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11 Tips to Save Space in Temple Dorms

Temple Residence Halls may get cramped at times. You need to be as efficient and creative as possible to fit in as much as you can, since you are not given very much space. Here are 7 tips to save space in Temple dorms!

1. Loft your bed.

By lofting your bed, you increase the amount of space under your bed that you can use for boxes, shelving, etc. Make sure to check with your Residential Life staff before though, because some dorms don’t allow bed risers.

2. Use a floor ottoman for extra space.

A floor ottoman can double as both storage and a place to sit. Because of their small size, you can easily slide one under your bed or desk.

3. Use command strips and hooks instead of nails.

Command strips and hooks leave little to no residue on your walls. They make it really easy to organize jewelry, wires, or twinkly lights. They’re also really handy if you plan on hanging up photos or posters. FrogTape is another good option for hanging things up!

4. Invest in closet organizers.

Small drawers or shelves for closets are an easy way to keep your room neat, so that you can save space in your dorm. If you have larger items that need to be stored, trunks should do the trick.


5. Try the soda tab hack.

If you hang a lot of your clothes, then using the soda tab hack might save you a ton of space. By using the soda tab hack, you can hang multiple hangers on top of others and increase the amount of clothes you can store. Check out this cool video on how to do this here!

6. Put next season’s clothes in space saver bags.

If you are out of state or school is far from home, space saver bags (or vacuum seal bags) are really handy for saving you an extra trip home. You can store your next season’s clothes in the bag and zip it up until you need them.

7. Roll your clothes instead of folding!

Yes, folding clothes sucks. But if done properly (just after the clothes come out of the dryer), then ironing can be eliminated completely. Also, folding your clothes by rolling them and keeping them in the upright position in a drawer makes it easier to see what you already have.

8. Keep your wires and cords organized.

Use different colored binder clips to label each cord. This way, you can attach the clips to the side of your desk and loop the wires through.

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9. Use a shoe organizer.

Use an over the door shoe organizer for shoes, snacks, hair dryers, mirrors, flat irons… really anything you want.

10. Get creative with your types of storage!

Use an old Altoid tin for small things like thumb tacks, rubber bands, USB drives, or binder clips.

11. Use a bedside buddy.

Bedside buddies are basically like over the door hangers, but they hang off the side of your bed. They are great for people who need spots for books, phones, or other bedside essentials.

What other tips do you have to save space in Temple dorms? Comment below for our readers and share this article with friends!
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Pranita Kumar

Pranita Kumar is rising Sophomore pursuing a degree in Kinesiology in the College of Public health at Temple University. She hopes that her writing may help someone or inspire them.

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