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12 Crazy Stories Revealed By Celebrities On Talk Shows

12 Crazy Stories Revealed By Celebrities On Talk Shows

Crazy Stories that involve celebrities have made headlines depending on how funny they are or the events surrounding the story. These tales have given us plenty of laughs especially when celebrities have revealed them during interviews on talk shows. 

Some of the most outrageous and crazy stories that celebrities have told have been confessions to roles in which they played during famous incidents, memories from childhood, revelations of whom he/she had a crush on, etc. Listed below are 12 crazy stories revealed by celebrities on talk shows:

1. Shaq’s Trip To Walmart:

The NBA Hall of Famer is not only of the greatest basketball players of all time but is also one of the most hilarious people on the planet. Many of his former NBA Teammates and Coaches have recounted the craziest stories of the antics and things Shaq did when he was an active NBA Player. Even though he’s retired, Shaq still maintains his hilarious persona, as seen on his social media accounts and on Inside the NBA, where he works as an analyst.

One of the craziest stories ever about the former center was told by the man himself. In a 2018 appearance (along with Victoria Beckham) on The Late Late Show, host James Corden heard about the story where Shaq’s credit card got declined at Walmart and asked the Hall of Famer to recount what happened.

Shaq stated the incident happened right after he was traded from Miami to Phoenix and while the people from the Suns helped him get his apartment set up, there was nothing inside of it. As he didn’t want to wait for all his stuff to arrive from Miami, Shaq went to Walmart and spent $70,000 on all the necessities and furnishings for his new apartment. When he got to the register, his credit card was declined several times and when he called American Express, the people on the phone said they believed someone was trying to steal his credit card. When Shaq told them that he was the one making the $70,000 purchase, the American express people were like “What the F*** are you doing spending $70,000 at Walmart for?”. 

2. The Time Kris Jenner Invited Jennifer Lawrence Over To Her House For Dinner:

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel took a week off from his show Jimmy Kimmel Live! in late 2017 after his then six-month-old son Billy underwent his second heart surgery (Billy was born with congenital disease and had his first open-heart surgery hours after he was born). Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was among the four celebrities who filled in for Kimmel as a guest-host. Lawrence was the guest-host of the final show that week and that episode’s celebrity guest was Kim Kardashian-West.

During the interview, both Lawrence and Kardashian-West recounted what is perhaps one of the craziest stories involving celebrities ever when Lawrence was invited over for dinner at Kris Jenner’s (the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan) house. Both Jenner and Lawrence got so drunk and at some point during the dinner, Lawrence ended up being butt-naked in Jenner’s closet where she ordered Kim to dress her! Kardashian-West ended up putting the actress in one of her mother’s dresses, which Lawrence went home in. 

3. The Reason Why Kevin Hart Once Got into Big Trouble with His Mom During High School:

The comedian is one of the funniest public figures and has told and/or been involved in a ton of crazy stories. While making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2017 to promote his memoir, Hart recalled (see the video below) one of the craziest stories ever from any celebrity’s childhood.

While he was a freshman in high school, he wanted to try out for the varsity basketball team. The problem was that the tryouts were happening in the early morning before classes started and Hart’s mother wouldn’t let him go. Usually, Hart rode the bus to school and since the tryouts were at 6 AM, his mother didn’t feel safe letting him get up so early and take public transportation to participate in the tryouts.

The comedian wanted to try out for the varsity basketball team so badly that the night before, he devised a grand plan. After studying the public bus schedule, he decided the best one to take was at 4:07 AM. and the night before the tryouts, the comedian set all the electronic devices that told the time in his house 2 hours ahead. He did this while his mom was asleep. The plan actually, worked as Hart got to go to tryouts.

Although he got to try out for the team, the plan ultimately failed. While in school, Hart was surprised when his mother showed up with the principal to pick him up early. The comedian described the moment his mom came into the classroom as scary as she beat him in front of his classmates for “making her show up to work two hours early”. She ended up grounding her son for three months due to his scheme. Hart said he accepted the punishment as he ended up making his high school varsity basketball team!

4. Emma Watson Reveals Her Crush on Harry Potter Co-Star Tom Felton:

In the Harry Potter series, Hermoine Granger and Draco Malfoy are enemies. Both characters are played by Emma Watson and Tom Felton respectively in the eight Harry Potter films. However, unlike their characters, Watson and Felton are close friends and the pair’s tight friendship goes all the way back to when production for the first Harry Potter film began.

During a 2012 interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, Watson confessed (see the video below) that from the time she was 10-12 years old, she had a massive crush on her co-star. She also revealed that Felton broke her heart when she found out that he only “saw her in a sisterly way.” Ross’s reaction to this revelation left Watson and the studio audience in hysterics. 

5. Tom Cruise Declares His Love for Katie Holmes:

Of all the crazy stories and moments to have happened on talk shows, perhaps one of the most memorable ones was the time when Tom Cruise lost his mind and jumped on the couch during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005. What caused the actor to lose his mind? The answer: Katie Holmes, his girlfriend of one month at the time of his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Initially, the actor’s appearance on Oprah’s daytime talk show was going to be about him promoting his new film War of Worlds. However, when Winfrey brought up Holmes (who was backstage where no one, even the cameras, could see her), Cruise’s excitement about talking about his new girlfriend caused him to jump on Oprah’s couch TWO TIMES! This caused the audience to go nuts and left Oprah stunned. She even got Tom to bring Katie out onto the stage.

6. Kim Kardashian Accidentally Reveals The Gender of Her Third Child on Ellen:

From all the crazy stories revolving around the Kardashian-Jenner clan, this one was revealed unintentionally by Kim Kardashian-West. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2017, Kardashian-West accidentally let it slip that her third child with Kayne West was going to be a girl when describing her eldest child North’s reaction to the baby shower she threw the weekend before the interview. 

