, every outfit can be easily paired with a warm and dark boot, adding a warmth and grungy flair. The shoe comes with a statement silver buckle on the side and made with leather, making it the perfect shoe for the approaching cold season.

9. Miu Miu Ballet Flats

This luxurious brand recently made a bold comeback on a shoe that hasn’t been trending for years. The satin ballet flat is styled with the brands name on the strap and completed with a string-tied bow on the top center. Adding the perfect feminine and pure touch to your fit, this shoe makes anyone feel like they are on their way to ballet class.

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10. Dr. Martens Blaire Sandals Black Hydro

While Dr. Marten shoes have been trending for decades, their more recent sandal design has been trending due to its grungy and bold style. The easy-to-wear and long-lasting sandal comes with an elevated sole and thick bottom, making it a desired shoe for this upcoming season. After years of the Birkenstock sandal trending, this shoe could be considered as a cute and edgy upgrade.

11. Mango Heel Strips Sandals

Believe it or not, the strappy shoes from the early 2000’s have made a bold and recent comeback. Working as the perfect going-out shoe to dress up any outfit, these strappy and chic shoes come in numerous vibrant colors, working as the perfect fun and colorful shoe to have in your closet. The edge of the shoe is shaped into a noticeable square, making them an even more frilly and must-have shoe to own this season.

12. Steve Madden Slinky30 Black Sandals

While everyone loves an easy-to-wear black slide inspired sandal, this recent design by Steve Madden is the perfect shoe when you want to look chic on-the-go. The shoes pair well with almost anything, and add a girly, 2000’s touch. With a comfy and long-lasting design, these affordable shoes are incredibly trendy and desired this season.

This seasons must-have shoes each hold their own unique style, being both equally authentic and comfortable for everyone to wear. While some of these styles are for dressing up and some for dressing down, each of these shoe designs can add the perfect trending flare that everyone is searching for.

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