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12 Amazon Items to Spice Up Your Room

12 Amazon Items to Spice Up Your Room

If you feel like your room decor is boring, then you came to the right place. I found 12 fun Amazon items that will definitely spice up your room. Amazon is probably the most addictive place to shop because you can use it for so many different things. You can buy movies, clothes, food, decor, etc. 

1. LED Lights/Projector

If you are looking for changing the mood of your room, get LED lights or bulbs. LED light strips can be placed on the corners of your ceiling or behind things like your TV. Some can connect to bluetooth, so you can change it with your phone or through a remote. Some Amazon styles can sync to your music. For example, the color changes when the beat drops. Amazon sells these for as little as $13.99.

LED bulbs can be swapped out with your normal white bulbs. They work pretty much the same as the strips. Typically, you can download the app and change the colors on your phone. You can even change the colors of each bulb (they don’t have to all be the same color). Amazon sells a pack of two for $23.99.


If you are more interested in getting away, projectors are probably the best bet for you. Amazon offers projectors that show galaxies, the night sky, ocean waves, northern lights, etc. If you live somewhere noisy like dorms, these projectors can double as white noise bluetooth speakers to help you sleep. Amazon sells them for as little as $18.99.

2. Relaxation Fountain

A relaxation fountain doubles as a decorative piece and a de-stressor. The flow of water tends to calm a lot of people down after a long, hard day. If you struggle with sleeping, it has been proven to make you pass out. Don’t worry about having to clean it because there is a submersible pump that circulates the water, avoiding any algae buildup. You can find some for as little as $19.99.

Need help finding cute room decor? Here are 12 Amazon items that will definitely spice up your room!


3. Cinema Light Box

Cinema Light Boxes are great for writing down something funny, your name, or something meaningful. It is even more cuter because it looks like the sign where it says what movies are playing. Some editions give 180 emojis along with 170 letters.  You can get one for as little at $15.99.

4. Faux Plants or Flowers

If you are not great with watering your plants or don’t want to have to worry about them, order some faux plants or flowers. Even though they’re fake, they bring life and color to your room. Also, this is an affordable alternative to real plants. You can find a fake olive tree for $229.99. A fake Monstera goes for $57.99. A fake succulent goes for $15.99 for a box of 14.

5. Toilet Bowl Night Light

Toilet bowl night lights are essentially LED lights that make your toilet automatically light up when it senses movement. They come in several different colors. This is a great addition to your bathroom if you get creeped out not being able to see what is in the toilet at night. It is great for guys because it helps them aim better. You can buy one for $9.99.


6. Burrito Blanket/Bread Pillow

Instead of going for a more casual blanket or pillow, try out a fun burrito blanket or bread pillow. The blanket looks just like a tortilla. When you are wrapped up in the blanket, you literally look like you are in a burrito. If you don’t like tortillas, they offer pizza and waffle ones. They sell on Amazon for $24.99.

Bread pillows are a fun way to add decor to your bed. You can also use it as a back cushion and bolster. The colors are very vivid, making it look very realistic. It becomes even more realistic when you sleep with it and it comes warm bread. It costs about $26.99.

Need help finding cute room decor? Here are 12 Amazon items that will definitely spice up your room!


7. Aesthetic Photo Wall Decor

Adding wall decor can make your walls feel less bland. Choose your favorite color and you will receive 60 pieces that make your room look more trendy. Place them behind your mirror, so when you take mirror pictures you can make them more aesthetic. They cost about $12.99.

8. Mirror Tray

Use a mirror as a tray. Place it on your desk. Add flowers and a cute bottle of perfume to make an aesthetic combination. You can get one for as little as $14.99.

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9. LED Light Bonsai Tree

You absolutely need this to warm up your room. It adds a little light to your room and is so gorgeous. You are able to arrange the tree however you would like because the branches are changeable. During Christmas, you can hang ornaments on it to give it a festive look. Buy it now for $14.99.

10. Vases for Flowers or Pampas Grass

Grab some vases and add pampas grass or flowers. You should go after a more unique design to add as much flavor to your room as possible. The perfect place to put them is on your desk. Get two ceramic vases now for $39.99.

Need help finding cute room decor? Here are 12 Amazon items that will definitely spice up your room!


11. Jewelry Organizer

If you are looking for something cute to hold your rings, watch, necklace, and bracelets, look up “mannequin hand ring holder.” It will tidy your desk up really quick. They sell a light pink, red, and white transparent hand. It is such a cute piece for holding your jewelry. Go get it now for $12.99. 

12. Food Candles

Looking for a fun, delicious smelling candle? Look up “food candles” and you will find candles that look and smell like a cereal bowl, yogurt bowl, perfume bottle, pumpkin soup bowl, strawberries, cinnamon rolls, etc. Just a warning, they may make you hungry and you may be tempted to eat them because they smell so realistic. Put them on your desk or nightstand for best use. Be prepared to be amazed. Amazon sells them for as little as $14.99.

Need help finding cute room decor? Here are 12 Amazon items that will definitely spice up your room!


Which Amazon item are you most likely going to buy? Comment down below!