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12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are so many directions in which you can go. Regardless if you are dressing up with a group of people, with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or going solo, you (and the rest of the group if it is more than one person dress up together), will want something that will stand out, and something savage is always the way to go!

There a plenty of ideas out there to look through in order to find a Halloween costume that’s not only creative and funny, but savage AF too. All of the savage Halloween costume ideas featured in this article range from sports-related ones, pop culture-related ones, pun-related ones, to completely original ones! Now, with all of that being said, let’s take a look down below at the following 12 Halloween costume ideas that are savage AF:

1. “This is My Halloween Costume”

As I stated earlier in the introduction, there are people who will go to extra lengths in order to draw a lot of attention to their Halloween costumes. Those kinds of people constantly think about which Halloween costume ideas will bring them the attention and comments they so desperately want.

If you want to be really creative and win the “Most Creative” or “Most Original” Halloween Costume at any of the Halloween parties you attend, one of the most original and savage halloween costume ideas to definitely consider is wearing an extra-large t-shirt that says “This Is My Halloween Costume” on it. This Halloween costume is not only savage af but will make a master in the art of trolling too! 

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

2. The Kermit the Frog Sipping Tea Meme

According to YourTango, The popular meme of Kermit the Frog sipping tea is used in two circumstances: “after dishing out an insult or pointing out something insane and ridiculous to put a sassy cap on your point; or it can be used to indicate that, while you have no intention of gossiping yourself, you are happy to sit back and let the “tea” (gossip) wash all over you.”

Another great way to use the meme is by dressing up as it for Halloween this year. All you need is a green Kermit the Frog T-Shirt and a cup of tea. This Halloween costume is both funny and savage.

3. A One Night Stand

This Halloween costume is the pun-version of the term “One Night Stand.” For this savage Halloween costume, all you need is a lamp shade and cardboard box labeled “One Night Stand” with sharpie on it. Make sure you carve a hole into the box that’s big enough for you to fit into (see the photo below). The One Night Stand Halloween costume will definitely be a hit and have everyone talking, both at the Halloween parties you go to and on social media.  

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

4. Corona Beer

There’s no question that the coronavirus pandemic will change how celebrate Halloween this year until an approved vaccine is ready. While the coronavirus is no laughing matter, one humorous way you can draw some laughs this Halloween is by dressing up a bottle of corona beer.

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

5. Antonio Brown Clown Costume

The first of several savage sports Halloween Costume Ideas featured in this article is an Antonio Brown clown costume. Throughout the 2019 NFL Season, the 7-time Pro Bowler made headlines for the wrong reasons. Click here to see a timeline of his controversies and all of the dram he caused before and during the past NFL Season. 

For this Halloween costume, all you need is an Antonio Brown football jersey and some clown makeup. Although this savage Halloween costume was extremely popular last year, it will still be pretty funny to wear on October 31 this year.

6. My Plans vs. 2020 Meme

2020 has sucked mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are too lazy to put together a costume, one funny idea is earring a T-shirt of your favorite “My Plans vs. 2020” Meme.

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

7. Houston Astros Trash Can Costume

Since the results of the investigation of The Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal were released, the team has facing the wrath from fans, former and current MLB players and managers, and the media over their cheating ways and lackluster apologizes over the whole ordeal.

One savage way the throw some shade at The Houston Astros is by dressing up for Halloween this year as a trashcan. For those who don’t know, the Astros would bang on a trash can with a bat to communicate the upcoming pitch type to the batter. For this Halloween costume, all you need are a House Astros baseball jersey and baseball cap, and a trash can. People can also do something similar like this baseball fan in the photo below did at one of the Astros’ spring training games

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

8. Harley Quinn and The Joker Gender Swap

Dressing up as Harley Quinn and The Joker are popular halloween costume ideas each year for individuals and couples. However, if you and your significant other want to make this costume idea more savage, the girlfriend should dress up as The Joker and the boyfriend as Harley Quinn! This Halloween costume will produce plenty of laughs.

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

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9. Myles Garrett Hitting Mason Rudolph in The Head With A Football Helmet

Remember last NFL season the infamous brawl that happened during the Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game on November 14 where Cleveland Browns Defensive End Myles Garrett hit Pittsburgh Steelers Backup Quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with the latter’ helmet? 

In all regards, the incident is no laughing matter as Rudolph could have suffered a serious brain injury, as experts in head and brain injuries explained to USA Today. The incident not only sparked reactions from fans, former and current NFL players  and coaches, and the media, but also produced many memes. Football fans have mocked the Myles Garret vs. Mason Rudolph fight in the form of a piñata and even a Christmas tree ornament.

Cleveland Browns fans will definitely poke fun of the incident on Halloween this October. For this Halloween costume, it can be done with one and two people. If it’s one person, all you need is a Myles Garrett football jersey and a mini Pittsburgh Steelers helmet. For two people, one person wears a Myles Garrett football jersey while the other person wears a Mason Rudolph football jersey.

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

10. Pointing Spiderman Meme

An excellent and savage Halloween costume that you and your best friend can do together is both of you dressing up as Spiderman as an homage to the iconic pointing Spiderman meme.

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

11. Joey From Friends

Remember that one episode of Friends where after an argument, Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes and comes back into Monica’s and Rachel’s apartment, yelling, “I’m Chandler. Could I BE wearing any more clothes?” Although it is a lot of layers, this savage Halloween Costume idea will be worth all of the laughs.

12. 21 Savage

Last but not least, I couldn’t do an article about Halloween costume ideas that are savage AF without one of the ideas being to dress up as the rapper 21 Savage!  All one has to do is wear all black and use a black eyeliner pen to do a black cross in the middle of his/her forehead. A temporary tattoo of a cross works too. 

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Savage AF

Which Halloween costume ideas listed above are your favorites? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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