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11 Ways To Prep For Your First Year At Ryerson University

1. Enroll in courses.

Online course enrollment for University usually opens between June and August. Ryerson University doesn’t open course enrollment until August, so I have some time still. Be sure to visit Ryerson’s page ahead of time to scour through your course options. Make a list of your favorites; you may even be able to print off a timetable template from your school’s website to practice filling them out. Once the opening date arrives, enroll online before all the other students have a chance. You’ll get first dibs!

2. Create a blog site.

Having a website blog is a great way to create your own writing space online. It can serve as an archive of all your written works, and you can tailor it to your niche or subject of interest. If you already know what you want to study at University, then I suggest making your blog all about that. For example, I will be studying history at Ryerson University this fall, so I will be creating a website blog dedicated to history this summer. I recommend using WordPress as a domain to back up your website blog.

3. Create and/or update your LinkedIn profile.

Having a LinkedIn profile is very important for University and college students emerging into the world of careers and connections. Get your name out there in a good way, showcase your skills and education, and try to make connections early on.

4. Visit your new school.

Whether it be a college that’s just down the street or a University in the next city, it’s a good idea to visit your new school ahead of time. Get a feel for the place you’ll be studying at (and possibly residing in) for the next four years. You want to make sure you are attached to your new school before you leave. Getting to know the grounds will really help when school finally rolls around in September. I’ll be visiting Ryerson sometime in August; I’m looking forward to seeing my new school!

5. Get a job.

Having a job the summer before University is essential. It will provide you with valuable work experience that can be added to your resume, not to mention all the money you will hopefully save to put towards tuition. University doesn’t come cheap!

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6. Inquire about financial aid.

Look into getting financial aid before those fees start rolling in. Your school’s website should host some information on where you can get financial aid. There is also provincial and federal loans, bank loans, bursaries, and scholarships to look into. It’s a lot to look into, but it’ll pay off (quite literally) in the end.

7. Read for fun.

Once you start school it will be next to impossible to fit your own personal reading time into your busy schedule. Take advantage of your summer by reading some new books that are just sitting on your shelves, or re-read some of your favorites. Either way, reading is an enriching and relaxing experience. It can also keep your brain active during the boring, non-productive days of summer.


8. Spend time with family.

If you still live with your parents, make some time to spend with them this summer. Even though they work and so do you, it’s not impossible to find time to meet up and just watch a movie. Playing a board game, going shopping, watching TV, and even just talking, are all good ways to spend time together.

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9. Explore minor options.

It’s never too early to look into your school’s minors options. Ryerson University has a large variety of minors to choose from, and I’m only just starting to narrow them down. Your school won’t offer the minor option to you directly. You have to look out for yourself, especially in University.

10. Renovate your room.

I recently renovated my room and I love my space more now than ever. It’s always nice to have a change. Now my room is all set up for my new school year. Get a new desk (a big one). You’ll need all the desk space you can get. Speaking of desk space, reorganize it the way you want. Make it say you!

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11. Create a routine.

I recommend watching some “routine” videos on YouTube by some college and university students before starting at Ryerson University. If you don’t already have some subscriptions, search YouTube to find people that are similar to you. If you like their vlogs and/or videos, subscribe to them and make it a point to watch their “back to school” and “routine” videos. You’ll be hooked!

I hope this list can come in handy, while you’re anxiously waiting for school to begin once again.

Have any other tips on how to prep for your first year at Ryerson University? Comment below!

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Amanda Iliadis

Amanda Iliadis is studying for her Bachelor of Arts in history, transferring to Ryerson University this fall. Succeeding in school and learning new things has always been her biggest personal endeavor, as school is something she's always enjoyed.

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