“People brought toys and gifts, and she was opening them all up the next day, and she said, “‘Mom, since baby sister’s not here, I think I need all of her toys in my room and make sure they’re all okay for baby sister,'” Kardashian said. When Ellen pointed out that Kardashian-West had just revealed the baby’s gender, Kim confirmed it right there.

7. What Jonah Hill Accidentally Emailed Drake:

We all have accidentally sent an email containing private information to someone who was not the intended recipient. In perhaps one of the funniest and most crazy stories ever told, Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill recalled on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (see the video below) the time he mistakenly emailed his daily food diary to Drake instead of to his doctor! The one question I have is how did Hill (who stated that he doesn’t even know the rapper that well) have Drake’s email address in the first place?

8. Nicole Kidman’s Crush on Jimmy Fallon:

When the Oscar-winning actress appeared on The Tonight Show in early 2015 to promote her new film Paddington, it wasn’t the first time that Kidman and Host Jimmy Fallon met each other. The two barely even talked about Paddington in the interview as both spent most of the time recalling the first time they met via a mutual friend years ago.

Both of their recollections of the events led to one of the craziest stories involving celebrities as it was revealed that Fallon blew his chances to date Kidman due to him not picking up on any her signs that she was into him!

9. Kobe Confesses How Nervous He Was at the Oscars:

When NBA legend Kobe Bryant won an Oscar in 2018 for Best Animated Short Film for Dear Basketball (his famous retirement announcement letter of the same name), social media was lit ablaze just like when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar. A few days after the ceremony, Bryant made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s (who was coincidentally the host of the Oscars that year) late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

During the interview, the NBA Champion revealed how he initially wasn’t nervous as he had no control over the outcome of the award like he would during an NBA game. However, Bryant shocked many when he revealed that he started to get more nervous right when his category was being presented as he didn’t have any control over the final result. 

12 Crazy Stories Revealed By Celebrities On Talk Shows

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10. When Allison Janney Met Kate Middleton:

When it comes to The Royal Family, celebrities have revealed their crazy stories about how they have met and/or befriended any of The Royals. Shortly after winning the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress for her role in I, Tonya, Allison Janney (on the left, who went on to win the Oscar), made an appearance on The Late Late Show

During her interview, Janney recalled to Host James Corden her awkward meeting (which is probably one of the craziest stories of how celebrities met members of The Royal Family) with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. When the actress was introduced to Prince William and Kate Middleton, she was barefoot and called Middleton “Honey” when she suggested that the Duchess should take her heels off (Kate—on the right—was around 7 months pregnant with Prince Louis when the 2018 BAFTAs happened). Janney stated that the moment was pretty awkward and she probably broke royal protocol when she called Kate by a pet name.

12 Crazy Stories Revealed By Celebrities On Talk Shows

11. Cesc Fabregas’s Confession of His Role in The Battle of Buffet Almost 13 Years Later:

Of all the crazy stories to make this list, this is the third one that was told on a show hosted by James Corden. For all you soccer fans reading this article, you know how Premier League teams Manchester United and Arsenal are rivals and how intense the rivalry was when Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger were the managers of both teams respectively.

The Battle of Buffet is one of the most notable incidents of the Manchester United-Arsenal rivalry and it happened during a league game between the two teams on October 24th, 2004 at Old Trafford (the former team’s home stadium). Prior to the game, the tension between both teams was high as the last time they played each other, a fight broke out and resulted in players from both sides being punished.

In the Battle of the Buffet, Manchester United beat Arsenal 2-0 in a match that was marred with a series of unprofessional fouls that were overlooked by the referee. The result saw Arsenal’s record-breaking 49-game winning streak (which included when they won the Premier League last season without a single defeat, the only team accomplish this feat) being snapped.

One of the most-crazy stories about the Battle of the Buffet was the brawl that took place off-camera in the tunnel between players and staff from both sides. During the brawl, a slice of pizza was thrown at Sir Alex Ferguson by an unknown Arsenal player. Speculation arose from the public that Arsenal Midfielder Cesc Fabregas (who was an unused substitute for the game) was the culprit after several players from both sides (and Ferguson himself to in his autobiography) implied that it was the Spanish footballer in interviews years after the incident. 

On an appearance on Corden’s show A League of Their Own in late 2017 (see the video below), the host asked the World Cup winner if he was the one who threw the pizza at Sir Alex Ferguson. It was right then and there that Fabregas confirmed that he was the one who did it. His recollection of the events in the tunnel left Corden and the audience in hysterics. Fabregas’s confession came almost 13 years to the date of the Battle of the Buffet.

12. How Jennifer Aniston’s Trip to Mexico for Her Birthday Almost Went South:

Everyone knows how close of friends actress Jennifer Aniston is with late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly. When Aniston, along with actor Adam Sandler, was a guest on Kimmel’s show this past May, both her and the Kimmel recounted how her surprise vacation her 50th birthday started on the wrong foot. 

In one of the most-crazy stories, Aniston (who turned 50 in February) was going on a surprise trip to Mexico for her birthday with a group of friends, which included Kimmel’s wife Molly and Courtney Cox. The trip turned scary when the plane had to go back to California to make an emergency landing after one of its wheels was missing.

In the midst of the panic, everyone onboard was frantically texting their families and spouses, and Kimmel was one of those who received the text messages. When Molly told him that he’d “always been a great husband,” Kimmel jokingly responded that he already signed up on the dating app Tinder. Luckily, the plane landed back safely in California despite missing one wheel. 

12 Crazy Stories Revealed By Celebrities On Talk Shows

From these crazy stories told by celebrities, which ones did you find the funniest? Let us know which ones down below in the comments section below!

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