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12 Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Car

Running out of ways to spruce up the inside of your car? Whether it is new ways to store and organize things or simply a new aesthetic you are looking to achieve, car accessories are here to help with that. Here are 12 car accessories you didn’t know you needed!

1. Sunglass Clips

One of the most useful car accessories you didn’t know you needed was a sunglass clip. Although these may not be a new thing, are the perfect car accessory for storing all your sunglasses in a way that they won’t get scratched, and better yet, you won’t lose them.  Double sunglass clips are great for storing extra sunglasses for your friends and family when they get in your car and realize they forgot theirs!

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2. Bluetooth Converter

Stuck in an older car that isn’t Bluetooth compatible? Well, then this is the car accessory for you! A Bluetooth converter plugs into the cigarette outlet and connects to a radio frequency that allows you to play the music from your phone, as well as receive phone calls hands-free! This is one of the car accessories that will change how you function!

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3. Phone Mount

The next car accessory you didn’t know you needed was a phone mount! You can find them in a variety of sizes, colors, and phone attachments.  Car phone mounts are perfect to keep your phone out of your hands and lap while preventing it from falling on the floor while you’re driving. When you put your phone mount in the right spot it’s also great for displaying the GPS on your phone to follow directions from! This is one of the car accessories I highly recommend for hands-free driving!

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4. Sauce Holders

Another car accessory you didn’t know you needed was a vent clip made to hold all of your condiments when you get fast food! That’s right, they make a vent clip that holds your sauces! If you’re anything like me and can’t eat chicken nuggets without dipping it in some sauce, this is perfect for you! You get to enjoy your meal without the hassle of figuring out how you’re going to drive while holding it, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway. This sauce cup holds all different sizes of sauce containers, most importantly your Chick-Fil-A sauces!

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5. Trash Can

Nowhere to throw out your Dunkin’ hash brown wrappers, or any wrappers for that matter? Well, this car trash can is definitely for you. This accessory can either tie to the back of your seat, center counsel, or even by the passenger seat. A car trash can is the perfect car accessory to help keep your car tidy and is relatively inexpensive. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so I’m sure the perfect trash can is out there for you! This simple little hack will help keep all the junk from being thrown around your car without spending an arm and a leg. This is one of the many car accessories that can easily make your car go from messy to tidy!

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6. Trunk Storage Organizer

Ever wonder how you can store things in your trunk while keeping some semblance of organization? They make a variety of trunk storage organizers to hold just about anything and everything. Some secure to the back of your seat, while some are free-floating collapsible baskets. Either way, this car accessory is perfect to keep your car’s trunk organized!

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7. Car Seat Organizer

Another form of organization for your car that takes up minimal space is a car seat organizer. This organizational system attaches to the back of any seat in your car and has a variety of compartments to hold anything you need. These are perfect to store snacks and drinks, as well as electronic devices, sunscreen, and even makeup. This type of car accessory helps to keep everything in your car organized without taking up any more space than necessary!

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8. Purse/Coat Hooks

Struggling to put your purse or jacket somewhere in your car that isn’t on another seat or the floor? The next car accessory you didn’t know you needed is a purse hook. These purse hooks simply slide on the headrest of your seat and hang over the back of your seat. These can hold up anything you need.

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9. Steering Wheel Tray

This is definitely one of the more unique accessories for your car! It’s a tray that clips onto your steering wheel so you have a place to eat lunch in your car when you’re not driving of course. This tray is also great to hold a laptop or tablet to watch Netflix if you’re ever stuck in the car waiting for someone!

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10. Visor Tissue Holder

Most of us leave some form of tissue in our cars, but it’s typically in a hard place to reach. I know mine is on the floor of the passenger seat. Well, did you know they make a tissue holder that secure’s to your visor? Easy access to tissues whenever you want it and it’s up and out of the way.

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11. Heated Seat Cover

Okay, this might be the best invention for the car yet. There is such a thing called a plug-in heated seat cover. Warms your tush in the winter when it’s cold outside and definitely heats up faster than the rest of your car. This is a great alternative to heated seats when you don’t want to spend the money to have them installed. Plus you can get two of them and have them both plugged in so your passenger’s bum is warm as well.

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12. Car Escape Tool

Worried about car accidents and possibly being stuck inside your car, or your seat belt won’t unbuckle. There’s a tool that can both break a window and cut your seat belt if necessary. This is a great tool to have in your car and can come in handy when necessary!

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Car accessories are a great way to add additional forms of storage to your car! Let me know which ones you’re dying to have in the comments down below!

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