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11 Things You Need For Hosting The Best Bachelor Night

11 Things You Need For Hosting The Best Bachelor Night

After a short hiatus, the Bachelor is finally returning to TV under the watchful eye of our new hosts, Tayshia and Kaitlyn! This means that you will be hosting your girls over again for the weekly episodes.  Here are 11 things you need for hosting the BEST Bachelor night! 

1. Matching Wine Glasses

One staple that you will need for sure for your girl’s night in is a bottle of wine. Rosé is in the spirit of the final rose theme, but white or red works too depending on your crowd. 

To sip your wine during the night, why not add a little bit more fun to it with matching wine glasses for you and your girls! Something as simple as what is available at Target or going all out on Etsy with monograms and colors. You will for sure get in the Bachelor watching spirit with these things! If you’re more of a water or just coke drinker, this can still be enjoyed in these fun glasses!


11 Things You Need For Hosting The Best Bachelor Night

2. Pajama Sets

Since this is a girl’s night in, the attire is super casual and super comfy! No jeans are allowed at this get together and no makeup is required at this party. To welcome the new season of the Bachelor, maybe coordinate pajamas for the night with your girl gang to make it extra fun.

Complete the look with a messy bun and cozy socks and you can leave the fancy dresses to the Bachelorette. Whatever makes it more fun and comfortable for you is what you need to do! 


3. Score Cards

Especially on night one, score cards will be great to keep up with all of the new contestants that are awaiting the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Before your Bachelor night, create a template with things to rate, the name of the contestant, and other important info that you learn throughout the night!

Step it up a notch and create a sort of bracket for everyone to participate in with who they think will go home with the final rose. This will keep everyone hyped for the finale and the final rose! Make it a little more fun and have a grand prize for whoever can guess who gets the final rose or who makes it to the hometown dates!

11 Things You Need For Hosting The Best Bachelor Night


4. Roses

In true Bachelor fashion, you will obviously need roses to decorate your space to celebrate this new season! Grab a few stems to give to your gals to take home so that everyone can get the final rose at the end of the night!

Try other rose ideas such as rose scented lotions or even a mini bottle of rosé to greet the greatest time of the year! 

5. Charcuterie

What is better than wine with your girl? Matching charcuterie! If you are a true wine connoisseur, then you know what pairs best with certain kinds of wine. If you are like the rest of us, then a simple cheese and meat board will be sufficient for your guests on this night in.


Play around with the charcuterie themes with dessert boards, breakfast boards, or anything other than just plain cheese and meat that you normally see on a charcuterie board. 

11 Things You Need For Hosting The Best Bachelor Night

6. Tissues

While this show is mostly entertaining and you find yourself laughing at the contestants for their efforts, some episodes hit a little too close to home. You might not need these until the last few episodes or the finale. 


Another option for keeping these out is because you are having too much fun with your gal pals! Laughing until you cry is the best medicine especially when it is with your girlfriends and you just might need some tissues to dry it all up.

7. Candles

Set the mood with some great fragrances and welcome the new season of the Bachelor! We love the small tea candles that you can buy multiples of to really create some mood lighting. 

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A fun activity that you are your girls could do together is making your own candles while watching the show! This DIY project will be a fun thing to create to remember your time while also letting everyone bring something home too!

8. Instagram + Twitter

These two social media platforms are essential to watching the Bachelor. This way, you and your crew can keep up with (and stalk) the Bachelor or Bachelorette and their contestants. If you are into the gossip sites, then you know that Reality Steve is your go to for the latest tea on your Bachelor favorites!

9. Face Masks

A little self care never hurt nobody! This show can last a little longer than expected and you should make good use out of your time. Be a good hostess and provide some self care options for your pals! 


Whether you go simple with sheet masks or show off like the DIY queen you are with homemade masks, your friends will surely appreciate your kind efforts for their skin and care. 

10. Pizza

What is more fun than a night with your gal pals than a night with your gal pals while eating pizza! Thow the diet out for the night and treat yourself to ordering in or creating your own. Between commercial breaks, you and your friends can make your own meal to add that special touch!

Did you already eat? Maybe try out a dessert pizza to top off that delicious meal and add a new twist to a classic activity. 


11. Nail Polish

Why not take this opportunity in front of the TV to just wind down and treat yourself! The show is pretty long especially on night one, so make your little piggies pretty! 

A fun way to incorporate this idea is to set up stations for your guests to soak their feet, choose their paint color, and have other fun details to add to their new mani-pedis. 

What your favorite things to do for Bachelor nights at your place? Are you excited for the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below!

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