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11 Tips To Save Space In The University of Alabama Dorms

11 Tips To Save Space In The University of Alabama Dorms

If you’re coming to college and are looking for ways to save space, keep reading for 11 tips to do so in The University of Alabama dorms!

As we already know, the University of Alabama is the best school in the nation, but it also has some of the best dorms! The suite style University of Alabama dorms were a huge selling point for me when I was picking a school, and they didn’t disappoint! Despite having my own room and good-sized common spaces, I still felt at times that there wasn’t enough room for the crazy amount of stuff that I brought with me! If you’re coming to Alabama and looking for ways to save space, look no further! Keep reading for 11 space-savings tips for the University of Alabama dorms!

1. Loft your bed, use extra high bed risers, or place your bed on the highest setting to create more storage space underneath.

This was by far the best decision I could’ve made. Yes, sometimes it sucked coming home late (and maybe not completely sober) and having to climb up the side of my bed to sleep. In the end though, it was completely worth it to have my bed so high up.

2. Put your desk and dresser under your bed.

Now that you took my advice and put your bed way up high, put your desk and dresser underneath it. This way you can put things on top of your dresser and have room for your clothes as well.


Tip: If you are just using bed risers, you won’t be able to stick a dresser or desk under your bed. However, you will still be able to fit under bed rolling storage underneath!


3. Ladies: Invest in a jewelry hanger for your closet!

Yes, those wall hanging necklace holders are super cute, but super impractical for the University of Alabama dorms because it won’t hold any of your other jewelry. Also, the ones that sit on your table just take up way too much room.


4. Hang pictures on your walls instead of using up precious surface space with frames.

Don’t just leave picture frames on your desk or against your window. Invest in some command strips and hang everything, you’re going to end up wanting that extra desk space!

5. Roll up your clothes instead of folding them to take up less space.

Folding your clothes takes up way more room, so keep on rolling (your clothes and “with the tide”) …

6. Send your clothes back home once you realize you don’t need them.

You really don’t need all of your winter clothes until after winter break, so you can get them when you go home for break. Then, by spring break you won’t need them again so if you go home, just bring them back. I also had a bucket at the top of my closet where I put my summer stuff that I didn’t need.


7. Use vacuum-seal bags.

Yes, those things in the annoying commercials! My roommate used these all year because she could never go home to trade out clothes and then just stuffed the bags away in her closet.

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8. Plastic. Containers.

Makeup? Plastic container. Hair supplies? Plastic container. Perfumes and lotions? Plastic container. Medicine? Plastic container. You get the point.


9. Keep snacks in the kitchen and not in your room.

  • They take up space.

  • Eating in your room teaches your brain that your room is an environment for food, which may be why you’re craving some cheezits every time you lay down for bed.

  • This general idea goes for a lot of things, such as: keep your cosmetics in the bathroom, keep extra blankets in the living room, etc.


10. Cube organizers are a must.

They are cheap, easy to put together, and don’t take up that much room. You now have 9 cubbies for whatever you want!

11. Buy some chairs that double as secret storage.

You’re going to want a comfy chair in your room so you might as well get one that you can throw some random stuff in to keep your room clean! 


BONUS TIP #12: Plan your room out before you go.

I did this and my parents were super grateful because we got in and had everything set up in no time. Trust me, move in day is already stressful and hectic and you are going to rather get to know your roommates than fight with your mom about which wall your tv should be on.

Welcome to T-Town and the University of Alabama dorms everyone!

What are some other space-saving tips for the University of Alabama dorms? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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