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12 Amazon Products You Need In Your Life

Let’s face it – all of us are at least somewhat addicted to Amazon. Amazon has basically everything you need. The greatest part about Amazon is that the product you order is guaranteed to show up at your door within 2-3 business days! The convenience and vastness of Amazon can make it hard to stay away. If you fall under the ‘Amazon addict’ category, you may be interested in a handful of these 12 Amazon products that we recommend!

1. Silicone Cup Holder

If you’re sick of putting your cups on the floor or the coffee table is just too far away, you need this silicone cup holder. The cup holder can easily be moved from place to place, so you can drape it over the arm of your couch, recliner, etc.! The cup holder comes in black, grey, brown, and blue, so you’ve got options when it comes to the color. Simply drape it over the arm of your furniture piece and set your cup inside. Next to the cup holder itself is also a mini tray that can hold other items, such as your phone, earbuds, or remote. This is a super convenient item that would also work well as a gift for anyone who likes to relax in their living room after a long day.

2. Mushroom Lamp

Looking to add some style (and lighting) to your home? Try this retro mushroom lamp! The swirly design is super chic and would look amazing on your nightstand. In addition, the lamp comes with an LED E12 bulb which produces the soft, warm lighting that you see in the photo below. You can easily switch the bulb out if you want a different lighting vibe in your space. Regardless, you’ll be obsessed once this lamp arrives at your doorstep.

3. Cherry Toilet Brush

This adorable cherry toilet brush has gone viral on TikTok, and for good reason! Just look at it. Even if you aren’t into interior design, the cherry toilet brush is bound to be a great conversation piece in your home. It’ll also add some spunk and creativity to your bathroom. Cleaning the toilet isn’t typically the most fun activity to do, but with this cherry toilet brush, you’ll find yourself a bit more entertained with your chores.

4. Cosmetic Storage Box

This cosmetic storage box is cute, simple, and extremely convenient. With two drawers on the side and ample space to hold your skincare products, nail polish, and other cosmetic necessities, you’ll never lose anything again. There are different color variations that you can find on the Amazon website to ensure that you’ve got the perfect storage box to match your style preferences. 

5. Ribbed Tank Tops

Coming in sets of three, these adorable ribbed tank tops are perfect for just lounging around, wearing out, or even working out at the gym! The tops are seamless and breathable, with raving reviews about how comfortable they are. The tops are described as “moisture-wicking,” meaning you won’t be drowning in sweat during exercise. What’s not to love about these tops? In addition, there are multiple different color variations you can choose from.

6. Corduroy Tote Bag

Tote bags are insanely convenient when it comes to carrying your belongings. Whether you’re headed to class, the office, or just going on a shopping spree, this corduroy tote bag will ensure that you’ve got everything you need. The bag comes with two internal pockets in addition to the large pocket, so you can stash all the important stuff there. You can also snap the bag up to keep everything inside. This tote is big enough to hold a laptop, so there’s plenty of space for everything you need. 

7. Cargo Pants

On the topic of fashion, cargo pants are super trendy right now, and you can’t go wrong with having a pair in your closet. These cargo pants from Amazon come in a variety of different colors, from light pink to brown. If green isn’t your thing, don’t worry! There’s plenty to choose from. The pants are super comfortable, with a baggy look and a drawstring to make them as tight or loose as you want. If you’re into that Y2K/skater style of clothing, these pants are for you.

8. Instax Smartphone Printer

If you love having physical photos of your memories, the Instax smartphone printer is an easy way to get those! You don’t need a Polaroid for this mini printer, but the photos will print out as though they were taken with a Polaroid. All you need is Fujifilm sheets to place inside the printer. You’ll then connect your phone to the printer via Bluetooth, and you’ll have the pics taken straight from your phone in tangible form. One of the best parts about this mini printer is that it comes in a pastel pink color (among other colors that you can choose from). You can take it on the go without the clunk of a Polaroid camera.

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9. Coffee Carving Pen

This is probably one of my favorite Amazon finds yet. It’s super extra, yet you really do need it in your life. If you like to make your own coffee at home, this coffee carving pen is a find that you need to try out. Have you ever been to a coffee shop and wanted to mimic the cute designs they create with cream or spices? Just take this pen, pop open the cover, and fill it with cinnamon, sugar, cocoa powder, or anything your heart desires. Power it on and create your own design! You can use this for your coffee, or even a baked good. The pen comes with multiple different stencils if you don’t want to make your own designs.

10. Glow Bottle

If you need some extra motivation in your life to stay hydrated, try the glow bottle. The glow bottle has time markers, from 2pm to 6pm, and it even has a reminder mark for when you need to refill it. The bottle holds up to one liter of water, so you’ll be getting the right amount of water intake by sticking to the times on the bottle. This is especially helpful if you’re someone who forgets to drink water. With this chic, slick bottle, you’ll never forget it again.

11. 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think

Just as the title states, 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think by Brianna Wiest is a great way to get some new perspective on your life. The essays dive into a self-help format of creating your own purpose as well as the value of a daily routine. Wiest analyzes the way we put ourselves down and how we can use this energy to build ourselves up. If you need something that will help you go after the life you want, this book is right for you.

12. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are the perfect way to stay comfy around the house, and these V-neck yoga pants from TOPYOGAS are great for lounging. The pants are high-waisted with a V design, making them insanely flattering on your hips. The legs of the pants are flared out to give you extra comfort and breathability. You can take these pants to the gym, or just wear them when you want to chill out. These are definitely a necessity for your closet.

Which Amazon products will you be adding to your wish list? Drop a comment with your favorite finds!

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