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11 Things Girls With Anxiety Want You To Know

11 Things Girls With Anxiety Want You To Know

Dealing with anxiety is hard not only for the person affected, but also for anyone who’s connected to them. While it may be hard for anyone without anxiety to fully understand what the other person is going through, there are a few things that girls with anxiety want you to know.

1. We love differently.

It takes us time to develop deep connections because we are scared of rejection. We don’t want to tell you our deepest, darkest secret and then have you leave because of it. Just give us time and be patient with us because once we love, we love deeply and fiercely.

2. Anxiety is a part of us.

However much we try to deny it, anxiety is a part of us, and it will always be a part of us. It’s something that you’ll have to accept and love as a part of who we are. There is no changing it.



3. Our fears may be irrational, but they are real to us.

With anxiety comes irrational fear; and while many of us know our fear is irrational, it’s a true fight to get back to reality. Some girls with anxiety believe these to be warranted, and it’s scary to have to go through that on a daily basis. Just because it’s not real to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t real to us.

4. Support is key for all girls with anxiety.

We never know when the anxiousness is going to creep up on us, but when it does, just hold us and say everything is going to be okay. Just be there for us, that’s all we ask.


5. Sometimes we just need isolation.

There are day when we need space away from everyone else, and we just ask for you to respect that. But also, don’t give up on us when we do so. Be there for us in small ways, like sending a text to make sure we are alright.

6. We are, and always will be, skeptical.

Even when we’re happy, we’re just waiting for something to go wrong. It’s a looming fear that will never go away.



7. There’s no turning it off.

Oh, how we wish we could, but we can’t turn off our anxiety. It’ll always be there.

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8. It’s not you, it’s me.

Sometimes we can’t control our anxiety and it bubbles up and drowns us. It’s an all-the-time feeling of not being able to catch our breath. Don’t take it personally if we cancel plans or something like that.


9. We’re not really ever “fine,” no matter how many times we say we are.

If we look sad, uninterested, or spaced-out, you’ll probably ask if we are okay. We’ll say we’re fine, but we’re not. Scenarios and fears are racing through our minds, and we’re drowning in them. We’re not fine.

10. We need reassurance.

When we have blocked you out and ignored you, we need to know you still care. Reach out to us.

11. Anxiety has no look.

We can look happy as can be, but inside it’s a different story. We’ve mastered the “I’m fine,” look; so just because we may look happy on the outside, don’t assume that our anxiety has been cured.

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