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11 Times “That’s So Raven” Captured College Life

11 Times “That’s So Raven” Captured College Life

Everyone can relate to the importance that That’s So Raven held in our hearts as children. We could always count on Raven’s shenanigans and awkward mishaps. An episode was not complete until Raven dressed up as someone else and looked mysteriously into the future. And while none of us have grown up to be a psychic (and if you have, please let me know if I’ll ever meet Queen B or nah), there are still tons of moments in That’s So Raven which perfectly capture the life of college students. For example…

1. Whether late nights spent studying or dancing, the turnaround in the morning is rather quick.

2. Each day is a struggle of trying to live a healthy lifestyle and resist temptations in the cafeteria.

3. The temptations of which always win (especially the fries).

4. In fact, eating has turned into a great form of procrastination from responsibilities.

5. Especially when you save up enough money to order out REAL pizza instead of from the cafeteria.


6. But because of the influx of sodium intake, you feel like a swollen version of the pillsbury dough boy

7. After which, you gather your squad and get ready to go out.

8. At the bar you see Ben from your English class (who you’ve been crushing on) and attempt to make conversation.

9. But then your song comes on (*queue Fetty Wap*).

10. But right in the middle of busting a move, you remember that 12 page research paper due tomorrow.

11. And you are brought back to reality.
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