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12 Free Outdoor Activities That Are Worth It

We love spending our time outdoors! If you are looking for something to do, we highly recommend considering the outdoors! There are endless ways to enjoy the outdoors, and the good news is that most of them are either inexpensive or free. So, get outside and have some fun! There is truly no better way to enjoy a beautiful day than with a few free activities outside. 

1) Camping

When it comes to free outdoor activities, camping should always be on your to-do list! Camping is a great way to spend time with the people you love and connect with nature. Invite your people to join you as you camp out in nature. If you’re new to camping, it’s recommended that you first start off in your own backyard! Can you pitch a tent? Can you create your own tent? Go find out! Camping is a great free outdoor activity, as well as a valuable skill to have.

2) Picnic

If the weather is nice, take your food outdoors and eat it with a view! This free outdoor activity is super fun to enjoy with people, but you can also enjoy it alone. The key to this activity is finding the perfect picnic spot. Is there a spot near that you find especially calming and beautiful? If so, that’s the spot for you! As for food, bringing left-over food is always a solid option. Grab a blanket or towel to sit on, and enjoy filling up your body in the beautiful outdoors!

3) Landscape Painting

One way to spend your free time outdoors is by painting! It’s very soothing and therapeutic to paint, especially outside. Ever since the famous impressionist artists began to paint their views of nature, this activity has been popular for the outdoor creatives. If you don’t have painting supplies lying around the house, then sketch what you see with a pen and paper. This is a great way to see your reflection of the world and the outdoors. If you have some alone time, spend it painting outdoors!

4) Swimming

Are you near an ocean, river, or lake? These are all great places to swim with your people! You can find places to swim all over the country. There is truly nothing better than a refreshing dip in the lake, especially if it’s hot outside! It’s super fun to explore new swimming locations, so feel free to explore if there’s no place to swim nearby. If you’re having trouble finding a spot to swim, check out the state and national parks around your area. 

5) Bonfire

All you need is a fire-starter and some wood to build yourself a warm fire. Sitting around a fire with all of your people is a perfect way to end a day. Gathering around a fire makes it easy to bond with others and, of course, make s’mores! If you have a speaker, you can play some music to really set the mood. And, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can even try to cook over your fire!

 6) Hiking

Another free outdoor activity that you can do at a local state or national park is hiking! There are usually set trails to hike at parks. These are suggested if your are new to hiking. Trails are usually marked by difficulty depending on your comfort level and hiking experience. This is a great way to exercise and, honestly, it’s a blast to do with some of your best friends. 

7) Walking

If you don’t have enough time or energy to go on a hike, taking a walk outside is a wonderful alternative. Explore your town or your neighborhood. Find new places that you haven’t been before. If you need to make a phone call, talk on the phone while you walk! Or, you can take a group of friends and walk together. One of the best times to walk is during the sunrise or sunset. After a long day of work or school, this is one of the best and easiest free outdoor activities.

8) Reading

All you need is a good book and a cozy place outside to read. This is a fan favorite when it comes to free outdoor activities. If you are having trouble finding a good book, search the trending books in your favorite genre. Re-reading an old favorite book is always fun, too! Popular reading spots are usually on a park bench or a hammock!

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9) Gardening

One way to help your community, as well as your front lawn, look better is by gardening. Getting your hands dirty and connecting with nature through gardening is a healthy way to spend your free time outdoors. Start off on your front lawn and see if you can weed and garden to tidy things up. You can even ask for help from friends or neighbors if you are new to gardening. This is a great way to get to know people and care for your community. 

10) Sports

If you’re looking to stay active outdoors, challenge yourself and a friend to play a sport. There are a lot of sports that don’t require much equipment. In fact, sports like running require practically no equipment. If you have sports equipment available to you, then go for it! Play a sport that you know deeply, or try a new sport! 

11) Backyard Party

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to throw a party for absolutely no reason? You can even make up a ridiculous reason to throw a party. This outdoor activity takes very little planning, and it’s the perfect excuse to invite your people over to celebrate whatever the heck you want. Dress up for it! It feels good to wear a cute outfit that you’re confident in on a beautiful day outside. You can even make it a potluck and have everyone bring food! This way, you don’t have to spend really any money and can still host a super fun party. 


12) Car Hangout

Especially with social-distancing in mind, a safe outdoor activity to do with your people is to have a car hang out. Decorate and arrange the trunks of your cars in a cozy way. In a vacant parking lot, meet up with your friends and back your cars into a circle with the trunks facing each other. You can play games and talk while staying outside and at a safe distance!

When it comes to free outdoor activities, you really can’t go wrong. Which free outdoor activity is your go-to? Let us know in the comments!

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Julia Bergquist

Julia grew up in a town just outside of Chicago. She currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee where she is a junior Creative Writing and Literature major at Rhodes College. Julia prefers to spend her days outside writing stories for others to find joy in. Other than story-telling, you will find Julia running on her college track and field team and traveling the world.

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