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12 Matching Tattoos That You And Your BFF Need

Your other half, your twin flame, your sister from another mister, or just simply, your bestie. What better way to honor your friendship than to get matching tattoos to remember your girl! Here are 12 matching tattoo ideas and inspo that you and your BFF need to get!

1. For The Long Distance BFFs

It is so hard to be far away from your best friend, whether it is a few minutes or a few hours. The outlines of the states you are both in or the coordinates of the states would be a great way to remind each other of where half your heart is! Close the distance and separation between the two of you with these matching tattoos!

Some other ideas might be where the two of you met or a place that is significant to your friendship. Super simple and minimal, coordinate and outlines are a great option for your bond.

2. For The Trio

The best things come in groups of three, just like you and your besties! When the three of you are deciding on your matching tattoos, think in pairs of three. Not only will this new tatt remind you of your friends but you will be reminded whenever you look up into the sky!

Another fun idea for the three of you is to draw inspiration from other groups of three like the Powerpuff Girls to illustrate your friendship. 

3. No Matter What, No Matter Where

An important quality in any kind of friendship is trustworthiness. This matching tattoo set will show the world that you and your bestie have got each other’s back, no matter what and no matter where. It is also a great reminder every day that you have someone who is always on your team!

A cute addition to this new ink for you and your best friend is to get the text done in each other’s handwriting!

4. Twin Flames For Life!

Maybe you have caught on to this piece of slang, maybe you haven’t. But when you are your BFF are twin flames, it means that you both share the same soul. You both are so close and so deeply connected that you are the same! This matching tattoo illustrates the word but also that soul connection you have found in your gal pal!

Add a pop of color to remember that special and unforgettable bond between you and your BFF!

5. Celebrate Powerful Connections!

There is no greater power in this world than when women come together. It just so happens that you have found that power and connection, or girl power! Maybe your gal always encourages you to work hard and succeed or maybe she is a good and patient friend. Whatever it is, this girl power is a powerful force, so celebrate this connection and friendship with a new tattoo!

There are other cute ideas too if you want to celebrate woman empowerment with your ink! Chat with your tattoo artist to get some ideas.

6. Your Missing Piece

Some people say that they were incomplete before they met their SO or partner, but for you, your bestie was your missing piece. Let this matching tattoo connect the both of you through shared ink! Show the world that one of a kind connection that you and your BFF have!

Another idea on this theme of your missing piece is any kind of shape in half on your body and hers! Maybe a heart, a butterfly, or even a flower!

7. Polar Opposite BFFs

Somehow you and your bestie might be polar opposites. She might like salty foods and you like sweet foods. You may love horror movies, but she is only down for Disney movies. Regardless of what you disagree on, you are closer than ever. This matching tattoo shows that you both might be different but your friendship is stronger than these differences!

8. Total Grey’s Anatomy Vibes

This quote pulls inspiration from the dynamic duo on Grey’s Anatomy is you are a fan. Meredith and Christina were each other’s person just like you and your best friend! These matching tattoos will have you dancing it out with your bestie as this tattoo shows your inseparable bond. 

If Grey’s Anatomy is your inspiration, consider Christina’s quote to Meredith about being the sun. A sun shape would be super minimal if you do not want words on your new tattoo!

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9. Hey Soul Sisters!

Best friends are really just unofficial sisters. How lucky are you to have an extra sister! They know everything about you and your bond feels more like a familial bond than just a regular friendship. Your soul sister will be with you forever just like your new pair of matching tattoos!

10. Hand In Hand

This cute and minimal tattoo shows the support that you both have through each other’s friendship and that you can walk through life, through anything, hand in hand. She’s got your back and you’ve got hers! Having a hand to hold through the tough times is all you’ll ever need, especially if it is your bestie’s!

To really personalize this tattoo, maybe make the hands more detailed to look like yours and your friend’s. This will take it to the next level!

11. Better Together

You and your BFF will always be better together than apart. This written tattoo can remind both you and your best friend, but also the world so that everyone knows that you are joined at the hip and cannot be separated! 

12. Forever And Ever!

Whether you have known each other since elementary school or you just met last week, this tattoo will remind you that your awesome friendship and bond will last forever and ever and ever and ever…! She’s not getting rid of you!

Make sure you are absolutely sure about this new ink; it is there forever! Do you and your BFF have any matching tattoos? Which are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!

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